November 27th, 2017

2017 Super Global High School Forum

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   On November 25th, 4 girls participated in 2017 Super Global High School Forum held in Yokohama. They made a poster presentation of their study on Soseki.
   This was the first event that students from all SGH high schools got together and gave presentations on their studies. The presentation and the question-and-answer session were held all in English, and the rooms in which they were made were filled with passion!
   The girls had a really good experience making a presentation before such huge audience and also getting in touch with students from all over Japan.


November 19th, 2017

International Day

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   SGH Club held International Day of This Month on Saturday and we had a very special guest. Mr.Derek Waters, who is none other than the husband of our ALT, Tehya!
   Our International Day usually starts with the presentation of our school. On this day, first graders made their debut as a presenter and they did pretty well on this opening task!
   After that, it was Derek’s turn to give a presentation on Alaska, his “home state”.
We learned amazing facts about Alaska, such as it being five times the size of Japan with as many residents as Matsuyama, abundant in wildlife and ocean life, and warmer inside a house than in Japan. For every question from the students, Derek said,“Good question!”, which was really encouraging.
   Then, members who participated in Uganda Fieldwork talked about their trip and what was the most surprising thing to them about Uganda, showing pictures.

   Every International Day has one special activity students and the guest(s) enjoy together and this time, we baked pancakes! Pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate, honey, brown sugar syrup(“Kuromitsu”), or(and) even “Anko” (sweetened bean paste)!We had every possible topping we could ever think of! It was such a fun day!

   And let us inform that International Day event is open to every student and you are more than welcome to join us!
   We put up a poster of the event in your classroom ahead of time so that you will know when it will be held. If you have even the slightest interest in different cultures,people from different countries, or English, please come and have fun together!


November 14th, 2017

Back from Germany

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   On November 13th, all the 9 members on the Germany FW came back to Matsuyama. No one got seriously ill or injured, and they all positively took part in all the activities on the FW. Some of them said they didn’t want to leave Germany as their days there were numbered, with one student going so far as to say that s/he will definitely study in Germany someday in the future! These comments show that their FW was very meaningful and exciting for students. Hope they will apply what they learned through this FW to their future life! Well done, and take a good rest!

November 12th, 2017

Safely back from Uganda

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   All the Uganda FW members are back safe and sound!

   All their faces were shining.
   We can’t wait to hear what they learned in Uganda!

Letter from Germany Day 3

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   Today is our last day in Freiburg. We first experienced something very unique to the city—cycling on the bicycle-friendly road. The road has various characteristics. In the road, there are some areas no automobiles are allowed to enter, and some where priority is given to bicycles and no cars are allowed to overtake bicycles. The road even has some sections where only bicycles can run, or so-called “Bicycle Highway.” It was raining a little, but we enjoyed cycling to the full without being aware of the rain! This “It’s fun and attractive” sense seems to be the key to getting important ideas across people.
   Then we learned about the religious culture deeply rooted in the city. The concept of the city respecting tradition while trying something new might be in this religious culture.
   All the students are fine, and they all have made this journey full of meaningful experiences.


Letter from Uganda Day 5

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   Our field work is getting near to the end.
   Today, we visited Embassy of Japan in Uganda and met with Mr. Kameda, the ambassador. He spent as long as one hour answering our students’ questions— he talked about what the embassy can do for Uganda as well as international communities for their stability and developments, how it affects the benefits of Japan, why he chose this job, and others. Every word caught our students’ hearts.
   Right after the lunch, we visited “Rainbow House”, a school for children who lost their parents to HIV or other causes, which is supported under Ashinaga Uganda (Ashinaga Scholarship Society working in Uganda) project. We listened to the explanations from Mr. Sugiyama, a staff member, about the outline of the school, such as what kind of help they are giving, and how they welcome volunteers from Japan. Then we joined the children and had a fun time together! They were very friendly to us!
   After that, we visited a special school, where excellent students from 49 sub-Saharan African countries are preparing to learn in developed countries in the future. It was amazing there were so many students on internship programs from Japan and other countries! They work here to help students with languages, how to study, and their entrance forms. Luckily we had 10 minutes to talk with them, so we exchanged our opinions with one another.
   It also was a great time having dinner with Japanese university students working as volunteers in Uganda. All of them were friendly partly because they were close to our students in age and our students seemed to have fun listening to their informative stories.
Since our first Uganda FW (in 2015), Mr. Kawasumi has always been treating us to “Senene” ( a local dish of fried glass hoppers), and, as usual, we ate them all! It was delicious!!


