July 31st, 2016

Letter from Hawaii No13

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   The combined group of Uwajima minami and Matsuyama higashi, had a special class from The Japan-America Society of Hawaii. This class was taken at East-West Center, located on the campus and built by both US and Japan’s donations, as an independent research organization. We are experiencing what we cannot do as a tourist.

We also had a Hula lesson too.


Welcoming students from overseas

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   On July 29th, 18 high school students studying in Japan from overseas, who came to Ehime to join the 21th Japanese Speech Award, arrived at the Matsuyama Airport. From our school, students of SGH club and student council attended at the welcome ceremony. There was a communicating time during the ceremony, and all students seemed to have a fun time together.
   18 students will also visit our school on August 2nd, to make Haiku poet together.


Ready for overseas Field Work!

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   On July 28th, all the students going overseas for field work got together. There was an advice from Principal Mr. Kitasuka, wishing to see a lot of things and learn as much as you can from them. Representative student answered that they will do their best not forgetting appreciation to all who helped this field work.
   One group will go to Taiwan, from August 1st through 5th, and another will go to Philippine from August 8th through 12th, to visit Japanese companies and local schools.


July 30th, 2016

JICA Shikokus International Cooperation Experiencing Program No2

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   First day’s dinner was a curry, making together outside like a barbeque! As ingredients, we used Halal certified chicken and curry roux, which tasted good with its light flavor.


   Second day started with the game called “trading game”. As a result, students experienced good and bad together, feeling some part of the world.


Letter from Hawaii No12

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   After today’s class, we had time to visit Kakaako Waterfront Park, where the monument for Ehime-maru stands. (What is the monument for? It stands for the victims(9 including 4 students) of a ship collision between US navy’s submarine “Greeneville” and training ship “Ehime-maru”x of Uwajima Fisheries High school. ) The collision happened on 2001, which most of the students were just born, so until then it was somewhat just the fact for them. But standing in front of the monument, watching beautiful blue sky and sea, students said “This was the place of such accident”, “This beautifulness makes sadness larger” and so on. 15 years from the collision, and this study tour was made under the connection between Hawaii and Ehime. We prayed for the same old aged victims and their families.


Letter from Hawaii No11

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   Two students from Matsuyama Higashi High School and 6 students from Uwajima Minami Secondary School visited KZOO radio, Japanese AM radio station in Hawaii. Our visit has also introduced in KZOO radio’s Facebook!


July 29th, 2016

JICA Shikoku International Cooperation Experiencing Program No1

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   On July 29th, an International Cooperation Experiencing Program for High School students by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Shikoku branch has started. Through this program, students will learn about International Cooperation, to know and get interested in. About 60 students from all over the Shikoku area in Japan and will spend 3days together. On this first day, students joined the orientation, self-introduction from JICA staff, ice break, and self-introduction of each school.


Letter from Hawaii No10

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   Today was a busy day having English class, interchange session, and Hula lesson! Hula dance was very difficult than what we imagine. Since we kept our hands up or horizontal all the time, our arm get tired. In the end of the Hula lesson, we had some lecture about the tools used in Hula, and took a picture all together!


July 28th, 2016

Letter from Hawaii No9

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   With the members who deserved, we visited Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii. The gallery in the center chronicles the history, from the 1800s to today, and legacy of the Japanese Americans from the first immigrants to statehood. There were many documents, pictures, and tools which enables us to imagine what it was like when first immigrants was there. We also understand that immigrants started with a very hard work in the farms, gradually rooted in the community, and contributed not only to Japanese-Hawaiian community but to Hawaii’s economy and education. The words of the immigrants were also introduced, which stroke our heart.

   While looking around in the gallery, students were taking time reading English explanations neatly. When I asked them the impressive point, most students answered that the idea of first immigrants taking priority on the education for children to success in America, rather than their own living was the most.


Letter from Hawaii No8

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   We had a debate class today. Students separated into two groups and talked about the theme “which place is better to live in, Japan or USA?”. This theme spread to the livelihood of public health and LGBT, which made students difficult to explain. Although they had difficulty, since it’s almost half of the study tour, students seemed to gain an attitude to speak as much as you can, even without perfect answer or good expression or specific idea. It was surprising to see every students standing up and saying own opinion. In the end of the class, we took time to think back about the before half of the study tour, and let each student present personal goal toward the end.


