March 26th, 2018

SGH Koshien

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   On March 24th, SGH Koshien was held at Kwansei Gakuin University in Hyogo. Students of SGH schools from all over Japan made presentations on their daily activities in three categories - discussions, presentations, and poster presentations. In the closing ceremony, the chief commentator mentioned that speaking English fluently is less important than to convey what we want to say eagerly.    Our SGH program will be in the last year from April. We are all the more actively going to develop our abilities to convey what we want to say to become a real global leader.


March 5th, 2018

SGH Research Presentation Session

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   On March 5th, this school year’s Research Presentation Session was held. The session opened with a wonderful piano performance of Debussy’s “Reflections on the water” by Aoi Kikuchi, our 1st-year student. After listening to some words from our principal, there were two presentations on the stage by our 1st-year students, titled “Why do the Japanese apologize so much?” and “Float and Run!” Following the presentations were symposiums by our 2nd-year SGH-course students and a poster session by all the 1st-year students. The symposiums were divided into four groups, with each discussing four different themes; language, politics and international relations, food and health, and the environment and development. In each of the four groups, the students shared their research results and exchanged their opinions in earnest. In the poster session, the 1st-year students showed what they had found out through their individual research and gave polite and careful explanations about their findings to those who came to their posters. Then at last came a presentation about Germany Fieldwork made by seven 2nd-year students who took part in the fieldwork. They explained the difference of the way the citizens and the governments of Matsuyama and Freiburg tackle the environmental problems. At the very last, Professor Toshinori Inoue of Ehime University gave our students comments of praise and expectations of further research.


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