August 23rd, 2017

Sharing the experience of the Japan Future Leaders School

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   On August 21st, Rio Sumida, a 2nd-year student, and Yuzuki Omori, a 1st-year student, who both took part in the Japan Future Leaders School held in Fukuoka between July 25 and Aug. 7, participated in a meeting held in Education Center in Tobe to share their experiences of the School with other students in Ehime. All the other 11 students who took part in the School from Ehime joined the meeting, and shared their experiences with the participants, including Rina Iguchi, a 2nd-year student, and Rena Goda, a 1st-year student, who both took part as non-School members.
   In the meeting, each of the School members gave presentations to talk about what they had learned from the School. Then all the participants were divided into small groups, and held a group discussion on “Peace”. Since there were students from other schools, it was very exciting to hear different opinions from different schools!
   We hope for our students to grow further together with their new friends, and to tackle many challenges as future leaders of Japan.


August 13th, 2017

Return from the Philippines

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   On Aug 12th, eight 1st-year students taking part in of the Philippine fieldwork came back safe and sound!

   “Now that we witnessed the daily life of the Filipinos, we realized how blessed to live in Japan.
   Also we learned the kindness and warmth of the Philippine people, and the joy of having communications!
   We greatly appreciate all of those who helped realize our fieldwork and also our family for giving us such a valuable opportunity. We would like to make us use of all that we learned from this fieldwork in our daily life from tomorrow!
   Thank you very much!”

August 12th, 2017

Return from Taiwan

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   “The last day in Taiwan!
We are very much impressed to see all the workers in Japanese Companies working with pride and fighting spirits in their work. We also saw power, warmth, and kindness not only in university students but also in ordinary people in the city.
   We greatly appreciate all those who were involved in realizing this Taiwan Fieldwork.
Making use of what we learned from this precious experience, we are going to do our best to learn more and grow up to be a leader!
Thank you very much!”

August 11th, 2017

Letter from Philippine No3

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   “On Aug 11th, we visited the University of Philippine Integrated School (UPIS), and took part in usual classes conducted at a high school in the Philippines. We were amazed at the UPIS students being very active. They asked many questions to their teachers, and sometimes went so far as to move in front of the whiteboard to see it well! We strongly felt that we needed to learn their greedy attitude toward study.

This visit was the last event of our schedule, and we will be leaving the Philippines the next morning. We have only a liitle time left, but will spend a meaningful time till the last moment!”



Letter from Taiwan No3

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   We received an E-mail from Ms. Tomioka, member of Taiwan FW.

   “We went to Kaunas University. We introduced our school and walked around the campus. We enjoyed talking with university students. They were friendly and kind. We were glad to be able to communicate in English.”



Letter from Philippine No2

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   “Today, we visited Honda Philippine Inc. We observed the manufacturing process of motorbikes, tried a ride in Gipny and Tricycles. Gipny is a truck-like vehicle 10-15 passengers can cheaply ride together, and you can see many of them running in the streets of Manila! We also received a lecture about the company, and it was a very meaningful time!
   And we found that all the workers there were very bright and kind, always smiling at us, and were very hardworking with their work. We could easily see that they were very proud of working for Honda.
We would like to work like them proudly and always with smiles in the future.”


Letter from Taiwan No2

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   We received an E-mail from Mr. Sumida, member of Taiwan FW.

   “Today, I visited the factory of Miura Boiler Company and the factory of Sumika Technology Company in Tainan.
   In Miura Boiler Company, we observed it how boilers were produced. And we were able to know that the company thinks about Taiwanese environment deeply, and engaged in the making of environment.
   In Sumika Technology Company, we observed the manufacturing process of the polarizing plate.
   We got a chance of the discussion of two employees who knew Japan and both Taiwanese afterwards. We were able to reconfirm us about the importance of each fitting globalization, and taking research feeling and the will of the challenge. Time passed like an arrow, half of our field work had ended.
   It is said to be “Carrying out original intention”, we want to accomplish what we want and what we want to do to make a good fieldwork with no regrets.”



August 10th, 2017

Letter from Philippine No1

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   “On our first day in the Philippines, we visited the factory of BEMAC and had a chance to ride an E-trike, an electric tricycle. We learned that the conditions of the streets in Manila are not very good, causing traffic jams in the city every day. Also, many of the cars running in Manila are very old, leading to air pollution with their exhaust gases. BEMAC thinks that their E-trikes fit the Philippine traffic situation, because they are good for the environment with no exhaust emission, and are small enough to move around in Manila City.
   One employee proudly said “We BEMAC are working for the environment, for the Philippines, and also for ourselves!” We were able to feel how wonderful it is to do our own jobs with pride.”


