August 7th, 2018

Letter from Adelaide No7

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   It was a sport day today. Unfortunately, it was raining and a bit cold all day today, but we interacted with local people through sports! We all enjoyed playing basketball, volleyball, and soccer. We also made better friends with the students from Uwajima Minami Secondary School, who are on the same tour with us.
   Besides sports, we had wonderful interactions with the local people through various activities, such as folding origami paper together, chatting with them about sushi, the Japanese culture, etc., and others.
   For lunch, everyone enjoyed lunch they prepared with their respective host families at home. On our way back home, we saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
All of us are trying to deepen our personal exchanges through interviews with local people without being afraid of making mistakes. Thanks for giving us a lot of chances to meet with new people every day!
   We are enjoying our everyday life filled with leanings and wonders. And we are preparing as an important daily activity for our presentations scheduled to be held on the final day. We will do our best to make our presentations sucsessful!


Letter from Adelaide No6

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   We are now learning how to ask questions politely about health in a morning class.
In the afternoon, we are planning to have interviews with the local college students in the campus.


August 6th, 2018

Heading for Taiwan Field Work & Philippine Field Work

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   A total of 17 students, eight 1st-year and nine 2nd-year students, left for Taiwan and the Philippines, respectively, on their Field Work. Both of them are staying in their respective countries for four days. Good luck on their work!!


Letter from Adelaide No5

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   We received a report from Miss Takeda, a member of Adelaide Study Tour. She is having a lot of fun experiencing many things with her host family.

“Picture 1 : I enjoyed Origami together with my host mother. We folded origami paper into cranes, boxes, and syuriken ninja stars.
Picture 2 : We went to a beach, and had a picture taken with a person who was fishing.
Picture 3 : We enjoyed shopping in a shopping mall.
Picture 4 : My host mother taught me how to cook an Australian dish.
Today, we are going to make okonomiyaki pancake for lunch, and make miso soup, matcha tea, and tempura udon noodle for dinner! I am enjoying my home-stay life filled with smiles, overreactions, and heartfelt human connections. Every single moment is precious to me. I am trying various things without feeling afraid of failure. I’m filled with gratitude.”


August 5th, 2018

Letter from Adelaide No4

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   This is the report from our 1st-year student Onishi, a member of Adelaide Study Tour. He seems to be so excited at activities outside the class.    “My host family brought me to a science museum! It was so exciting to see this and that, and I touched a snake for the first time! Wow! I also found Flinders University! It was a really exciting day today.”


August 3rd, 2018

Letter from Adelaide No3

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   It was a rainy day on the third day in Adelaide.    The students were divided into 3 groups, and started their English learning.


August 2nd, 2018

Letter from Oxford, England

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   This is an e-mail from Yuno Utsunomiya, our 2-nd year student. She is now studying in Oxford, England.

   “I am now at Hertford College at Oxford University on the short study tour under TOBITATE JAPAN study tour project. I am learning culturology and the English language. British English is a little different for me but learning it is a lot of fun. Today is the 4th day since I arrived here via Hong Kong. Each day is full of wonders and I am enjoying everything. I was very nervous when I first joined the class, but I can somehow understand the classes and I think I can learn a lot. I was also worried if I could make friends, but now, besides with my fellow Japanese, I have made friends with students from England, China, etc., and also a girl from Kazakhstan, who came to learn mathematics. Everyone is so nice to me.
   On Aug 1st, I took a class about the history of England and the novel “Alice in wonderland”. It was very interesting and I learned a lot from it.
   This study tour is a very important and precious chance for me. I will keep trying to talk a lot, ask many questions, and act so I won’t waste a single second.”


Here we are! -Letter from Adelaide No2

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   We all safely arrived at Adelaide Airport, and were met by our host family.
   Our English days have started!


August 1st, 2018

Transit! -Letter from Adelaide No1

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   We arrived at Sydney Airport. Now we are heading for Adelaide!

Ehime International Exchange Program

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   Today, 17 foreign students, who are visiting Ehime prefecture to participate in a Japanese Speech Contest, visited our school to interact with the students of SGH club and Haiku Club. The foreign students and our students ate lunch together making Haiku, and made a short tour of Meikyou-kan, our former school building situated in the premise and designated as Ehime Prefectural Cultural Heritage. Our students were amazed at their fluent Japanese! Toward the end of the interaction, they shared each other’s Haiku, selected the best Haiku, and then gave a memorable gift to the best Haiku maker. All the activities on this day were so fun and impressive that they all missed each other.


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