December 22nd, 2017

The 2nd-Term CLIL Politics and Economics for the 2nd -year students

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   The 2nd-year SGH-course students made presentations on environmental issues, especially on plastic problems, and how they could solve them in the CLIL class this term. The presentations, conducted in English, were all about 2 minutes long. Every student did a great job in making their presentations, which were all well prepared and organized. Their presentations showed that the students understood their respective topics very well.
   This CLIL lesson was very unique in that the students had a chance to do research and talk about topics that have direct impacts on their lives, and also were able to try public speaking in a small and controlled environment. All the students, both making and listening to the presentations, were deeply engaged and focused. The CLIL class was a very valuable experience for all the students.


December 19th, 2017

Mid-Term Reporting Session

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   On Dec.18, Mid-Term Reporting Session took place in the school gym. The session was held for the 2nd-year SGH-course students to announce the results so far of their individual research they have been conducting since April, and also for them to show how to make a presentation as role models to the 1st-year students, who are to have their own presentation session scheduled in March next year. A report on Uganda Field Work, which was carried out in November, was also made along with it.
   All the three mid-term reports, held orally on the stage, were full of appealing points and very understandable, each of which was followed by energetic Q-A sessions. The poster session held soon afterward was also full of vigor, with a lot of students gathering around each and every one of the posters arranged by the 2nd-year SGH-course students in advance. In the poster session, the 1st-year students were seen here and there asking many questions eagerly to the 2nd-year students, who explained what they had learned so far through their research in front of their posters. The report on Uganda Field Work, conducted in English, was also substantial, with a lot of informative and interesting things to talk about. The 1st-year students must have learned how to make a presentation in English.
   Now it’s your turn, the 1st-year students! Try hard to make full use of what you learned today, and make your own presentations wonderful in March. We are sure that is how you can show your gratitude to your super teachers, the 2nd-year SGH-course students!


December 8th, 2017

Ehime High School Students International Education Research Contest

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   On December 6th, the SGH club and some other students participated in “Ehime High School Students International Education Research Contest” held at Iyo Agricultural High School. It was a cold day but their hearts were filled with the fire of motivation to do their best!
   Many great speeches and presentations were made by high school students that came from all over Ehime. It was a tough competition, but all the participants overcame their challenges.
   Kanamoto-kun, our 2nd grader, wowed the judges with his knowledge and charisma and took first place in the speech category! He is going on to the next level of competition, the Shikoku Block Round!
   Yasunaga-san, another 2nd grader, talked about the necessity of improving the status of Japanese women very passionately.
   Nicolay-kun, our exchange student in the 1st-grade, spoke beautiful Japanese and talked about his school life in Finland. He got honorable award.
   The SGH club girls showed real girl power with their presentation on the Uganda Watoto orphanage system and took second place in the presentation category and also the JICA award.
   Congratulations to everyone! East High school is proud of you!


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