May 30th, 2018

A Visit to Hantaji Temple

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   On May 27th, the SGH club members, along with Tehya Sensei, visited Hantaji Temple and had a very unique experience.
   We went there to learn about our own culture and to see and feel something genuine to develop our global perspectives. We were fortunate enough to have a chance to talk with Mr. Kobayashi, one of the monks at Hantaji Temple. He talked to us about the history of the temple and what has made it unique among the 88 temples in Shikoku Pilgrimage.
   We learned that there are no posters or vending machines in the premises because they want to keep the peaceful atmosphere of the temple. His informative talk led us to appreciate the differences of the temples and understand Japanese culture more deeply.
   Not only were his words moving but the temple was so beautiful and calm. We thank him for taking his time and giving us his instructive and vigorous explanation. Thank you very much.


May 24th, 2018

Learning about our city

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   Today, our 1st-year students learned about our city more deeply. They got a lecture about our city from Mr. Tokunaga and Ms. Imai, both working at City Promotion Section of Matsuyama City Office. They first emphasized, based on some data, how comfortable our city is to live in. They also talked about some problems our city is facing now, including some possibilities of our city disappearing. Moreover, they showed some of their approaches against depopulation, such as I-turns and U-turns. The students seemed interested in their lecture, and asked many questions after their talk.  

May 21st, 2018

The 2nd International Day event

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   On May 13th, the SGH club members held the 2nd International Day event. We invited Victor, our new friend from Denmark, and listened to his story. After that, 31 SGH club members and 8 Biology club students went to Tobe Zoological Park with Victor for an excursion. We were given a tour by Mr. Maeda, one of the fantastic zookeepers there. He explained to us many interesting things about the animals and their lives at the zoo. We not only saw many wonderful animals but got a chance to go behind the scenes and see how animal waste is recycled into fertilizer.
   Even though it was very rainy, we were all smiles as we saw the beautiful and mysterious animals in the zoo. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone concerned at Tobe Zoological Park. Thank you very much!


May 19th, 2018

Conversation with Ms. Teyha!

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   On May 16th, many students joined Tehya in the second-floor science room for fun conversation and an exciting story. Students got into groups and talked about many interesting and silly topics. For example, “would you go to the moon if you had the chance?” Everyone enjoyed a great chat and learned many new things while eating yummy snacks. Next, we went back in time to kindergarten and listened to an exciting story.
   Everyone was sad when it was over but we are all looking forward to the next Conversation day. If you would like please join us for the next event! Anyone is welcome!


May 13th, 2018

School trip (Los Angeles trip)

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   School trip is one of the biggest high school events in Japan. At our school this year, all the 2nd-year students were divided into three groups, with each going to different destinations, Tokyo & Kurobe, Hokkaido, and Los Angeles. Down below shows how our students enjoyed their Los Angeles school trip.

♦Departure May 7th
   One hundred 2nd-year students gathered at Matsuyama Airport for departure! Along with our principal, the students are leaving for Los Angeles!


♦Day 1 May 7th
   Because of a 16-hour time difference, we spent a long and deep day. Our first event in Los Angeles was visiting Farm Tanaka, and we had a delicious lunch! We were very surprised at the enormous field there.


♦Day 2 May 8th
   On the second day in Los Angeles, we visited Disney Land and Disney California Adventure Park. A lot of people were there, but we didn’t need to wait so long for each attraction, so we enjoyed the fun and thrills of the park to the full!

♦Day 3 May 9th
   Our third day started with the visit to UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Some of the students attended the actual lectures, and others joined the UCLA campus tour guided by some university students. Our students enjoyed chatting with the UCLA students about a lot of things, including each other’s fashions, entrance examination systems of the two countries, etc.
After lunch, our students headed for California Science Center and Japanese American National Museum. The experiences they had there were something they can’t learn in a classroom.
   The dinner on this day was very special. We enjoyed dinner with some Japanese people living in LA and listened to special talks by Mr. Matsuo, Senior Consul General in LA, and two alumni, Mr. Shigeta and Mr. Miyata.


♦Day 4 May 10th
   On the last day in Los Angeles, our students enjoyed sightseeing at Santa Monica Beach and Marina Del Rey. Then we moved to Los Angeles Airport and headed back to Japan.

♦Safely back May 12th
   All the students came back to Matsuyama safe and sound! They all listened to our principal attentively, and thanked the tour guides. Thank you very much!


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