November 11th, 2017

Letter from Germany Day 2

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   On the second day in Freiburg, we learned the real significance of the city planning in Freiburg. We were impressed with the history of Freiburg. They tried to build a city that is friendly not only to its environment but to children who will build up the future of the earth. We were also very much moved by the fact that this city planning was started not from the city government but from the side of its citizens.
   At the eco station, we saw many environmental works such as eco houses, bio gardens (where people grow and harvest many kinds of plants), and some practical examples of the environmental education in Germany. Then we had a lecture about how to build a society where human beings and nature are in harmony with each other. This lecture, given at the Waldhaus, was conducted in English, so we tried to understand the lecturer without interpretation. The students were able to share something important with one another through this English interaction. There is only one day left in Freiburg. Hope the last day will become meaningful as well!


Letter from Uganda Day 4

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   Each day on this field work is full of discovery and learning, but today was special!
   We first visited a construction site. A new bridge is under construction over the Nile with the financial help of ODA from Japan. We rode on a boat and sailed down the river, listening to the explanations from Mr. Kawasumi, JICA head officer, about the importance of this bridge in terms of commodity distribution and economic growth in East Africa. We asked him what effects this construction has on Nile’s ecological system. He said that there is a strict regulation about this construction imposed by the Uganda government, that they must make utmost efforts not to leave bad effects on the communities along the River and future generations. He went on to say that they are trying to learn from the mistakes made in the past that damaged the environments.
   In the afternoon, we joined the PE class of a JICA staff member, Mr. Shiraishi, also from Ehime, and played dodgeball together with the local students! At the end of the class, we introduced Japan to the students, using our handmade map of Japan. We were very happy to hear the students say, “Please put the map on the wall in our classroom!”
   We also visited a school for teachers, where Mr. Ishizaka, a senior volunteer worker, is working. We first looked around the school guided by members of the student council. Then we had an interactive activity at the main hall. We were overwhelmed by so many students! It was fun introducing ourselves and our school, singing our Kimigayo national anthem (which was a request from them), and asking a lot of questions to each other! We became so close it was very hard for us to leave.
From the two schools we visited, we understand from the words and the faces of the students and the teachers there how greatly Mr. Shiraishi and Mr. Ishizaka were welcomed and needed.. They really were good role models for our students to think about their future career. It was a very good experience for our students to see international cooperation with their own eyes in the two fields of economical and technical cooperation. This memorable and wonderful experience will ever last in the minds of our students throughout their lives.


November 10th, 2017

Letter from Germany Day 1

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   Our fieldwork activities started here in Freiburg. We first walked through Munster Market, learning about the locavore culture there, which has lasted since the Middle Ages. Then we moved to Freiburg City Office, and was given a lecture about the ecological policy of the city. We asked questions and exchanged opinions with each other, thinking about how we could apply such policies to our city. It was a very fulfilling time on a high level.
   In the afternoon, we visited Freiburg University and Richard Fehrenbach Gewerbeschule, a technical high school. In Richard Fehrenbach Gewerbeschule, we were shown their latest research on renewable power sources. It was a very precious experience since we were able to see and touch the operating room and their tools.
   We are looking forward to various activities due on tomorrow!


November 9th, 2017

Arriving in Germany

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   We safely arrived at Frankfort Airport, after 11 hours flight. We’ve got to take another two-hour train ride, but I am sure everything will be OK!

Letter from Uganda Day 3

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   Our activities on the third day started at the JICA office with Mr. Mizoguchi’s explanation about the JICA’s volunteering activities. We first learned about the outline of their activities, and then listened to the talks from 3 volunteers. They talked about why they started their work, what they are doing now, what kind of problems they are facing now, and what they learned in Uganda. Our students asked a lot of questions, which made this interaction all the more meaningful. We greatly appreciate Mr. Shiraishi, Ms. Nakase, and Ms. Hagiwara for taking time and giving our students a lot of useful information!
   In the afternoon, we visited Jinja Vocational School, where Mr. Matsumoto, a JICA staff member, is working now. We saw students teaching each other using the blackboards, just like we could see before examinations at every school in the world.


November 8th, 2017

Departure toward Germany

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   Following the Uganda FW last week, 9 members, comprising 7 students and 2 teachers, departed toward Germany on November 8th. Germany is well known as a leading country on environmental issues. Our students are going to learn a lot about their approaches to this global issue. We hope they will feel how people there deal with nature and grow up as leaders to develop Japan into a more environmentally-friendly country. It is scheduled to be a short visit, the members coming back on Monday next week, but we strongly hope they will learn as much as possible!


Letter from Uganda Day 2

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   Our 2nd day in Uganda started smoothly. Everyone looked good and had good appetites, eating plenty of breakfast!
   We first visited the JICA office, and listened to a lecture about the outline of JICA’s programs from Mr. Kawasumi, our Senpai alumunus and Chief Representative of the office. He said that private companies are playing bigger roles in terms of developmental aids, which gave us a chance to see international cooperation from a different point of view.
   Then we visited Khadafy Mosque. Our guide explained to us that the Mosque was named after Col Muhammad Khalid Khan because it was built on his donation. The guide went on to explain the seven hills surrounding the city of Kampala.
   For lunch, we enjoyed local foods, including Matoke, a side dish cooked from bananas, and Posho, a main dish made from corn.
   Our last visit on the day was to the equator. We did the well-known Coriolis experimenton the three spots – in the Southern Hemisphere, in the Northern Hemisphere, and on the equator. When the Coriolis force was proved in front of us as the textbook says, we all howled with joy!
We have begun to realize the experiences we are given here are very precious. We would like to keep our stay in Uganda meaningful from now on.


