November 27th, 2016

Presentation in Japan NIE Studies

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   On November 26th, in middle of the beautiful autumn, two 3rd grade students joined the 13th meeting of Japan NIE Studies (The Japan Society for Studies in “Newspaper in Education”) held at the Ehime University, as one of the symposiasts. Other symposiasts were from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), newspaper office, and school. Each presented about recent education of rights and the articles on newspapers, with each opinion. The two students did a great effort during the symposium, expressed their opinion and joined the discussion sonorously. There was a great applause from the 200 audiences.


November 22nd, 2016

Ready to take data

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   The 2nd grade students from Research project class of Prof. Hatou was working on making measuring machines, to measure the growing environment of plants, like temperature, humidity, and others. The center of measuring machine is a computer called RaspberryPi3, about the size of one hand, connected with many sensors. Students worked on making control and measuring program to install in the computer. Now the program is ready, they will set the machine at the plant factory in Ehime University.


November 21st, 2016

Letter from Michigan No2

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   Ms. Arima, a second grade student who is now studying in Michigan USA since August, sent us a letter, so let me introduce it.
   “3 months has just passed today in here at USA. Now I am used to school life, and spending fulfilling days. On October 31st, there was a Halloween and also November 8th was the presidential election.
   At the night of Halloween, I visited each house nearby with my schoolmates and host families. I was able to feel in touch with the neighbors. Since it was the biggest event in this place for me, I was so excited!
   About 2 weeks before the election, many students discussed and argued during lunch time about the election. Sometimes it ended up to actual fight as the discussion heated up, which amazed me since I never saw such situation in Japan. I was very stimulated at high school students, who don’t have the right to vote, thinking seriously about the future of USA and even more, having each own opinion toward it. I really understand the importance of clearly expressing your own opinion to others. I feel very glad lucky to be here in the USA at this time of election, once in 4 years, and even more, a historical election.
   As for the after school activity, I was joining the soccer team since September. Unfortunately it is now close season, so I am planning to join volunteer of medical cares.
   I want challenge more and more in the rest 6 months!”


November 17th, 2016

Visiting hospital for the research

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   The students from Research project class of Prof. Nagatomo visited Ehime University Hospital for the research. Students separated into 2 groups and visited department of obstetrics and NICU. At department of obstetrics, they watched echocardiography and Caesarean operation. At NICU, students listened to the explanation of what to do toward the new born baby. At last, students had a chance to have a simulated experience of laparoscopic surgery.
   Through this experience, students learned that many people involve to one new life before and after birth, to grow up smoothly. We greatly thank all in Ehime University Hospital for giving our students such a special chance.


November 16th, 2016

3rd International Day

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   We held a 3rd International Day at November 13th. This time, we invited Fred, who came from Mozambique. We introduced each other’s country, worked together to make an idea how to introduce Capulana, a traditional African cloth, and played traditional Japanese games together. Students aggressively asked many questions, so they learned a lot about Africa, as well as had a good practice for English. Let me introduce some. . .
   Q: What do you think is needed in Mozambique to get out from being poor?
   A: We have plenty of land, water, and energy. We just need people’s mind.
   Q: What do we need to keep continuous relationship between people in Mozambique?
   A: We need to be honest, fair, open and patient.


November 15th, 2016

Safely back from Germany

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   All members of Germany Field Work are safely back to Matsuyama!
   They visited many environmental education places, which made them to realize the environmental problems. Also they experienced the environmental policy, which is known as the highest of the world. They also had a chance to think about immigrants, which is a big problem now in Europe.
   Students will present their experience at December 12th.

Ehime English Speech Contest

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   On November 11th, there was an Ehime English Speech Contest at Matsuyama Central Senior High School. This contest was held to choose a representative who will attend the Japan Contest. 10 members, finalists of the Ehime Contest, had shown a great effort. This year’s speeches were all in great level with many themes, so we felt the growth of English skill in our prefecture. Only one, Ms. Misaki Inaba, our 2nd grade student, had won a prize.


