June 24th, 2016

Debriefing Session of global companies in Ehime

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   On June 23rd, all 1st grade students gathered in the school gymnasium to have a debriefing session of the company visit they have done on June 9th. 16 students were elected by the submitted report of the company each student has visited, to give presentation of 6 companies. Each presenter reported in a dignified tone. Now they finished the two introductive steps, learning about own identity (especially about school and Ehime) and global business related to Ehime. Next step is researching program.


June 21st, 2016

CLIL in 1st grade

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   This year’s CLIL has started. In the 1st semester, 1st grade will do CLIL class in Modern Sociology and Home Science. (What is CLIL? Please check this page)
   Students seemed having fun with this discussion (of course in English) but the subject’s teachers smile looked bit frozen.


June 20th, 2016

Risk control of studying abroad

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   We had a class titled “Risk control of studying abroad” by Ms. Takahashi, a teacher in Center for International Education of Ehime University’s Institute for International Relations, for SG course students in 2nd grade.

   The lecture included;
+Importance of Safe Secureness
+3 acts to lower the risk
+Places where terrorists attack can happen
+Risk levels and how to ontain information on safety
+Risks to health including mental illness
+Human relationship with host family and with students in the same dormitory
+Points to be remembered to have a safe study life overseas

   When Ms. Takahashi asked “What would you do if…” questions, students discussed themselves and listed the best action. They also watched a movie called “RUN, HIDE, FIGHT” which explained how to act when you are caught in the gun shooting incident. Students were amazed at the point of “FIGHT”. We hope this lecture helps students when they trabel abroad, and wish all to come back safely.


June 14th, 2016

Visiting companies in Ehime

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   On June 9th, 1st grade students visited global companies in Ehime prefecture. All 360 students were separated into 6 groups, and each group visited one of six cooperating companies, Miura Co., Iseki & Co., Sumitomo Chemical Co., Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., and Sumitomo Forestry Co..
   Thankfully, each company has planned an interesting study program, which included lectures on how they developed business overseas, experiences of workers who worked abroad. Also students experienced factory tour, discussion with school alumnus, and others. Everything was new for students to see, hear, and do, so they all seemed excited. All knowledge and experience of the visit will be useful in the next fieldwork abroad.

pictures will come soon…..

June 1st, 2016

Researching program learning Malaysian food

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   In the third grade’s researching group of Mr. Takeaki Okamoto, a professor of Ehime University’s Faculty of Education, had a special class inviting Ms. Ikuko Shimada, a professor of Faculty of Nutrition in University of Kochi. The class was about “leaning the multi-culture of Malaysia from its food”, where she explained about the meals which has been strongly affected by many ethnic groups and religions. After explanation, was time for cooking and eating. The meal which students challenged to cook, was called “Nasi Lemak” which is a rice cooked by coconut milk. Mr. Okamoto invited his students of Ehime University, and did some tasting with questionnaire all together.


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