November 7th, 2017

Letter from Uganda Day 1

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   We finally arrived in Uganda! It took about one whole day, starting from Chubu Centrair International Airport, changing airplanes twice in Beijing and Abu Dhabi!
   While moving from Entebbe International Airport to Kampala (capital city of Uganda), we saw some bike taxis with two passengers with no helmet on, Chinese company names written on the commercial boards along the streets, and so many unfamiliar things! Everything looked so unusual for us, which made us realize that we are “in Africa now”.
   Our journey started with some trouble, but we all are safe and sound, ready for the field work to start from tomorrow!

November 6th, 2017

English Speech Contest

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   On November 5th, three of our students attended an English Speech Contest sponsored by Matsuyama Higashi Rotary Club. Each of them were able to demonstrate all that they learned through the practices, and their speeches were so great that their messages were brought home to the audiences.
   Ms. Watanabe won second prize. She talked about the importance of expressing our own feelings, which she learned from her experience of staying overseas.
Also, Mr. Doi won a outstanding prize. He talked about “Kodomo Shokudo”( children’s dining house), which is now spreading throughout Japan. He explained the child poverty problem with specific data, which made it very persuasive.
   Mr. Shiimori’s speech was full of strong messages. He appealed the necessity to change the world by ourselves to solve the environmental problems.


CLIL class in 2nd semester

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   We conducted this semester’s CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) classes in the two subjects, Basic Chemistry and Comprehensive Japanese Language.
   In the Basic Chemistry class, we did some experiments on neutralizing titration using lemon juice. The experiments were very difficult with so many technical words, but it was a good experience, since it was just like what we’ll do in university, conducting a lot of experiments and research in teams using English!
   In Comprehensive Japanese Language class, we gave it a try in making English Haiku poems. It was very hard to pick up words which both describe our imagination and at the same time have proper sounds. Although everyone had a hard time making Haiku, their haiku poems were full of creativity, beauty, and originality. It was a lot of fun to share them later together!
   Chemistry teachers and Japanese Language teachers usually don’t use English, but today they made great efforts in giving comments in English. Their attitudes toward English were good role models as a learner for students. CLIL is a class where students can develop their presentation skills as well as English skills, and this class is one of their favorites.


November 5th, 2017

Letter from Uganda No1

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   We’re not in Uganda yet, still at Chubu Centrair International Airport with no one around at midnight. This is the last chance to move our bodies before boarding the plane. We will soon start a long flight.


November 4th, 2017

Departure toward Uganda

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   On November 4th, 10 members (8 2nd-years and 2 teachers) left for Uganda.
   In Uganda, they are going to engage in various activities, such as learning about international cooperation through JICA volunteer activities, visiting Live Animal Educational Enter, and others. As you can see from the fact that it takes the whole day just to travel from Japan to Africa, this field work is scheduled to be made in a tight schedule, but we believe they can learn a lot. Visiting Africa is not something you can easily experience! Good Luck!


November 3rd, 2017

Ready for Uganda and Germany FW!

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   On November 2nd, all the 2nd-year students taking part in Uganda FW and Germany FW gathered at the meeting room to participate in the unification ceremony. In the ceremony, our principal encouraged the members, saying, “This experience will be all the more valuable if you can have some influence on a lot of people you will meet from now, so try to learn a lot of things abroad to be an influential persons. Also, please have fun communicating with people in the same generation outside our county.” On behalf of all the FW members, Kota Abe stated, “We each will set our personal goals and make this field work successful. Also we won’t forget our appreciation for all those who have supported us.”
   Uganda FW will start on the 4th of November, and Germany FW on the 8th.
   We hope every one of the members will pay attention to the safety and their health and their field work will become fulfilling.


November 2nd, 2017

Ehime Prefecture Highschool English Debate Contest!

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   On Wednesday, November 1st, the SGH club debate members from A team and B team battled many strong opponents. Both teams did an excellent job in the first three rounds of debates and the A team was able to make it to the final round of the Debate Contest. Both their English skills and their debating skills were outstanding.
   They have been practicing many long and hard months to become the best debaters they could be. I`m sure they must have been dreaming of the debate topic for many nights. They fought hard and after the judges deliberated for what seemed like forever, in the end, they took second place. It was bittersweet but a true victory for all the members.
   A special thanks go to Mrs.Inaba and Mrs.Akiyama for their hard work and dedication to the team and their success.

Congratulations Debate Team! You made Matsuyama East very proud!

Witten by Tehya, ALT


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