Introducing Japanese elementary school events

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   On November 12th, a special event called “Let’s get to know about unique Japanese school events!” was held at Matsuyama International Center (MIC). This event was planned by our research project class of Ms Shimamura, for parents from overseas whose children is going at the school in Matsuyama, to introduce school events and solve questions.
   At the event, there were over 30 people some from Indonesia or China, including children. Before half was a presentation from our students about the introduction of school events in Japan, and rest of the time was used for Q&As.
   So many questions, like “I don’t understand what to buy from the belonging list given from the school”, “Since my child cannot speak much Japanese, she was put in a 1st grade class although she is much older, which is uncomfortable for her. Why does that happen?”, “How do we pay for the stay over trip, at once or dividedly?”, and others were asked. We realized how they are feeling difficulty on sending children to school. Students answered sometimes with the help of the staff of Nihongo-chonai-kai. Very meaningful discussion was made.
   Students will sum up this experience with further research and make presentation at March.


November 14th, 2016

Research program in 1st grade Prof Oshihara class

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   On November 10th at Research project class of Prof Oshihara, a special lesson was held by a grad student of Graduate School of Education in Ehime University using newspaper. Students read through the newspaper and clip out articles related to their research theme. They are going to use this information to sum up their research as a poster presentation. This class event will also be introduced at the NIE academic conference coming up on November 26th and 27th.


Letter from Germany No4

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   Today is the last day to study at Freiburg. We all are in good condition!
   We first rental bicycle and run through the cycling road. It was bad weather these days, including today, but a miracle had happened! The hour we rode on the bicycle, sun shown up within the blue sky! We had fun running on the cycling road, only part of all 430 meters. There also was a cycling road running in between car road, or even a highway for bicycles! We also enjoyed the crisp cool wind and the sight of the city.
   Then we visited Freiburg University, and ate lunch at the cafeteria. We walked through the University and its library, and saw many students studying hard even in the Saturday.
   At last, we visited two museums, Uniseum Freiburg, a museum in Freiburg University, and Augustiner Museum. We learned the role universities had in the Europe, and how churches involved to Freiburg.
   Our last dinner at Germany was taken at the German restaurant. Eating meats of deer, boar, and rabbit, we thank to the gifts given by the Black Forest.
   We will leave Germany tomorrow. Until we arrive at Matsuyama, we will keep taking care of our condition.


November 13th, 2016

Letter from Germany No3

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   “2nd day in Germany was a bit rainy. We first visited the city office, to hear about Freiburg’s environmental policy and traffic policy. Since all explanations were taught in English, it was very special chance to learn the policies and also English at the same time. It was very tough to understand, but was very informative to hear the latest environmental city policy of the world.
   During lunch time, we bought foods at the morning market surrounding the Freiburg Minster. It was very fun to see many goods on sales.
   In the afternoon, we visited an area called “Quartier Vauban”, a sustainable model district. There is a tram line in the center of the area, and every building is built at the place where it is convenient to use the tram. Also there was an area where having garage is limited, so you can live without depending on automobiles.
   Then we visited the Old Town, to see its historical streetscape. We all got overwhelmed at the churches which started building at the 1200’s, and taking about 400 years to finish.
   It is cold, about 5 to 6 degrees Celsius at the highest, but all members are doing fine. We will see the cycling road and University tomorrow.”


November 12th, 2016

Letter from Germany No2

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   “Our activity at Freiburg has started. Today’s theme was environmental education.
   We first visited the Waldhauses, which means the house of forest. We entered in to the woods surrounding the house, and learned about the Black Forest in Germany, living animals and mushrooms. Instructor also told us about ecology of the forest, sustainability of green power, mathematics in the forest (we calculated the length of wood with the theorem of triangle), and also watched the microorganism in the dirt, to understand the system of forest.
   At the lunch time, we ate together with the city officers of Freiburg, including Mr. Burger, the Director of International Affairs and Protocol Department of Freiburg, who visited our school last year, and Ms. Di Stasio. This was a great chance to talk about city, educational system and economical policy of Freiburg.
   In the afternoon we spent time learning at the eco station. We listened to the explanation about environmental education. We also learned the bad influence caused by the micro plastics included in cosmetics, and touched the solar kitchen, as a great example of using green energy. Then we moved to the special high school where they are making research of green energy. At the school, we heard from Mr. Sonnabend about the system of green energy and difference between Japan and Germany in green energy education especially in technical point. He also showed us the experimental air-conditioning machine which uses only carbon and water without electricity.
   We were able to learn a lot, not only the information but the passion and thoughts toward the environmental education of people in Germany. As for the dinner, we chose Chinese restaurant, since we had German food in a row, and learned that no matter what food we take, we should think the amount is much bigger than that in Japan.”


