September 27th, 2018

Start of 1st-year Research Program

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   On September 13th, our 1st-year students started their research program. All the 360 1st-year students are divided into 21 groups, in which they do research on language, medical science, agriculture, environment, politics, and so on. On this day, the students were given the explanations and the introductions to their respective classes by their respective instructors.
   On September 27th, they started their full-scale research in their respective fields. They will soon set their own research theme with the help of their instructors, and go on with their research to deepen their understandings on their themes toward the final presentation session held in March next year.


September 13th, 2018

Before going to Hawaii

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   On September 10th, Keita Sugimoto, our 1st-year student, and the other high school students across Ehime, who are scheduled to participate in English Study Tour in Hawaii this fall, paid a courtesy visit to Ehime Prefectural Office. The members met with prefectural governor Mr. Nakamura, who gave them a message that goes; “I hope you will all feel some cultural differences between the two countries, interact with people of your age, and understand the importance of accepting differences.” We are looking forward to listening to what you will have experienced in Hawaii, Sugimoto-kun!


September 12th, 2018

A special visit from Freiburg

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   On September 8th, 11 guests visited our school from Freiburg, Germany. The guests, including Mr. Martin Horn, Mayor of Freiburg, are visiting Matsuyama to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sister-city relationship between Freiburg and Matsuyama. We first welcomed the guests at the meeting room with the presentations by the SGH club members, those who visited Freiburg last year, and our 3rd-year SGH course students who have been making research on environmental problems. After that, we entertained them by showing and letting them experience two pieces of the traditional Japanese culture, Sado (Tea Ceremony) and Kyudo (Japanese Archery). The guests seemed to have enjoyed all the activities here. The students looked a little tense, but it must have been a very valuable day for them today!


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