December 29th, 2016

SGH Forum in Tokyo

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   On December 26th and 27th, there was the First SGH Forum at Tokyo, Ochanomizu University. From our school, Mr. Kato and Mr. Yonago joined.
   The Forum was held at 26th, started with a keynote lecture from Professor Shunya Yoshimi, vice president of Tokyo University, about “What is the intellectual of humanities studies?” . Then, there was English discussion made by representative SGH students, followed by introduction of 4 top valued SGH program.
   On 2nd day, there was a meeting for SGH teachers. There was a lecture from Professor Shinobu Yamaguchi about “Educational policies done in 10 Asia and Pacific countries for growing 21st century type skill#148;, report and explanation from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and explanation of next TOBITATE Japan project. After lunch, a report from each SGH school and panel discussion was held. Then, 8 subcommittee meeting was held by top 8 valuable SGH programs, including our school! Our teacher Mr. Kato and Mr. Yonago did an presentation about Matuyama Higashi#146; s SGH program, and answered to the questions in front of 30 audiences. Amazingly, many teachers had interest to local public SGH program, and so the meeting was also meaningful to our teachers also. Great time in Tokyo!


December 22nd, 2016

Special Class with JETRO Ehime

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   On December 20th, visiting lesson by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Ehime and Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO), was done at our school. Ms. Yurika Suzuki, a research staff of IDE-JETRO, has visited to our school to explain the economical outline of Philippine. It took for about 2 hours, with the audience of 10 students, including some Philippine FW attendants, and teachers. We were able to understand well about the latest news and poverty program going on in the country. Interesting stories and information to hear, students asked many questions. Another great experience for all of us.


December 17th, 2016

An Interim Presentation of 2016

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   On December 12th, we had an Interim Presentation of 2016. This presentation is for 2nd grade SG course students to show the progress of their research, and also for 1st grade students who just started research on this autumn, to know what kind of goal they must reach until the last presentation at March. Also this is a good chance for 1st grade students to see what they will do in SG course, so that they can decide their next years’ curriculum. Other than presentations from 2nd grade, we had presentation of reporting Germany field work and Shikoku SGH Meeting. The presentation of 2nd grade was done only 2 at a power point presentation, and the rest was presented by posters. In this poster session, 1st grade students were asking well, which leads to a good recognition for them to be in SG course.


December 15th, 2016

Kochi Cultural Field Work

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   Same as a week before, we had a field work at Kochi again on December 10th and 11th! This time, the 1st grade students from Research project class of Prof. Okamoto visited several places to watch and feel the food culture of the prefecture.
   On the first day, students visited Community Market Yusuhara to learn about wild vegetables. There were many unfamiliar vegetables, which reminded them of the different food culture even though Kochi is next to Ehime. Then, they took time to have discussion with Kochi city officers. Discussion was taken at a village called Nii (pronounces like “knee”), and officers explained about the agriculture of this village. This village has huge area of deserted cultivated land, because of growing farm retirement. Deserted cultivated land has many problems, so the village is now cropping Japanese sweet potatoes and searching for the way to sell or use them. Also officers talked about the emergency tower to protect people from Tsunami, since this village was right next to Pacific Ocean. Since it was their first time to see such tower, students also realized a sufficiency of crisis consciousness.
   On 11th, students first visited morning market. Students and teachers were amazed at it so bustling. Then, they visited antenna shop of two villages, Baji and Tsuno. These shops show how Kochi is putting weight and effort on the regional development. At last was making Baumkuchen at Green Park Hodono, using eggs of Kochi’s regional chicken, Tosa-Jiro.
   We greatly appreciate Prof. Okamoto (Ehime University) and Prof. Tanaka (Kochi University) about lots of cooperation through these two Kochi field work, planning, making appointments, and advertising students. Students must deepen their knowledge and will express them out at the research.


December 14th, 2016

Kochi Scientific Field Work

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   On December 4th and 5th we had our first domestic field work, among all SGH program, at Kochi prefecture. This field work was for the students to challenge on a special scientific experiment, which was essential for their research.
   Students visited Kochi University to do the experiment to check the anti-allergic effect of Citrus depressa. Students were able to use the professional experiment tools under the coach of Professor and university students. They worked on making reagent and measuring the result of experiment.
   Students also had some time to study the history of Kochi, by visiting Katsurahama, where the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto stands.
   They will bring back the result of experiment to deepen their research.


December 12th, 2016

4th International Day Event

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   We welcomed to two ALTs (Assistant Language Teacher), for the 4th International Day Event at December 11th. The theme for the event was “Girls talk & English Chat & Discover new Dogo”.
   First, students listened to ALTs and overseas student Miss Bam about Christmas, how they spent at their home country. We were amazed at the difference compared to Japanese style Christmas. Then, we ate snacks we brought each other, introducing it in English. All tasted yummy! Last we spent walking around the Dogo area. Students and guests all had comfortable time at the foot bath!
   In all four events, different guests from different countries made students more interesting and also great chance to speak in English!


December 8th, 2016

Attending at Ehime High School Global Education Presentation

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   On December 7th, there was Ehime High School Global Education Presentation held at Iyo Agricultural High School. From our school, students of SGH club joined at the Presentation in 2 sections, one at the Opinion making section and another at the Research presentation section. Miss Watabe, who made a great presentation at the Opinion making section, won the 1st prize of the section and also a special prize of the all presentations. Since she is the winner, she will be attending at the Shikoku High School Global Education Presentation coming up on next January at Takamatsu city.


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