August 28th, 2016

Announcement of Debriefing Session of overseas studies in summer

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   We will be making a debriefing session for our students to present their overseas studies of this summer. Presentation will be mainly about overseas field work of Taiwan, and Philippine, but also from students who studied in Australia and Peru using “TOBITATE Japan” project.
   It will be held in September 1st starts at 14:00 at Hall in 4th floor of Shiki museum. (
   This session will be an open session without any applications, so not only students but parents and other people are welcome. (Just to make sure, presentations will be done in Japanese.)

August 23rd, 2016

Letter from Kunashiri Island

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    As I noted at August 19th, I visited Kunashiri Island, northern island of Japan, the place of Northern territory problem between Russia and Japan. It was a pity that we had to shorten the schedule because of Typhoon, but even with the short time, it was very meaningful to have communication with the Russian people living in Kunashiri Island. Home visit was canceled, which I was most looking forward to, but it was a good experience to play with the Russian children through sports. Since Russian language is different from English, I couldn’t read a word, but with smile and gestures, I was able to get friendly together.
   To solve the Northern territory problem, I think to understand each other and persistent dialogue is needed. Hope it gets to an acceptable result for both countries, as soon as possible.


August 22nd, 2016

Ehime Future Leaders School

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   There was Ehime Future Leaders School has been done at Ehime Prefectural Youth Fureai Center by the prefectural office of Ehime. There were students from different schools in Ehime, and from our school, 3 students joined. In the meeting, the participants of Japan Future Leaders School explained about its activities and what they learned. Then, they took time to group work shop, to think about one of four themes, 1.what high school students can do to expand the appeal points of local area, to change introverted nature of Japanese, 3.what can be done to remain traditional things, and 4.what are the image of our goal as a leader.


August 21st, 2016

Participating Symposium at Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University

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   On August 19th, there held a symposium called “Advanced research of Agriculture ~growth with food, life, and nature of Ehime~“ at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University. Since few of our students are learning from professor in Faculty of Agriculture, 10 students had an opportunity to participate the symposium. Students listened to the introduction and explanation of the new 3 courses of Faculty of Agriculture, Special Course of Intelligent Food Production Science, Special Course of Food and Health Science, and Special Course of Water Reclamation Sciences. Students were listening to its uniqueness, fun, and possibilities of the new academic research.


August 19th, 2016

Communication through four islands of Northern territory

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   One of our students participated at the event called Communication through four islands of Northern territory from August 18th to 23rd. She first learned about history of Northern territory. Tomorrow, 19th, she will be visiting Kunashiri island.


August 13th, 2016

Participating at Japan Future Leaders School

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   One of our students participated at the Japan Future Leaders School from July 24th to August 6th, in Fukuoka Prefecture. Below are words from the student.
   “During this 2 weeks school, we heard from many teachers including Mr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, who was a former president of Malaysia. We also experienced a Miso soup contest, paint decorating of Arita-yaki, a traditional Japanese pottery, and others. Every day I was amazed and impressed.
   The most impressive activity was “Asia High School Summit (AHS)”. In this AHS, we (194 students) separated into 14 groups, and each group needed to discuss about problems and its solution of the given theme. My group’s theme was “information”. We discussed so many times before the last presentation. During the discussion, we sometimes had opposite opinions which led to conflict and the group seemed to depart, I wanted to gave up this activity. But since we all worked together in patience, and never give up until the end, we were able to win the top prize at the presentation!
   Through this school I was able to have a special unforgettable memory and friends. After this school, we cannot get together so easily since students are from all around Japan, even from Asia overseas. Even though, they all are special friends, I will move toward my dream believing we can meet again in the future beyond our dreams. I am happy I was able to participate in this Japan Future Leaders School.”


August 12th, 2016

Letter from Manila No4

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   Today’s climate was a bit fine, we had chance to see some sky between the clouds. We visited the University of Philippine Integrated School, a school affiliated with Philippine University. We arrived at 7:40, spend time looking around the school under the guide of Mr. Agcaoili. Then we separated into two groups and joined the class of the same grade together. One group joined the class of Social Studies, Science, Health, and English, the other was Health, Mathematics, English, and Science. Besides the classes, we also had a chance to have meeting with Professor San Jose, the school principal, and Professor Bojo, the vice principal, and heard about school outline and other things. It is amazing to see both students becoming friendly in this short visit. Thank you to the classmates whom kindly sent us off in the end.


Letter from England No2

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   There is only few days left for my visit in England. I can’t believe how fast the days go by! I had finished learning about ESD in Schumacher College, and now I am learning about many of the efforts done in this Totnes country, known as a birthplace of transition town. All the classes in Schumacher College were with the students of age 20 to 30, or even older, since this college is a graduate school, so the discussion was deeper than ever I experienced. On holiday, I also visited London for sightseeing.


