October 31st, 2016

CLIL in 1st grade

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   Today, the Chemistry class at 1st grade was a special class, class of CLIL. (What is CLIL? Check the CLIL page on this website.)
   Students did the experiment to seek a citric acid concentration of lemon juice, all in English! After the experiment, students checked and calculated the result, using tablet.
   Good job, everyone!

October 30th, 2016

1st grade Researching program

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   At Mr. Nagatomo’s researching program class, two guests were invited to talk to. Mr. Yutaka Takeuchi and Mr. Hirotaka Kondo, working at the Ehime Prefectural Office, talked about healthcare services toward mothers and babies and understanding against disabled people.
   Students listened carefully about the importance of cooperation between medical services, health delivery service, and nursing service, the types and characteristics of disability, and the way how public society involves. It must be a good chance for students to think about medical services from different view.


October 26th, 2016

Event Info - Lets get to know about unique Japanese school events!

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   We are going to have an event for foreigners living in Matsuyama.
   A special working group of 1st grade, SGH class of Ms. Shimamura, is learning and researching about “Globalization of Ehime” by solving problems of unknown or unfamiliar behaviors and events for foreigners done in primary schools. As a part of this research, students are going to have an event to gather comments from parents and students from oversea countries.

Specific event schedule is down below. Please have a check!
Please share the information with your friends from overseas!

●●●●●●  Let’s get to know about unique Japanese school events!  ●●●●●●

   Let’s share your question on school events in Japanese primary school!

   Are you confused about school events / school customs in Matsuyama? Matsuyama Higashi Senior High School Students would like to have workshop on school events in primary school. The contests are 1. Introduction of school events in primary school and 2. Time for free conversation on school events including your question and confusion.

■Date & Time: Saturday, 12 November, 2016. 13:00 - 15:00
■Place: Matsuyama International Center(MIC), 4F Meeting Room.
(Address: 4-20, Sanbancho 6chome, Matsuyama, Tel: 089-943-2025)
■Fee: Free. Your children are welcome to come.
■Registration: Mail to matsuyamahigashi.sgh01@gmail.com
with your Name and Phone Number by 8 Nobember.
■Organizers: Matsuyama Higashi Senior High School. http://matsuyamahigashi-sgh.esnet.ed.jp/
■Cooperators: Matsuyama International Center(http://www.mic.ehime.jp/MIC/Foreigner/Foreignertop.html),
Nihongo Chounaikai(https://ja-jp.facebook.com/nihongo.chounaikai/). 
■Contact: Matsuyama Higashi Senior High Senior High School (Shimamura)
E-mail: matsuyamahigashi.sgh01@gmail.com

LEAFLET:Unique Japanese School Event Workshop

October 25th, 2016

Ready for Field Work to Uganda and Germany

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   There was a meeting with our Principal, and students of Uganda and Germany Field Work. After some encouraging words from Principal, students stated their voice of purpose.
   Students of Uganda Field Work also packed the relief supplies, mainly sports wears, gathered from other students and parents. They are ready for their trip!


October 24th, 2016

Shikoku SGH Meeting second day

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   On the second day of First Shikoku SGH Meeting, students kept on the discussion about “Street Children”. In the afternoon, students walked together at the Dogo area to see the historical places.


October 20th, 2016

Local Airplane in this Global Century

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   On October 13th, 1st grade students listened to Mr. Yuta Kikuchi, an alumnus who works as a pilot in Japan Air Commuter (JAC).
   In the lecture, Mr. Kikuchi introduced his history that he was in a Rugby Club and also joined the Cheering Party at Matsuyama Higashi High School, experienced overseas study during University, and entered at airline company. He was trained as a pilot under the curriculum which the company made, and became a pilot. During the training in USA, which was very hard, he and his team mates encouraged each other saying “pass together as a team”.
   Now, he is working as a pilot in JAC trying to “Think Globally, Act Locally”. This theme is company philosophy, which means to act not only for the useful transportation but to lead regional activation and to improve local medical service. He feels that by gathering individualistic staffs toward one goal, the company is growing better and better.
   In the end, he encouraged our students saying “I learned many important things during school days, to stress your own strength, and to gather toward one goal in the team, and so on. So, I would like all of you to know that what you are learning now is very important.”


October 15th, 2016

First Shikoku SGH Meeting

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   Today, October 15th, and tomorrow, 16th, we are having a First Shikoku SGH Meeting at our school. This meeting is planned by a student, to have a chance to communicate with the provincial high schools, where there is a less chance of communicating with same age students compared to big cities. Also this meeting’s purpose is to grow up as a global leader by presenting and making comments about each other’s SGH activities, and discuss about one global topic to gain more knowledge and inspire each other.

   As for the first meeting, gradually, all SGH schools in Shikoku (Kochi Nishi Senior High School (Kochi), Joto Senior High School (Tokushima), Ehime University Senior High School (Ehime), Uwajima Minami Secondary School (Ehime), and us). There were 30 students at the meeting, today we had presentation about each school’s SGH program, gathered comments against the whole SGH program, and discussed about how to solve problems of street children. We will keep on discussion tomorrow, and also planning to visit Matsuyama’s famous spot, Dogo.


October 1st, 2016

Preparation for Uganda FW

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   On Sep 29th, students of Uganda FW gathered at the PC room for the preparation for the FW. Since VISA is needed to enter Uganda, students challenged Electric Visa Application System, a new visa application using internet. By the help of teachers who already applied the visa for themselves, who had several mistakes and troubles, students were able to send the application smoothly within 40 min.
   There are so many steps and things to do which cannot experience normally, so students and also teachers are challenging one by one, carefully.
   Next step is collecting relief supplies. We are still walking on the long way to Uganda.

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