August 30th, 2018

Debriefing Session of Overseas Studies

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   On August 30, the Debriefing Session of Overseas Studies was held at Shiki Memorial Museum. In the Session, five groups -Adelaide Language Study group, Taiwan Fieldwork group, the Philippines Fieldwork group, TOBITATE JAPAN Study Abroad group, and the Japan Future Leaders School group- made very interesting presentations on their respective programs. After all the presentations were over, Mr. Narabayashi, a commentator and professor of Ehime University, told the students that it is important to have various experiences in foreign countries, but it is also important to try to make use of what they have learned through their programs in their daily life and to prepare well before an overseas study tour.
   All the students shared the overseas experiences of those who studied abroad. We hope they will put into practice what they learned today in their school life and become more global-minded in their everyday life.


August 26th, 2018

Taking Part in Chugoku and Shikoku Region SGH Presentation Session

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   On July 21, four students from our SGH club took part in the Chugoku and Shikoku Region SGH Presentation Session, sponcered by Tokushima Joto Senior High School and held at Tokugin Tomony Plaza in Tokushima. The session started with a keynote lecture by Mr. Masanobu Kiyoka, a member of JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency). After that, three participating schools - Tokushima Joto Senior High School, Okayama Joto Senior High School, and our school - made presentations. Our students’ presentation was made titiled “Why do the Japanese apologize so much?”
   After presentations, they had a symposium under the theme: “What should a global-minded person be like?” in which two of our students stated their opinions confidently. The day turned out to be a stimulating one filled with presentation in English and interactions with students from other high schools. We greatly thank Tokushima Joto Senior High School for their well-planned organizations and preparations.


August 25th, 2018

Taking Part In Kansai Model United Nations Conference

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   Four members of the SGH club participated on Aug.21 and 22 in the Kansai Model United Nations Conference, an annual event where students are assigned to certain UN member countries, discuss and debate various global issues as representatives of their assigned countries, and create solutions by making resolutions most of the countries can agree on. The students can develop a variety of useful skills in solving problems, thinking logically and critically, having communications effectively so that those involved can head toward consensus, and taking leadership through the activities at the conference, such as doing primary research of the assigned as well as their neighboring countries, creating draft resolutions, and the like. University students are very active in promoting the model UN conference activities, organizing model UN branches across the country, and more and more high school groups are following suit.
   The theme of this year’s conference was “Quality of Education To Be Achieved By 2030.” Our students earnestly discussed with other students from different parts of Japan what we should do to raise awareness of the importance of education and provide high-quality education to all children in the world.


August 17th, 2018

Visiting Ehime Rehabilitation Center For Children

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   Though we are in the middle of the summer vacation, some 2nd-year students in the SGH course are energetically working on their research. On August 3, the students in Taro Nagatomo’s class joined as volunteers Summer Festival held at Ehime Rehabilitation Center For Children in Toon City.
   The students also had chances to visit Ehime University Hospital to see the cardiac catheter test on August 7 and 14. It was a very precious experience for the students, which helped them see physical handicap as diversity and feel through medicine the great power of human beings.


August 14th, 2018

Letter from Adelaide No12

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   It is sad to say, but today, August 14th, was the last day in Adelaide. We made presentations on our learning in the morning. Each of us prepared our presentation very earnestly, and we were all very attentive in both giving and listening to the presentations and in the Q&A session, which were all conducted in English. This was the last and the biggest program at school, but we were able to complete all the programs with flying colors!
   After the presentation, we were awarded the course completion certificate, and enjoyed eating pizza together! We had a very pleasant time eating and talking at the last moment at school!
   Now we have come to the end of our stay. Our time in Adelaide is two weeks long, but it seems very short. We will surely miss Adelaide so much, because we have had many good experiences and made many good friends here. Our hearts are filled with wonderful memories beyond description. We want to express our deepest gratitude to all the people who helped us. Thank you very much!


August 13th, 2018

Letter from Adelaide No11

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   Today was our final day in Adelaide. We went to Adelaide Zoo, and had a lot of fun seeing pandas, which they say we can see only here in the southern hemisphere, and many other rare animals we can never see in Japan.    Tomorrow we will have to leave Adelaide, but before that we will have to make presentations on our learning here. We would like to try our best to put everything we have learned for the last two weeks in Adelaide into our presentations!


August 12th, 2018

Back from the Philippines

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   We have safely returned from the Philippines. We will work hard to make a good presentation on our fieldwork.


