January 18th, 2018

Shikoku High School Students International Education Research Contest

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   On January 18th, our 2nd-year student Kanamoto-kun took part in Shikoku High School Students International Education Research Contest, held at Tokushima Prefectural Education Center. Only the top finishers in three categories in each prefectural round were allowed to compete in this contest. Kanamoto-kun was the winner in the Japanese speech category in the Ehime round.
   His speech was titled “Be Happy by sharing!” He first took up the Japanese territorial issue, and then stated by giving an example of sharing persimmon fruits that grow between two houses that it is important to respect and cooperate with each other. He also mentioned that it is important for young people to have an interest in international problems and share their opinions with people around them.
   His speech won the outstanding prize in the contest! Congratulations!


January 16th, 2018

World Citizens Festival 2018

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   On Sunday, January 14th, our SGH club members participated as volunteers in “World Citizens Festival 2018”, the biggest international event in Matsuyama. They had been divided into several groups representing the participating countries in advance, and preparing for the event since last November, discussing what to do to introduce their representing countries.
   At the event, each of the groups was visited by many people, including people from their representing countries, Matsuyama citizens, university students, etc., enabling our students to communicate with a lot of people with different backgrounds.
   The festival was a great success with so many people coming, and the visitors looked interested in the countries our students represented. Not only the visitors but our students also had a fulfilling day, helping a lot of people with their international exchanges and understanding.


January 6th, 2018

Making a solar cooker

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   The students in Hiroko Takeshita’s class in our SGH Research Program are now making a solar cooker, which could be used to cook food or boil water in places like Africa, where infrastructure is underdeveloped, or in disaster-stricken areas. Some students at a high school in Freiburg, Germany, have joined them in making the solar cooker, and also Mr. Kijuro Fukuju, an expert on solar cooker in Hyogo prefecture, kindly gave them some informative technical advice.
   This project is supported by Ever Green Fund of Iyo Bank. We can’t wait to see the completed solar cooker!

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