Letter from Taiwan No1

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   “Today we visited Miura Boiler Co. Ltd, in Taipei. We were welcomed by Mr. Kuroda, the head of Miura Boiler Taipei. He told us the basic information about the company, such as company philosophy, change in the working environment, and others. He also talked to our students about what is needed to work globally, with the message of encouragement.
   Although the airplane delay was a shocking happening, we are having a great time here. We also appreciate those who helped change our chedule.”


Return from Hawaii

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   Fifteen students on the Hawaii study tour came back to Matsuyama with smiles all over! They all spent their days in Hawaii safe and sound, though they all got a nice sun tan! One of the students said “I want to tell a lot about what we learned in Hawaii, learn English more, and go back to see the blue sky of Hawaii!”
   We really appreciate all those who helped realize this study tour.


August 9th, 2017

Japan Future Leaders School has ended

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   Rio Sumida, our 2nd-year student, and Yuzuki Omori, our 1st-year, came back to Matsuyama from the Japan Future Leaders School held from July 25 to Aug. 7 in Fukuoka.
   Omori said she felt happy because she made many good friends, while Sumida said she learned that there are many types of leaders.
   We are greatly looking forward to hearing a lot more from them after the summer vacation is over, including what kind of activities they had, and seeing how much they have grown up.


Philippine FW also started!

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   “Soon after the Taiwan field work got under way, the Philippine field work has also started.
   Our flight to Haneda was delayed because of the typhoon, and, as a result, we couldn’t catch the bus to Narita Airport we were supposed to take. So we took a taxi, and arrived at Narita Airport in time, enabling us to get on board the airplane to Philippine with no problem. Although it started with unexpected trouble, we are back on the right track! We are going to learn as many things as we can in Philippine!”


Taiwan FW has started!

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   “The Taiwan field work has started. Since the Typhoon came right near Matsuyama on the departure day, we needed to reschedule our itinerary, resulting in our stay having been shortened by one day. It’s a pity that we could visit only two of the four companies we had originally planned to visit, but we hope to learn a lot by seeing and feeling the reality of Taiwan. Godspeed to us!”


August 8th, 2017

Letter from Hawaii No7

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   “Aloha! I am Ayane Mukai, 1st-year. This is the last letter from Hawaii, and I will tell you about the “graduation ceremony” and our life here of the last two weeks.
   In the two weeks, we took classes at University of Hawaii in Manoa. The lessons include “interchange” and “educational activity”, which we have never experienced! Last day was the “graduation” day. We gathered at a hotel wearing aloha shirts or Hawaiian dresses. We demonstrate our hula dance and songs we learned in the class, listened to a speech from one of the classmates and even messages from our teachers! In the end, we received the certificate. The whole ceremony was special and fun!
   I really appreciate our class teacher, Megin. She taught us in a neat manner English and Hawaiian culture like hula, foods, and others. I am very glad that I met you, Megin!
   Staying here for two weeks, I found it a lot fun communicating with non-Japanese in English! I learned that as long as we have the will to express our feelings, we are able to communicate. Also I learned that I need to know more words. Two weeks have passed so fast, and I have already started to miss Hawaii. Since we each learned what is needed to speak in English, we will keep on studying back in Japan! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.


August 7th, 2017

Thinking of living with people with disabilities

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   As a special lesson of Mr. Taro Nagatomo’s Research Program class, we welcomed a family with an elementary school boy who has Cerebral Palsy. We listened to his mother’s story about the life of the family, including the trouble parents had related to the disease, how the boy grew up, and how to face with such disabilities. Students also had time to communicate with their children (they came as a family, including their twin sons). We also took time to look around the school to get opinions about our school’s barrier-free condition. Written below are some comments of our students.
   “Today’s activity was a good chance for me to think about Cerebral Palsy. I never knew what it really was, but now I know that it’s a serious disease. Through the story by his mother, I understand how hard it is to help children with disabilities. But when I saw the child, he seemed full of energy, just like other boys! I couldn’t find any severity from him. What impressed me more was the time when his twin brother helped the boy when he needed to walk. When we walked with him, I realized how poor and unkind our school’s structure is to people with disabilities. I want to think more from this precious experience toward my research.”
   “Twin brothers, one with Cerebral Palsy, visited our school. The boy was using wheel chair for transfer, and that made us realize how hard it is for such a person to move around in our school. There were so many steps in our school. At the steps, his brother very naturally helped him walk. The brothers were very positive and friendly toward each other. It was a lot of fun for me to talk with them!”
   “I had a chance to communicate with a wheelchair-bound boy with Cerebral Palsy and his twin brother. Cerebral Palsy makes it hard for him to move his legs because of the poor command from the brain. But the brothers were very energetic and friendly, and it was great fun to play with them! To me, except riding a wheel chair, he was just the same as another person. I was impressed when I saw him walking on foot without riding a wheel chair, using sticks and helped by his brother. While showing them around the school, I found out that just small steps made it difficult for a person in a wheelchair to move. It was very inconvenient, which I couldn’t realize in our daily life. I strongly thought that our school must make its structure more barrier-free.”


