September 25th, 2016

3rd grade has done their research presentation

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   On Sep 21st, there was a presentation from SG course 3rd grade students, during the school festival. This is the grand sum of each student’s research, total of 2 and half years (or one and half years since selecting SG course).
   There was one presentation done during the festival’s opening ceremony, and other representative presentations, done by one or more students of each group, were held at the class room.
   The presentation at the opening ceremony was about “Thinking of relativity between mercury concentration in the hair and PM2.5”, which showed data of mercury concentration of some students in Matsuyama Higashi, and explained some hypothesis of its cause. The presentation was well done, very kindly explained, and also many good questions were made.
   After the ceremony, we used 3 class rooms to present other researches. Looking at each presenter explaining proudly in front of audience (students, parents, teachers, and university professors too) and answering politely to the questions, we strongly realized their growth.

   This presentation was the last event for 3rd grade, the first students of attending SGH school curriculum. The students of this grade started their school life from the announcement “we are SGH from now” at their Entrance Ceremony, and they were the first to experience everything. Even though they didn’t expect such curriculum at the entrance exam, they proved our hope one by one. There was no way in front of them, and the path they made is now the route for 1st and 2nd grade students.
   We hope that what they learned from this challenging curriculum helps their life and even leads to the great future of Japan and the World.


September 24th, 2016

Before-the-trip-meeting for Uganda FW

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   On Sep 15th, members of Uganda FW gathered after school to have a before-the-trip-meeting. This time, we were able to invite Mr. Kawasumi, who is alumnus of Matsuyama Higashi and Head of JICA Uganda Office, and was spending short stay back from Uganda. Students had a chance to hear a lot of live information from him.
   Not only students but their parents and attending teachers also participated at this meeting, and many questions were made from all.
   Uganda FW will start in the end of October.


September 23rd, 2016

1st grade is now starting Researching program

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   On Sep 15th, 1st grade students had their first class of Researching Program. This year, all 360 students will separate into 20 groups, and 20 special teachers, most from Ehime University, will help them. Students will start their research toward the poster presentation coming up on March 2nd.


September 6th, 2016

Letter from Michigan

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   Let us introduce a letter from Michigan, where one of our students is staying for study, starting from this summer until next year.

   “Hello everyone.
I am now in State of Michigan, USA, after spending 10 days English class at State of Wisconsin. 3 weeks had already passed since I came to USA.
   It was very unfamiliar to hear “Today’s temperature will be up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit” (Japanese use Celsius) or “The school is 2 miles from here” (Japanese use meters), since these units differ from those in Japan. But 3 weeks has passed, I got used to hear these words.
   Host family is very kind and fun people, so every day is full of satisfaction. Yesterday, my host family brought me to the Lake of Michigan. It is 85 times larger than the Biwa Lake (Japan’s biggest Lake), so huge it was like a sea to me.
   From September 6th, I am going to the high school 5 minutes walk from host house! I am already excited to go!!”


September 5th, 2016

Welcoming Home Visit

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   On September 3rd, home visit was done in several houses in Matsuyama, for the overseas students from USA visiting Ehime University. There were 5 houses from our students who joined this event. This time, each family went to hotel where overseas students are staying at 3 pm, bring them in to their home, and stay until 9 pm. Since this is a great chance to experience real Japanese life, it is very popular and enjoyed by the overseas students. It depends on the family they visited, but visitors are able to experience making food, playing games, doing fireworks, or talking together.

   Down below is comments from one of our students who invited overseas student to her home.

   My family invited Kerstyn to our house, ate dinner together. Since we wanted her to taste Japanese foods, we made Onigiri with Umeboshi in it, Yakisoba, and Takoyaki. When we asked “can you eat this?”, she answered “I’ll try everything” and she really did it. We spent the time after dinner playing fireworks, ate cake, and talked a lot. She was saying that it was her first time eating Takoyaki and play Senko Hanabi. She also explained about her hometown Chicago, her family and others. At the time of leaving, she was almost crying, I felt very sad. We promised to send letter, and surprisingly she said “I and my family are friends of yours now”, so I am looking forward to meet her again!
   After spending time with her, I thought that this experience was very good for my study. Making a chance to experience using English with a native speaker leads to a good motivation for learning English. I think we should aggressively make opportunity to speak, even you are afraid of your English skill.


September 3rd, 2016

Debriefing Session of overseas studies

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   As we have noted before, on September 1st, we had Debriefing Session of overseas studies at Shiki Museum, Matsuyama. In the session, participants of Taiwan Field Work and Philippine Field Work presented their stay, 2 students who went overseas study under the TOBITATE project explained their experience, and also one student presented the told what she learned from Japan Future Leaders School.
   Field Work participants explained about the visited Japanese companies and what they learned from the workers. Every presentation included some differences of each country and Japan, how they overwhelm the difference, what they heard and learned about global communications and others. They also stated great appreciation to everyone involved at each journey. There were many questions came from the audience. I think all the 1st grade students was able to share what it is like in overseas.


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