Haiku Masters

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   A special event of the TV program “NHK World TV”, by NHK (Japan’s public broadcasting), titled “Haiku Masters talking session in Matsuyama” was held at the Shiki Museum on July 24th.
   From our school, the students of Haiku club and SGH club, sum of 16 students, took part in the event. Students seemed interested in the stories of Haiku Poet Mr. Michio Nakahara, and Ms. Kit Pancoast Nagamura, and also the special presentation by Mr. Shunko Yoshikawa, about the Shikoku Pilgrimage. There were so many foreigners participating. Under such impressive English situation, students bravely made comments in English during the Photo Haiku session.


July 27th, 2016

Letter from Hawaii No7

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   July 26th was very humid in here at Hawaii, more than that in Japan, because of the humidity which tropical cyclone has left thorough. But able to see a bright blue sky!
   Today’s activity was a normal English class and an interchange session. Interchange session is a class to have conversation with the volunteer of University students, to learn English in practice. Students will make a group of three to four, one volunteer and 2 or 3 Japanese students. Each student worked in individual way, some try to talk a lot, some try hard on listening and else. There will be 2 more interchange session, so I hope they take full advantage of this opportunity.


Letter from Peru No1

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   I am doing fine in here at Peru, and 1 week has passed!
   Today, we gathered at PLAZA at 3 o’clock AM to climb the Rainbow Mountain. (We didn’t need to wake so early maybe, because the bus came at about 4 o’clock.) After 3 hours ride, we arrived at the starting point. We started climbing after taking breakfast. It was fun in the beginning, but soon I had to take many rests since the oxygen decreases and slope gets steeper. Although it was very hard to climb for about 4 to 5 hours, it became a memorable experience, with its beautiful sight on top.
   Since it was my first time to climb a big mountain, it was very hard for me to keep climbing, thought of giving up many times, but able to get to the top because many encouraged me.
   If I pay money, I was able to rent a horse to climb, but I didn’t want to use it. So, I needed a big effort to keep such temptation away because there were so many horses around, and many people asked me to ride. It takes about 70 sol (about 2000 yen) to ride and I saw many tourists using it, so it seems to be a good earning.
I will be visiting Machu Picchu on July 29th!


July 26th, 2016

Letter from Hawaii No6

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   With the members who deserved, we went hiking at the Diamond Head! We ate breakfast in the KCC Farmers Market, where many tourists and Hawaiians use from this early morning, and headed to the hill.
   It was such beautiful scenery! We were afraid of bad climate, since typhoon was on its way, but glad we were here with this site. We walked with heavy coconut juice we bought near the entrance to drink during the way up to the top.


Letter from Hawaii No5

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   Now we visited the Hawaii branch of National Association of Japan-America Societies, with students from Uwajima minami Secondary School. In this branch, they are doing many activities to connect Japan and USA, using special connection between Japan and Hawaii. This branch also has relationship with Ehime, for example the activity of sending students to Ehime every summer.


July 25th, 2016

Letter from Hawaii No4

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   We were invited to a Welcome Reception. With some refreshments on hand, we received welcome words from teachers, did some self introductions, and listened to the explanation of this program. Afterward is a Campus tour and first class.
   During the Campus tour, we visited Library, Gymnasium, good place to have lunch, Bus stop, and others. Amazingly, there was Japanese garden and buildings to learn about Korean and Thai culture, maybe because there are many students studying abroad from various countries in Hawaii University.


Letter from Hawaii No3

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   It was a long day, but the big cafeteria in the Hotel gave us an additional energy! Most students went again and again for the food in the buffet, of course deserts too! All students looks fine, they are reading the “Guest Handbook” to used shower and laundry machine. Start of the new living, collecting information in English, and move!

July 24th, 2016

Letter from Hawaii No2

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Since we arrived at University of Hawaii before noon, we spent time eating lunch and shopping. With this first English speaking challenge, some said “I made it!” “It was easier than what I thought”, and some said “I couldn’t speak at all”. Their challenge has just started.

Letter from Hawaii No1

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   We are in Hawaii now! Some felt chilly inside the airplane, but all are fine. Now we are heading to Hawaii University!

July 23rd, 2016

Before the trip meeting for Philippine FW

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   There was a special meeting for students participating Philippine Field Work. In this meeting, students listened to some cautions from a staff of a travel company. Getting ready to visit Philippine!

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