February 26th, 2018

2nd year Research class

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   Our 2nd-year SGH-course students are now in the final stage of their preparation for the final reporting session scheduled to be held next week.

February 20th, 2018

The 3rd term East CLIL

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   The first year students had CLIL classes on Health Science and Mathematics.
   In the Mathematics CLIL class, they learned about POLYGON. It was exciting for them to learn about the names of various polygons and about the English terms of their lines, their sides, and their angles. Moreover, it was also stimulating to know how students in foreign countries learn about how to deal with the areas and the angles of polygons.
   The students made presentations on the characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes. After that, they played Tangram, a card game. In the game, they communicated with each other, asking “Where’s a big red rectangle”, “Do you have a blue small parallelogram?” etc., and formed the shapes shown by the ALT with Tangram cards. At the end of the class, as everyone was waiting for this moment, the math teachers gave the students final remarks. They eagerly told us the fascinating points and the beauty of polygons in fluent English.
   The students learned how fun it is to use English through the CLIL classes this school year. Also they developed the skills of conveying opinions effectively through presentations and discussions. Everyone loves CLIL classes!


February 19th, 2018

Fair Trade on Valentine Day

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   Our SGH club organizes events to promote fair trade three times a year. On February 14th, they held “Fair trade on Valentine’s Day” event and sold five kinds of fair trade chocolates.
   In Japan, daily necessities or food produced in developing countries are sometimes sold at incredibly low prices. On the other hand, in the developing countries producing those goods, in order to keep the prices low, their producers are not appropriately paid, or too many agricultural chemicals are used, causing environmental destruction and doing people harm.
   Fair trade is not the same as fund-raising, where the relation of givers and takers arises. Fair trade makes everyone happy; it makes those who buy chocolates happy, and also helps those who produce cacao improve their lives and become happy.
   We would like to keep such a win-win and kind-hearted international contribution for long in the future as well. Thank you very much for standing in a long line and buying our fair trade chocolates!


February 9th, 2018

Tamagawa Model United Nations

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   On February 3rd and 4th, four SGH club members participated in Tamagawa Model United Nations, an annual event held in Tamagawa Gakuen in Tokyo.
   At the Model United Nations, participants, or “delegates” from member states, make speeches, debate, and negotiate on resolutions to global issues. The topic of this year was “Food shortage and its impact due to global cooling”.
   Our teams were assigned to represent Australia. Our proposal to launch a research institute on dry-land farming was successfully included in the final draft.
   Before the conference, two experts on food problems gave the participants lectures, which were very informative.
   For these two days, we learned not only new perspectives on global issues but also crucial skills, such as public speaking skills, debating skills, etc., and developed our leadership abilities.


February 8th, 2018

Uganda Choir Fascinated Us!!!

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   On February 7th, a children’s choir visited us from Uganda!
   Uganda Choir is made up of orphans, who were traumatized because they had lost their parents to illnesses or accidents but are now living vigorously in the orphanage called WATOTO with lots of love and support from around the world. They showed us beautiful songs and fancy dances at our school arena on Wednesday.
   In return for their wonderful performances, our students showed a piano performance and a Japanese old song titled “Flower” composed by Rentaro Taki, one of the greatest composers in the history of Japanese music, and expressed our appreciation to them. Mr. Ishizaki, our principal, gave them “Hime-temari”, a cute colorful happy ball, as a souvenir.
   It was a fascinating one-hour gala filled with songs, dances, games, and laughter. We would like to give our special thanks to the Dance club, and the Badminton club for letting us use the arena, to the Chorus club, the Brassband club, the Strings club, the Broadcasting club and the SGH club for organizing this special gala, and to the swimming club for helping the choir members take a shower. Thanks to everyone’s support, we had a memorable time. Thank you very much!

February 5th, 2018

The 2nd Chugoku-Shikoku SGH High School Students Meeting

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   The 2nd Chugoku-Shikoku SGH High School Students Meeting was held at Ehime Seishonen Fureai Center on February 3rd and 4th. The meeting was hosted by our SGH-course students. Forty-three high school students from Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima, Kochi and Tokushima got together to have lively discussions for two days.
The themes of the discussions were
1. Raising children, Medical care, Welfare in Japan,
2. Japanese Industry, Employment and Sightseeing,
3. Japan’s role in the world,
4. How to make SGH activities sustainable.
   The students divided in four groups in advance did research on their respective topics, talked about them, and wrapped their ideas up in “Chugoku-Shikoku SGH High School Students Declaration.”    It was very hard to plan, organize and lead the meeting all by ourselves, but we were very much inspired by getting together from different prefectures and discussing the same topics with one another. We are determined to try hard to do our best to keep up with our fellow students in different prefectures. Thank you!!


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