September 30th, 2017

Departure toward Hawaii

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   On September 30th, Mr. Yamada, our 2nd- year student, and Miss Miyoshi, our 1st-year student, departed from Matsuyama Airport for Hawaii on Ehime-Hawaii High School Exchange Program. This program will last until Oct. 5th, with 8 students from Ehime, including two from our school, participating. The students will experience the life in Hawaii by staying with local families there, and also will appeal good points of Ehime to the people there!



September 21st, 2017

3rd year research presentation

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   On Sep.20th, we had Cultural Festival, a school event for culture clubs and others, in which some 3rd-year SG course students made presentations of their own respective research. This was their last event of their SGH researching program. Twelve groups selected from their respective courses explained what they learned from their studies which lasted for one and a half year. Each of the four rooms in which the presentations were made was filled with passion and lively question-and-answer sessions were held in each room.
   We greatly thank all the teachers involved in the program for their good instructions and heartfelt support. Thank you so much.


September 14th, 2017

Start of 1st-year Research Program

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   The Research Program for the 1st-year students started on September 14th.
All the 1st-year students are divided into 21 groups, and will do research until March. They will learn from 21 special teachers, including many from Ehime University, each of whom is an expert in their respective academic fields. We hope our students will learn a lot from their teachers and grow up to be global leaders.


September 1st, 2017

Debriefing Session of Overseas Studies

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   On August 31st, we held the Debriefing Session of Overseas Studies at Shiki Museum. In the Session, five groups – Hawaii Language Study group, Taiwan Fieldwork group, the Philippines Fieldwork group, TOBITATE JAPAN Study Abroad group, and the Japan Future Leaders School group – made presentations on their respective programs, and shared their experiences with other students.
   The session started with the Hula Dance by Hawaii group, went on with greetings in Chinese and Tagalog, and sometimes included original introduction movies produced by the students! It was full of originality and creativity! In the Q&A session, the presenters skillfully gave the audience comprising 1st-year students’ on-the-spot responses to unexpected questions from them.
   We were able to see how much they have grown through the whole session. Mr. Narabayashi, a commentator and professor of Ehime University, also gave words of praise to the presenters.
   We hope they will make full use of their experiences in their high school life.


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