December 25th, 2015

A letter from Uganda NO.10

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   In the morning, we visited vegetable farm in Gayaza. This farm is started by Ms. Mariko Yoshida, who married with Mr. Josef, Ugandan, to make Uganda wealthier from agriculture. The place was already used as a farm, increasing the area, and recently started to open this area for studying. We were the first visitor! Ms. Mariko Yoshida was introduced in a TV show called “A Japanese woman who married to a rarely-visited region”. We didn’t feel this place was such “rarely-visited region”, but reminded us of the long distance from Japan.
   We enjoyed Christmas Party Lunch with her family. The Party was so huge, 50 people with relatives and sisters from nearby church, and there were many children but had a very relaxing time. Students played a lot with the children in many ways, singing, doing game of smart phone, looking at insect, arm wrestling, finger wrestling, and others. We found that tagging is a worldwide game. The feasts were so delicious that this was the best food in Uganda.
   In the night, 8 volunteer members in Rainbow house visited our hotel as a surprise and we had the second chance to celebrate Christmas! Since we had little time at Rainbow house, many were thinking “want to talk a little bit more”, and maybe Santa Claus gave us a chance as a Christmas present. We had 3 hours full to talk and eat together.
   The whole schedule is over now. In the noon tomorrow, we will be heading to the airport and start our way back to Japan. How big this experience was for our students! I have no doubt that in 10 or 20 years later this experience will lead to Japan or Global impact for some kind, by sharing this experience with all of Matsuyama Higashi students after we are back. We appreciate all the people who had involved with this field work and we deserve continuous help.
   Just to notice, we are planning to make a presentation about this field work in Final Presentation held in March 3rd.


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