July 31st, 2018

Heading for Adelaide

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   Our Adelaide Study Tour, which has been delayed because of the typhoon, has now started! Eighteen students will immerse themselves all in English for 14 days. We expect them to learn not only about the language but about the culture of Australia. We are looking forward to them learning a lot and coming back safe!


Completed a Solar cooker

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   The 3rd-year students in Hiroko Takeshita’s class in our SGH Research Program have been working on their research under the theme: “Development of New Energy Source through ESD with Germany”. They have been doing their research in cooperation with high school students in Freiburg, Germany, since last year. Through their research, the students have been trying to develop a solar cooker which could be used to cook food or boil water in places like Africa, where infrastructure is underdeveloped, or in disaster-stricken areas, and now, at last, it has been completed!
   We hope they will make use of what they have learned through their research in their future.


July 27th, 2018

Welcoming ceremony at the Matsuyama Airport

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   Today, there was a welcoming ceremony of Ehime International-Exchange Promotion Project, under which 17 students from 16 countries were invited to Ehime. Nineteen students from our school joined this ceremony to welcome these students! During the ceremony, Mr.Hatano, president of the student council, made a welcoming speech. After that, the students mingled together and enjoyed talking to each other. Our students seemed amazed at fluent Japanese spoken by the foreign students and their positive attitude toward communication! The visitors are scheduled to stay in Ehime prefecture for 5 days, in which they are planned to participate in a Japanese Speech Contest and also to interact with many high school students in Ehime in various activities. On the last day, they are scheduled to visit our school and try their hand at Haiku-making! Hope their stay is memorable!


July 26th, 2018

Japan Future Leaders School Started

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   Shino Irie and Yoshitaka Ikeda, our 2nd-year and 1st-year students, respectively, got together with other high school students from various parts of Ehime to head for Fukuoka to participate in Japan Future Leaders School. At the school, scheduled to last for two weeks till August 8th, they are expected to spend time with many other students coming from across Japan doing a variety of activities to develop their thinking abilities, analyzing and decision-making skills, and also communication skills that can be actually used in this global world. They both vowed to do their best, saying “I want to develop myself by actively communicating with other participants.”(by Irie) “I’m going to positively take part in the activities and have fun so I will not feel inferior to other participants in terms of the ability to take action.”(by Ikeda). Good luck on their school life!


July 19th, 2018

Ready to Go!

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   On July 18th, 38 students, who are going on an overseas study tour during the summer vacation, gathered at the conference room and expressed their resolutions for their tours. They are taking part in one of the following study tours : “TOBITATE NEXT JAPAN Study Abroad project”, “Australia English Study Tour”, “Taiwan Fieldwork”, “Philippine Fieldwork”, and “Japan Future Leaders School”. We expect them to learn a lot through their respective tours and grow up to be true leaders in their school life.
   Also, we are planning to have a reporting session and share some of their experiences on August 30th. If you are interested, please join us!


July 10th, 2018

First years East CLIL

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   Our first-year students had their first East CLIL class. CLIL is a special type of learning a foreign language combined with other subjects. In this semester, first-year students have tried to learn Home Economics and Sociology in English. (For more information about CLIL, please check this page.)
   This year, students are showing great presentation skills, which has made the class more efficient. The English comment given by the subject teacher at the end of the class is also very stimulating for the students. Down below is the comments from our ALT Teyha.
“This year the first year students did such a wonderful job. I was very impressed by their use of technology!”
“I’m very proud of all the students and their hard work!”


July 9th, 2018

The 3rd International Day

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   On June 30th the SGH club members had a wonderful time enjoying this year’s 3rd International day. This month’s international day featured two wonderful speakers from Hawaii, Tasha, and Caira. They are staying in Japan as interns at EPIC for a few months.
   During the event, we learned many things about Hawaii and Hawaiian culture. We were so lucky to learn how to perform the traditional hula dance. Tasha is a professional hula dancer in Hawaii, and after teaching us the dance she performed a special dance for us. We were amazed by how gracefully and beautifully she danced. After their presentation and performance, we all made delicious pancakes together. We had a great time together, eating and chatting. We really appreciate everything Tasha and Caira taught and showed us.
   We’re looking forward to the next international day. We hope you join us!


July 6th, 2018

Debriefing Session of global companies in Ehime

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   On July 5th, we had a debriefing session about the six international companies in Ehime the first-year students visited on June 14th. A total of 23 students explained and showed to the entire 1st-year group the global activities, the relationships with the local citizens, the attitudes toward their employees, etc., of the respective companies they visited. Many questions were asked, which made this session all the more meaningful to the students.


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