July 22nd, 2016

Departure toward Hawaii

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   On July 21st, 30 students, 24 from our school and 6 from Uwajima Minami Secondary School, were in Matsuyama Airport for the departure toward Hawaii. They will learn English and Hawaiian cultures until August 5th. I have no doubt they will grow up stronger when they are back.

July 21st, 2016

Orientation for the Japan Future Leaders School at prefectural office

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   The members of the 13th “Japan Future Leaders School” students from Ehime prefecture gathered at Ehime prefectural office. The 12 members, including 1 from our school, first listened to the words from Prefectural governor Mr. Nakamura. He advised students, “This 2 weeks will give you a special experience. I want each of you to learn for your dream, and encourage other high school students in Ehime to go straight toward your own way. Adding to it, in this globalizing world, explaining about your home ground in your own words is very important, so in the end of this school I want you to be able to do it.”
   After meeting with prefectural governor, members had a orientation program to be ready for the school. It will be held at Fukuoka and Saga prefecture from July 24th till August 6th.


July 20th, 2016

Hawaii Language Study Tour is ready to go!

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   On July 19th, the students participating on Hawaii Language Study Tour get together and had a meeting with principal, Mr. Kitasuka. Principal explained the students how this study tour has started in this school, and suggested to do one’s best against this special chance. As a representative of the tour members, Mr. Yuyama spoke that he will study not only the English skill, but its history, culture, and others as much as he could. And he also told that he wants to appreciate school and their parents for giving this opportunity. This tour will be held from July 21st to August 5th at Hawaii University in Honolulu.


Warming up for joining special program by JICA Shikoku

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   There is going to be an International Cooperation Experiencing Program for High School students done on July 29th to 31st, by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Shikoku branch. Since 4 students are going to join this program from our school, they participated at its warming up study class. In the class, students were explained about the meaning and schedule of the program. Then discussed and made a draft of school introduction poster. Students were also given homework, to be ready for self introduction and questions to ask in English, since there will be some foreigners joining to the program.
   Students looked excited to have a new encounter.


July 8th, 2016

Ready to go!

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   On July 7th, 5 students gathered at our Principal’s room. The 4 students were elected as a member of the “TOBITATE NEXT JAPAN project” and will be going abroad, each to USA, Britain, Australia, and Peru. And 1 student was elected as the 13th member of “Japan Future Leaders School”, a special 2weeks school done in summer.
   There was a message from our Principal, to study a lot, take care, and be sure to remember that they are representative of Japan. Mr. Okamoto, who is the attendant of “Japan Future Leaders School”, expressed his decision, that he will find out his future dreams and goals through this special study, and would not forget appreciation to all.
   The fastest tour starts next week. I am already looking forward to receiving their letter from their destination.


July 4th, 2016

International Day featuring Hawaii

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   Since we invited two interns (they are visiting Ehime from Hawaii under the EPIC project) SGH club students took time to have an International Day event on July 3rd. 45 students gathered and had a fun time together.
   First, we took time for Mr. Jake and Ms. Yu to introduce Hawaii. They told us some greeting phrases and some riddle about Hawaiian words. Also, since they brought Ukulele, we all sang a famous hula dance song. After it, SGH club students introduced our school, and played origami together.
   Some participants were members of Hawaii study tour this summer, so it was especially meaningful, to know about Hawaii before the trip.


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