Letter from Manila No3

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   August 10th Wednesday was rainy again, in here at Manila. Today we were able to visit Honda Philippine, through the influence of BEET Philippine. The factory is located about one and half hours away from Manila, inside a industrial complex. We were welcomed by the CEO, Mr. Mihara, and other workers. We first gathered in the conference room to hear about outline of Honda Philippine, and had some question and answer time. Thankfully, the staff of Honda Philippine kindly and neatly answered to our students’ question. Leaving the conference room, we next entered inside the factory. We heard a great Japanese explanation from local staff, about how to build a bike. Then our students tried riding on the jeepney, share ride vehicle of Philippine, and tricycle. Students also had a chance to chat with staff members during Lunch at the cafeteria. Thank you to all the staff members who were involved, and thank you for taking picture with us!
   Back in the Manila, we visited Mall of Asia for shopping, and ate dinner at a buffet.
   Today, we learned a lot!


August 11th, 2016

Letter from Manila No2

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   Today in Manila was rainy, since it is the rainy season. We visited BEET Philippine, BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines Inc. We first went in to the area called Intramuros where BEET produced vehicle “E-tricycle” is used. We were allowed to ride on it! This vehicle has rooted in Philippine society. Then we moved to the main factory, heard about the outline of the company, did some Q&A’s, and also looked inside the factory. We thank the CEO and other co-workers of BEET.
   We took Philippine dinner in the Manila city.


Letter from Manila No1

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   We arrived at Hotel in Manila in the time of 23 o’clock in local hour. We are looking forward to the activities from tomorrow!


August 9th, 2016

Departure for Philippine FW

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   8 students and 2 teachers left Matsuyama Airport for Philippine Field Work. They will arrive at Philippine via Narita Airport. They are planning to visit Japanese companies and University of Philippine Integrated School.

August 8th, 2016

Science Presentation Competition for junior and high school students

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   On August 6th, there was a Science Presentation Competition for junior and high school students at Ehime Prefectural Science Museum. 2 of our students participated, one in stage presentation, other in poster presentation. There were many questions and advised toward the presentation, which was very helpful for those 2, for their research essay.


August 7th, 2016

Study abroad fair for high school students

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   On August 4th, 2 of our school students did presentation at the Study Abroad Fair. This Fair was done by the Ehime’s prefectural education board, at Bunkyoukaikan. In the Fair, there was a lecture titled “Fundamental knowledge of short and long study in overseas”. Then, there was a presentation from students and teachers about their experience in overseas. In the room there were about 50 people listening, and most was girls. How high the girls’ interest became.


Letter from Australia No1

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   10 days have passed, and only 4 days left in here at Noosa, Australia. In the beginning my heart was almost thwarted with the uncomfortable situation and my harmful English skill, but the other students studying under TOBITATE project has encouraged me. I am now feel very glad to study in this TOBITATE! I was able to grow up by overcoming this hard time. I will do as much as I can in this last 4 days!

My class in local school

Host Family

At Tewantin Forest

August 6th, 2016

Back from Hawaii

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   21:00 pm yesterday, all the students from Hawaii came safely back to Matsuyama Airport. Students were happy meeting with their family, with a bit grown face. This study tour must be a big turning point for them. Hope for their great success in near future.

Back from Taiwan

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   We landed at Takamatsu Air Port, after looking the Matsuyama City down from the airplane. So quick the 5 days has passed.
   7 students first looked nervous and didn’t talked much, but riding on the pink bus, visiting and experience together, they seemed to have a sense of unity in the end. Students were saying they want to visit Taiwan again, and also want to learn more!
   We hope the students not to forget to appreciate parents and people who helped this field work, and grow up as a global leader who can help others.


Letter from Hawaii No20

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   This is the last day to spend in Hawaii, so we took time together with Uwajima Minami Secondary School students for summarizing the study tour.
   As a first activity, we made groups of 5 to share each comments about their 2 weeks of stay in Hawaii. Comments included what you learned, what impressed you the most, how you changed, and others. At last, the representative of each group shared group’s comments to others.
   In the next activity, Uwajima Minami students introduced the places they visited other than the class in English. They did well, as well as our students through asking questions. Our school students also made presentation about Hawaii, its language, famous tourism spots, and Hawaii University including researched information from the internet. Every presentation was very simple with good combination of researched information and their own experiences. It must be very informative for other students too.
   In the end, we took pictures at the roof terrace where we can see the Diamond Head. The students face shows no regret, full of satisfaction!


August 5th, 2016

Letter from Taiwan No3

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   Today we visited KaiNan University and had communication with university students. Our students did great job on self-introduction presentation, of course in English, and also talked well during lunch time with university students. Also both teachers had fun talking about sake and TV drama “Tokyo Love Story” (University teacher first heard about Ehime from this drama!). In the end, all students were saying “It was fun!” and some were looking forward to meet with a University student who are preparing for studying abroad in Japan.


Letter from Hawaii No19

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   Here are the pictures of Graduation ceremony of the other group! This is the group of Matsuyama Higashi and Uwajima Minami combined together. It was done in same restaurant in different room!


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