August 6th, 2017

Letter from Hawaii No6

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   Miku Yamamoto, a 1st-year student, sent us an email from Hawaii.
   “We visited the monument for Ehime-maru on July 30th. Maybe most of you know, but the Ehime-maru is a training ship of Uwajima Fisheries High school, which sunk because it collided with a US navy’s submarine “Greeneville”, on February 9th, 2001. Nine out of 35 crew members on board the Ehime-maru were killed, including four students. Now 16 years has passed, and many people seem to have forgotten the collision even in Ehime. Young people like us, in particular, even don’t know that the collision did happen. What we should do now, I think, is to keep telling to the younger generations the fact that collision took precious lives of those young people who were making efforts to make their dreams come true and those who were supporting the young to realize their dreams. I realized by visiting the monument the preciousness of life and the importance of passing down the fact through generations. We offered our hand-made Lei and prayed at the monument.”


August 5th, 2017

Letter from Washington DC

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   We received an email from Chika Tachibana, our 2nd-year student studying at Washington D.C. under the TOBITATE NEXT JAPAN project.
“Hello. I’m here in Washington D.C.! Two weeks have passed since I came here and I have only two days here. Time has passed so quickly, but the days here have been so brilliant! My host family has seven other foreign students so it was fun just living in the house! The lessons at the language school here were a little more difficult than I expected, but, thanks to that, I think I have grown up more than I wanted! I also discovered some good points of Japan by making many new discoveries in Washington D.C. I have so many things I want to tell you, and so many things I want to do back in Japan! I’ll miss Washington D.C., but more than that I am ready to get back in Japan! I am looking forward to talking about my stay back at school!”


August 4th, 2017

Letter from Hawaii No5

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   Today’s letter from Hawaii is written by Haruna Nakamoto, a 1st-year student.

“Today, on July 27th, we had an activity called “interchange”, in which we communicated with University students in English. Each of them had a very unique individually!
   In the activity, we first made groups, with each group having one University student and two or three Matsuyama Higashi students. Each group was given a chart respectively, which had a different color on the left and a theme to talk about on the right. We then were given chocolates with different colors, which decided on a topic we had to talk about.
   Through this activity I realized I need to practice English much more. But since our team’s university student was very kind, she smiled when I talked, and talked slowly to us. That is why we were able to talk more comfortably, which helped us concentrate on developing English skill! Also, it was great fun to learn slang expressions, since we never learn them from our usual lessons at school.
   Through these experiences, we are developing listening skills and acquiring useful knowledge we can make use of abroad!”


August 3rd, 2017

Ehime International Exchange Program

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   On August 1st, we welcomed 16 foreign students. They were visiting Ehime prefecture to participate in a Japanese Speech Contest. This was their last day in Ehime, and they came to our school to experience making Haiku with our students.
   In the beginning, our school’s Haiku club students explained as a lecturer about what Haiku is and how to make it. Then, in the lunch time, each guest student tried their hand at making Haiku, with one supporting student from our school. With great efforts together with our students, all the guest students made a wonderful Haiku, so great that you wouldn’t believe they are made by non-Japanese! We could see how much they love Japan, through their Japanese skills.
   After lunch, they walked around inside the school premises guided by Mr. Mishima, our teacher, and saw some historic spots in our school, including Haiku monument, Meikyou-kan (former school building) and Reference Room (exhibition room displaying historic materials concerning the history of Matsuyama SHS).
   We hope this event will stay as a great memory for the guest students.


August 1st, 2017

Coming back to Japan from Englland!

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   On July 31st, all the England Summer School members came back safe and sound from England. Ten days of their stay in England must have been full of excitement. They were able to communicate with many people and learned a lot from their stay. Above all, it was a very valuable experience for them to have an opportunity to make a presentation in front of the general public, in addition to those related to schools. This experience has made us more confident and has become a memorable treasure. We want to make full use of this experience in our life.

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