November 19th, 2018

All Japan High School Model UN Conference

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   On November 17th and 18th, four members of the SGH club participated in the 12th All Japan High School Model UN Conference in Tokyo. The conference was held at United Nations University, where 86 teams out of a total of 215 teams were selected to take part from around the nation. The agenda of the conference was “Arms Transfer”, on which the participants, or “delegates of member states”, discussed how to increase transparency in global transfer of conventional weapons and whether to allow arms transfer to non-state actors. Sometimes overwhelmed by evidence-based, well-structured arguments presented by experienced students of other teams, our students made a contribution in their own way to the acceptance of draft resolutions they sponsored. The two-day session with fellow delegates from other parts of Japan, who share the same interest in discussing global issues and foreign affairs, has become an inspiring experience for our students.


November 12th, 2018

The 5th International Day

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   On November10th, the SGH club had the 5th International Day. This time, we had three guests, Ms. Dewi Gustari from Indonesia, Mr. Micanaldo Francisco from Mozambique, and Mr. Von Ralph from the Philippine. Their presentations on their respective countries were very interesting, and at the same time very informative in that they showed us how to make good presentations! In the event, we introduced Okonomiyaki Japanese pancakes. The students explained its history and its recipe to the guests, and cooked some together! Surprisingly, the taste was too sweet for Micanaldo, which made us consider the difference of food and culture among countries.


November 9th, 2018

English Speech Contest Ehime Round

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   An English speech contest, which served as Ehime Prefectural Preliminary Round of both the 14th National High School English Oratorical Contest (Section A) and the 12th National High School English Speech Contest (Section B), was held on November 7th. Ayane Mukai, our 2nd-year student, made a speech titled “Language - A Key to Deeper Connection” in Section A, and another 2nd-year Ryota Inaba participated in Section B and delivered a speech titled “What God’s Messenger Told Me”. The both students made wonderful speeches confidently and calmly in front of a large audience, resulting in Ms. Mukai winning second prize and Mr. Inaba winning first prize, respectively, giving him the ticket to go on to Shikoku Block Contest! Well done and congratulations!


November 8th, 2018

Fieldwork at Ehime University Museum

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   The students in Mr. Heiwa Mukou’s class, one of our 1st-year-research-program classes, are doing research on how to utilize scientific public facilities and its problems. On November 8th, the students visited Ehime University Museum and learned how to make insect specimens from Professor Kazuhiko Konishi. They also had a chance to hear a lecture about the classification method of insect specimens by Professor Hiroyuki Yoshitomi. It was the first time the students had made specimens, and they were engaged in the making process very curiously. Also they were able to understand how hard it is to make classifications. All the students had a very fulfilling time!


November 6th, 2018

Participating in English Speech Contest

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   On November 4th, four of our students took part in an English speech contest sponsored by Matsuyama Higashi Rotary Club. The participants in the contest stated their own opinions on various topics, such as healthy beauty, environmental problems and abnormal weather, the poverty in Africa, coexistence with animals, etc. Our students did a wonderful job, resulting in our 2nd-year Ms. Iwai winning third prize, and our 1st-year Mr. Miyamoto and our 2nd-years Ms. Tsujita and Ms. Watanabe winning the outstanding prize respectively. One of the judges gave praise to the participants, saying the level of the speeches this year was very high and that the participants had been able to “speak in English” rather than “speak English.”
   The speeches of all our four students were very wonderful. They must have spent a lot of time and energy preparing their speeches. Well done!


November 5th, 2018

Joining Ehime-Hawaii Senior High School Conference in Omishima

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   On October 29th, Ehime-Hawaii Senior High School Conference was held in Omishima, an island in the Seto Inland Sea. The participants, including 8 high school students from Hawaii and our 1st-year student Keita Sugimoto, joined together with one another in various activities, including discussions on the exchanges between Hawaii and Ehime and presentations on a variety of topics. We hope the beautiful scenery of Ehime and the warmth of the people there will remain forever as a good memory in the Hawaii students.


Ehime Prefectural High School English Debate Contest!

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   On November 1st, Ehime Prefectural High School English Debate Contest was held, and some students from our school took part. This year’s theme was “euthanasia”, and our students had spent a very long time preparing for this day. The result was super wonderful! Matsuyama Higashi Team A won first prize and Team B won second prize!! The both teams won the tickets to the national contest! Also, Ayana Iwai, our 2nd-year student, was selected as a best debater! Good job, Matsuyama Higashi teams!


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