Letter from Adelaide No.10

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   Today we had final classes at school. In the morning, we did some interviews on food with college students and later made presentations on the interviews, and we went to Marion Shopping Center to practice English conversation while shopping in the afternoon. In the shopping center, we had a lot of fun speaking English and shopping! We bought a lot of souvenir, with some enjoying tea at a tearoom there.
   This is our final weekend here in Adelaide. We are scheduled to make presentations on our learning here on Monday next week, and then go back to Japan. We have only three more days to go until we go home. We would like to make unforgettable memories during this weekend!


August 11th, 2018

Letter from the Philippines No3

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   Today, on the fourth day in the Philippines, we visited the University of Philippine Integrated School (UPIS), and took classes on math, physics, Tagalog, and practical fine arts with the local students. The classes were conducted in English and Tagalog, making it very hard for us to understand the classes, but we were able to study pleasantly with the kind help from the UPIS students.    After lunch, we introduced our school. In the Q&A session, we sang the national anthem and our school song when some UPIS students requested us to do so, and they looked very pleased with our songs. We were able to deepen exchanges with the local high school students in a wonderful circumstance. It was a very fulfilling day for us today!


Back from Taiwan

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   We came back safely from Taiwan on Friday.
   Taiwan is geographically close to Japan, but everything we experienced there was very fresh to us. We will work together to make a good presentation on our fieldwork in Taiwan for the reporting session scheduled on Aug.30.


August 10th, 2018

Letter from Adelaide No9

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   Today, we learned about the Aborigines in the morning, and then in the afternoon we visited Cultural Center, where we saw many legends and myths left by the Aborigines. We had precious experience there, which cannot be gained in a classroom. Listening to the English explanations there was very hard for us, but we were somehow able to understand it!
    Now we have only two days left at the University, but we will try hard to have such special experience as will stay with us long after we go back to Japan!


Letter from Taiwan No3

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   We are all doing fine here in Taiwan. Today, we visited Kainan University, and enjoyed interacting with students from the University and from the American School affiliated with the University. It was a confusing situation because of the mixture of three different languages -English, Chinese, and Japanese- but we made friends with each other in no time! We were guided around their respective schools and learned some differences in the education system between Taiwan and Japan. While listening to their guidance, we felt we should study more because we learned the students in Taiwan are studying much more. As the final activity of today, we visited National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine and National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and learned a little about the history of Taiwan. Through these activities, we came to feel that we should be more interested in our neighboring countries, such as Taiwan or other Asian countries, and that we should try to keep on getting along well with people in those countries cordially and courteously.
We have met and talked with a lot of people and learned various things for the last three days. It has been a very stimulating experience for us!!


August 9th, 2018

Letter from Oxford, England No2

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   This is an e-mail from Yuno Utsunomiya, our 2nd-year student. She is now studying in Oxford, England.

   “One week has passed since I came to Oxford University. I have already got used to the dormitory life, and also to an evacuation drill conducted early in the morning with a loud siren going. The sunshine here is very strong, but it is not humid and cool, making my life here very comfortable.
   I visited the graves and the natal houses of Shakespeare and his wife, a big historical museum, such world heritage sites as Blenheim Palace and Cotswolds, and others in an outdoor class. The sun was just setting when we were visiting these places. The sunset was very beautiful, so beautiful that I can’t express it in words! We had a lot of fun playing some music and chatting with each other during the class, enjoying the beautiful sunset.
   Today, after class, I climbed up to the top of a very tall church and looked over the city, and now I am very busy preparing for my presentation of my study here.
   Ever since I came here, I have visited various sightseeing spots or historic places. These places are interesting and attractive, of course, but the most pleasant and fun place for me is the cafeteria in the college campus. They serve a variety of dishes, including the kind of dishes even vegans can enjoy. And the cafeteria can serve as a good place where even a shy person like me can make friends with a lot of people, even with teachers, through eating and chatting. I love this place.
   I don’t think I have improved my ability to speak English for the last two weeks, but I was able to make friends with people from different countries in the first week. You may wonder how a person like me, who cannot speak English well, can make friends, but it does not matter whether you can speak English or not to make friends. The important thing, I believe, is to take action from your side. You should be brave enough to try to speak to people in your English, no matter how bad it is, if you are to make friends. I have learned through my two-week stay that it is necessary to try again and again to make good friends even if you feel embarrassed to do so.
   My days here are numbered, but I’ll stay true to myself and keep on trying my best as if I were a representative of Japan! Ganbatte Ikimashoi!”


