November 5th, 2016

Letter from Uganda No3

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   Third day at Uganda started with the visit to JICA Uganda Office. This time, we listened about the outline of JICA and what is going on in Uganda. We also had a time to talk with staff members, great chance to hear from people working overseas. Since we dream to work overseas in the future, this chance was very helpful and precious. Also, it became a good chance to rethink about our own future, since we heard about the mental preparation and the toughness of the work overseas.
   In the afternoon, we visited “Rainbow house”, a school for children who lost their parents by HIV or other reasons, supported under Ashinaga Uganda (Ashinaga Scholarship Society working in Uganda) project. It was fun playing with the children! Whatever background they had, children were so energetic and friendly, which impressed us. Even though there are problems all around in Uganda, children living there were strong. We also realized the importance of education through their smiles.


November 4th, 2016

Letter from Uganda No2

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   2nd day at Uganda, we visited the construction field where the new bridge is going to build over the River Nile by the help of ODA from Japan. The city was called Jinja, and the old bridge, too old and causing traffic jam, is the enclosing bund of the dam nearby. Japanese constructing companies were working with the Uganda people.
   In the afternoon, we visited the source of Nile, one at the exit of the Victoria Lake toward Nile. We were deeply moved when we saw the sign of “THE SOURCE OF R.NILE”.


The visit of Ms Abe - First lady of Japan

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   On November 2nd, Ms. Abe, wife of Japanese Prime Minister and Liberal Democratic Party President Shinzo Abe, visited our school. This visit became reality since the letter saying “please visit our school when visiting Ehime” was send from our students to Ms. Abe, at the time when our students reported face to face toward her about The Blue Star of Life’s event done at New York and Washington DC.
   The visit started with the conversation with our Principal, with Mr. Kato, a pre-prefectural governor of Ehime, Mr. Matsuzaki, an administrative director of The Blue Star of Life, and others. Then Ms. Abe took time to talk toward all 1st grade students, who are now working on the researching project of SGH. After the lecture, we welcomed Ms. Abe and Ms. Shiozaki, wife of Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Yasuhisa Shiozaki at the historical building called Meikyokan, and served Japanese tea. When leaving, many students stand aside and said good bye.
   It took only 2 hours for the visit, but this was very memorable experiment for all students.


November 3rd, 2016

Letter from Uganda No1

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   “After riding on airplane for over 20 hours, we finally arrived at Uganda!
On the first day, we visited JICA Uganda Office in the morning until noon. We learned about the activities JICA Uganda Office is doing, and then had a free discussion time to talk about many things. In the afternoon, we visited National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCCRI), and learned about the agriculture done in the Sub-Saharan Africa Area. After lecture, we had a chance to experience planting seed, reaping, and husking rice. We were amazed at the broadness of the crop field, where you can plant and husk at the same time.
   It was a surprising day, and feeling more toward the rest of the visits.”


November 1st, 2016

Departure for Uganda Field Work

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   All 10 members, 8 students and 2 teachers, departed from Matsuyama Airport toward Uganda. They will visit Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers’ activity, construction field where Japan’s ODA is extended, and have communication with JICA staff members. They are going to get many precious experiences at the land of Africa.

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