May 30th, 2017

2nd International Day

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   On May 27th, our SGH club held the 2nd International Day event. The guests were Celso, a student learning at Ehime University from Mozambique, and May, a high school student from Thailand. First, Celso talked about a lot of things about Mozambique, including where to look at, what its educational system is like, and others. Then we had a fun time playing Naga-Nawatobi, long rope jumping!
   International day is a great chance for our students to know other countries with real information.

May 14th, 2017

School trip -Los Angeles trip-

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   School trip is one of the big high school events in Japan. In our school, the 2nd-year students were divided into three groups according to their destinations (Their destinations this year were: Tokyo&Kurobe, Hokkaido, and Los Angeles). I will show you what Los Angeles school trip was like.

Departure May 8th
   The students gathered at Matsuyama Airport in the evening. Now the long trip is going to start!


Day 2 May 8th
   We arrived at Los Angeles safely in the evening of May 8th local time! Soon after leaving Los Angeles Airport, we moved to Santa Monica Beach, where we enjoyed dinner at the food court, and then headed to our hotel. We all are fine, and looking forward to tomorrow’s UCLA!


Day 3 May 9th
   We had plenty of events today! We enjoyed attending classes and making a tour of UCLA, observing space shuttle Endeavour at Science Center, visiting Japanese American National Museum, and attending a dinner party held by Ehime Kenjinkai in LA.


Day 4 May 10th
   Today was the day to enjoy Disneyland and California Adventure! We also enjoyed American morning meal. It was cloudy, but luckily it didn’t rain, which gave us the best condition to enjoy the fantasy world around!
Tomorrow is the last day, so we will make a lot of good memories together!


Day 5 May 11th
   We first visited Tanaka Farm, eating BBQ lunch and picking strawberries! In the afternoon we went to Universal Studio Hollywood! Delightful time to spend! In the end we ate last dinner in the US at an Italian restaurant and visited the Griffith Observatory to enjoy the great night view of Los Angeles. We are now about to leave.


Day 6 May 13th
   We had some delay on our way back to Tokyo because of a volcanic eruption in Kamchatka. But thanks to the staff of ANA, we were able to arrive at Matsuyama Airport on time.
   We enjoyed this overseas trip to Los Angeles to the fullest. Thank you, America!

May 4th, 2017

Globalization and Understanding different culture

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   On May 1st, SG course students in the 2nd-year had a class titled “Globalization and Understanding different culture” by Mr. Kazuhiro Murakami, an associate professor of Center for International Education of Ehime University.
   He said to the students that culture is common knowledge that has been built along the long history of the country. He went on to say that no one can tell whether a certain culture is good or bad, or right or wrong, and having the right understanding about the culture is very important. He also gave them some important points to stay safe and healthy while outside Japan.
   Since some students are going on a school trip to California this May, it was a very informative and useful lecture!


May 3rd, 2017

City Fieldwork in Matsuyama

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   On Thursday April 27th, our 1st-year students went on City Fieldwork in Matsuyama. They visited the “Birthplace of Akiyama Brothers” and “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum”.
   In the “Birthplace of Akiyama Brothers”, students listened to the explanations by the staff about Akiyama Brothers, the famous brothers who were both excellent military officers in WW1. The students deepened their understanding about the two brothers, Yoshifuru and Saneyuki Akiyama.
   At the “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum”, students had a chance to see the displays about Shiki Masaoka, Akiyama Brothers and their surroundings, and learned a lot.
   Two hours was too short to learn everything, but it was a meaningful fieldwork. We greatly appreciate all the members of Tokiwa Landman Organization and the staff of the “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum” for attending our students.


May 1st, 2017

1st International Day

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   On April 29th, our SGH club hosted this year’s 1st International Day Event.
   We invited Mr. Shahriar from Bangladesh as our 1st guest. He introduced his country, saying that people in Bangladesh are not particular about foods. They like everyghing— hot tastes, sweet tastes or even sour tastes! He also gave his impression about Japan —he said that the idea of “MOTTAINAI”, which can be seen in the Japanese trash system —the idea of repeatedly recycling and reusing stuff— is wonderful!.
   After learning about each other, our students introduced Japanese traditional activities —Ayatori, Syuji, and Origami—, and played together. Teyha Sensei, our ALT, and Nicolai, our exchange student from Finland, joined us, and it was a really exciting time. We enjoyed speaking and listening to English a lot,
   Thank you Shahriar, Teyha Sensei, and Nicolai!!


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