March 21st, 2017

Attending at SGH Koushien

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   On March 19th, our students joined at the SGH Koushien (SGH High School Competition) held at Kwansei Gakuin University. From our school, 5 posters were displayed and one student joined in a group discussion. In the poster session, students were asked many questions and also many advices. Presenters were able to learn more from it. All 20 members did a great presentation, even they gather at 5 o’clock in the morning!


March 20th, 2017

Ehime Next Generation Super High School Consortium

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   On March 16th, there was Ehime Next Generation Super High School Consortium held at Matsuyama City Hall. This consortium is for students from schools selected as a Super Global High School or Super Science High School or Super Professional School, to express what they have researched and discuss each other, to expand and deepen their researches.
   From our school, four students stand on the stage, 2 for presentation and 2 as facilitator. Also, about 70 1st graders, who chose SG course as a 2nd grade curriculum, joined as audience. Looking at them listening carefully and asking questions aggressively, we teachers learned how they open the door to the curiosity or knowledge.


March 19th, 2017

Letter from Michigan No3

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   Let me introduce a letter from Miss Arima, who is studying in Michigan since last summer.
   “It has been 7 months since I came to USA. In High School, I made new friends in a new class started from January. I am having great fun during lunch time since our school has many nationalities and we share each other’s cultures in lunch time!
   In the holiday season, my host family, grandfather and younger brother, brought me to a city called Glennie, placed in north of Michigan, for a camp for 4 days. It was warm during the camp, even one day grew up to 20℃! I was able to walk over the frozen lake on that day. Also, I had fun riding on a 4 wheel bike, sliding through the snow with T-shirt was so cool! I’m glad that I had a chance to do such only Michigan experiences.
   On the other day, I went to see a Monster Truck Show in Detroit. It was such an overwhelming to see trucks with a human size tires rolling and dumping. That day, I also looked around the Detroit City using the monorail. There were some rough places in the city so I couldn’t stay long, but had a chance to see the bridge to Canada. If there is a chance, I would like to visit again.
   On March 12th morning, time switched from winter to summer, which made me realize that the spring is almost there. I am going to challenge many new things in the last 3 months so that I don’t leave any regret when going back to Japan.”


March 15th, 2017

Win award on Nikkei Stock League AGAIN!

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   From our school, two teams attended at the 17th Nikkei Stock League. One team won the Highest Award for High School participants! The other team also was elected as one of the 88 awarded out of the1618 teams that participated. It is surprising that our school has won a prize again, two years in a row! We greatly appreciate those companies who cooperated through making a report, and both Nikkei Inc. and Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. for giving students a great opportunity for studying about stock investments.

      Final Results
      Highest Award for High School
         Title : Life ☓ Technique “Biomimetics which connects life and technique’

         Title : FAGE! Come in Young! We will open the future of investments!

   Finally we want to give a great applause to both team members! You have made a great effort even though you have so many activities, club and studying to do!


March 12th, 2017

6th International Day

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   On March 12th, we had 6th International Day Event by the SGH club. We welcomed Mr. Sanjeev, whose learning and researching the prevention of disaster. He is in Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Ehime University. He taught us about his country, Nepal. Then we heard from Tehya, our school ALT, about Easter. We also took time making Easter eggs, and played egg hunt! It was a fun way to learn and spend a nice weekend afternoon!


March 4th, 2017

Research presentation has ended

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   On March 2nd, we had Research Presentation in our school’s Gymnasium.
   The presentation started with a piano played by Higashi student. The first presentation was about neonatal care in Ehime, by 1st grade group. Then, there was a speech from two graduates, who just graduated the day before. Both talked about how it was in the SGH program for three years and how it affected their career options.
   Then, there was Poster session by 1st grade students and a Symposium by 2nd grade students, conducted like an academic conference. It was awesome to see 109 posters hanging and our students explaining about them sometimes in English. It was very hard challenge to do the Symposium since it was our first time and completely put on by students only! But gradually, students cooperated, it ended well.
   The last presentation was about Uganda field work. It was very easy to understand what they learned through the field work, even in English. We could easily imagine how hard they tried to improve the presentation.
   This school year’s SGH program is over, but starting next month, a new stage will start. We are looking forward to all students’ continuing growth!


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