A class about Infectious disease especially for passengers

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   On November 7th, there was a class for 2nd grade SG course students about “Infectious disease especially for passengers”. The teacher was Ms. Aki Kato, a doctor of Health Services Center in Ehime University.
   In the class she taught us about 5 main ways to get a dangerous disease, taking from mouth through water and food, coming from bugs, by touching animals, getting hurt or injury, or through air (droplet infection). She described each ways with the method of preventing and points to care about.
   In our school, since 2014 when we were certified as one of the SGH schools, about 160 students are visiting countries abroad. Some class includes students going abroad for over 50%. Until today, there was no one who caught serious disease, but we should not feel it safe, and always be careful.


November 11th, 2016

Letter from Germany No1

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   “After 22 hours from departure, we finally arrived at Freiburg! While on the airplane, some students were working on their homework. That is a Higashi student!
   From tomorrow, activities will start. The highest temperature for tomorrow is 6 degrees Celsius! Although it is cold, we will move actively to make this field work meaningful. So, what we will do first is to take good sleep and get rid of fatigue.”


November 10th, 2016

Departure for Germany Field Work

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   Yesterday, November 9th, 4 students and 2 teachers departed from Matsuyama Airport, toward Freiburg Germany. They will learn mainly about environmental policy. Since there was an announcement from Germany that “it is very cold, weather forecast telling snow falling and temperature becoming below zero, so please be ready against the cold” so all had winter goods with them.
   We will upload letters as soon as we received.

November 9th, 2016

Students back from Uganda

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   All 10 members of the Uganda Field Work are safely back. They taught us what they saw, what they heard, what they had studied at the land of Africa. Looking at them telling so many stories, we understood how fulfilling journey they had spend.
   Today students gathered to prepare for the presentation coming up on March.
   Each comment will be up at this site soon.

November 8th, 2016

Letter from Uganda No6

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   Last day at Uganda, last to see the sky. Everyone wanted to stay more. We visited Uganda museum to learn about the history of Uganda, and Uganda Wildlife Education Center to learn about wild animals in Uganda. Leaving many curiosities behind, we left Uganda. Thank you Uganda!


November 7th, 2016

Letter from Uganda No5

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   Today we stand at the equator. Of course we received the certificate! Lunch was at the Japanese restaurant, which amazed us. We were all surprised with the green tea, miso-soup, and sashimi! Tendon tasted yummy with the soy sauce. In the afternoon, we visited Mosque.


November 6th, 2016

Ehime English Debate Contest

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   There was an Ehime Prefecture High School English Debate Contest on November 4th, and students from SGH club attended the contest. This year’s debate theme was “the Japanese government should adopt a social security system that provides a basic income to all Japanese citizens”, so we need to talk about public welfare, tax, pension, and insurance which was very difficult. We took a lot of time to prepare, collecting information, reading many English, setting our opinion, and practicing to make comments in English speedily right after listening to opinions.
   At the contest, we sadly loosed at the final match against Matsuyama Central Senior High School, but able to win the second prize from the whole 21 teams.

Pictures coming soon. . . . . . .

Letter from Uganda No4

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   We visited a secondary school, about the age of junior high to high school in Japan, placed in Namtumba, where one of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers is working. We had discussions and free talking with the students, then had a lunch of Ugandan food, then challenged on making an oven out of dirt. We are experiencing many things we cannot in Japan!


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