Letter from the Philippines No 2

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   We visited the Manila Factory of Honda Philippines Inc. in the morning on the third day in the Philippines. They say as many as 1500 motorbikes and tricycles are produced in this factory. We were overwhelmed by the process of manufacturing motorbikes on a belt conveyer. After the factory tour, we were given a chance to ride on tricycles or jeepneys in the town. After that, we enjoyed some local food for lunch in the factory canteen with the employees. It was a lot of fun eating and chatting with them.
   In the afternoon, we visited the factory of BEMAC, another global company headquartered in Ehime. We were impressed at their eagerness toward the wider-spread use of their electric tricycles in the Philippines. They said we should respect the local culture and the people in the country we work to work successfully overseas. They also said we should be proud of our own culture, but that we should not think of Japan as always the best in everything. Their words sank deep in our hearts. We would like to keep their words in mind and develop our global-mindedness further!


Letter from Adelaide No.8

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   After the morning classes, we headed for Cleland Wildlife Park on what we call “Adelaide Hills Tour.” Just before reaching the park, we enjoyed the beautiful views at the top of a nearby hill, had lunch there, and then we got into the park. We saw a lot of kangaroos, emus, wombats, and many others there. It was a precious experience for us to see wild Australian animals closely with our own eyes, and feed them, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The kangaroos we saw very closely looked very powerful and a bit scary, but at the same time very charming. We felt somehow comforted by them.
   On our way back, most of us were tired and fell asleep, but the events or the experience on this day are sure to turn into one of our unforgettable memories in Adelaide. We would like to keep on enjoying ourselves spending days full of wonders!


Letter from Taiwan No3

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   All the members on Taiwan Field Work are doing fine here in Taiwan.
   We took HSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail, or Taiwanese version of Shinkansen Bullet Train service modeled after the Japanese Shinkansen system) to Tainan in the morning today. We visited the factory of Taiwan Miura Co. Ltd., in the city. Some of us visited the headquarters of Miura Co .Ltd. in Hojo in May, and we were able to see some differences in the factories in Japan and Taiwan. We found that the Taiwan factory has good points of both of the two countries.
   In the afternoon, we were divided into two groups, the boys group and the girls group, and were guided around the city by some local college students. We enjoyed this city tour.
   We are full of satisfaction today!


August 8th, 2018

Back from Japan Future Leaders School

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   Shino Irie and Yoshitaka Ikeda, who took part in Japan Future Leaders School in Fukuoka, returned to Matsuyama. They came back with beaming faces after gaining precious experience in the school. They are scheduled to make presentations on their school life on Aug 30. We can’t wait!


Letter from Taiwan No2

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   We visited three companies in the city today.
   First, we visited Renga Food Company, which distributes lunchboxes or sweets to convenience stores, local stores, etc., in Taiwan. The head of its factory, a female, manages it using the Japanese education style and the management methods of the Japanese companies as reference.
   Next we visited Taipei Branch of Mizuho Bank Ltd. Some bankers gave us an easy-to-understand lecture on what services the Japanese megabank gives to people in Taiwan, some of the difficulties the bank has in the operation here, complicated economical stories, and the like.
   We went on to Taiwan Miura Co. Ltd, for our last visit. Miura, one of the largest and the best-known companies in Ehime, has successfully made inroads into the lives of people in Taiwan, and we were able to see today that it is developing further and further. The staff members encouraged us to go forward, saying, “You cannot make it unless you try!” and “Stay healthy both physically and mentally!” We are being able to positively take part in these activities and ask a lot of questions. We will try our best tomorrow as well!


August 7th, 2018

Letter from the Philippines No1

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   This is a report from the Philippines.
   “We arrived at our hotel in the Philippines late in the evening yesterday. Today, on the 2nd day, we went around the city in the morning. At Manila Cathedral, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of its stained glass and its solemn atmosphere. In the afternoon, we joined local college students in Manila, and were shown around the city by them in the form of B&S (Brother & Sister) learning program.”


Letter from Taiwan No1

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   We all arrived in Taipei safe and sound!
   Taiwan is a small island country as large as Kyushu, but its population density is said to be twice higher than that of Japan. It is humid in the day here, with the sunshine as strong as in Japan.
   We would like to see this country attentively with our own eyes, which is close to Japan from the historical, cultural, and geographical perspective.


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