May 31st, 2016

Having time with a student from overseas

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   On May 26th, the SGH club has invited Miss Bam, an international student from Thailand, to their club meeting to have relationship with her. After self-introduction, everyone played Family Game to get used to each other. One of the club members, a first grade, said “I want to talk with her more aggressively, starting from this meeting”.


May 30th, 2016

How to research global companies

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   On May 26th, 1st grade students had a lecture from Professor Sato, a professor of Faculty of commerce in Keio University, titled “How to research global companies”. He has taught us two main themes, what does globalization means, and check points when researching companies, by a neat explanation. Students asked questions eagerly to Prof. Sato, which we had to stop because of out of time.


May 23rd, 2016

Todays Researching program

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   2nd grade SG course members are working on their research activities. The group working on plant production, started on making a automatic measuring system. Every group is working on a deeper research then what they did last year on 1st grade.

May 17th, 2016

International Day Event

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   On May 15th, SGH club members had the International Day event in here at Matsuyama Higashi High School. Inviting 4 guests, 2 from Malawi, 2 from India, students present the Japanese tea ceremony, listened to the presentations of guests, and introduced the school buildings. One student had a chance to wear sari, the traditional cloth of Indian woman. Short time but superior experience it became.
   Mr. Elvis, from India, advised to the students “It is important that young generation like you all to learn, understand, and tell to the next generation the great culture such as Sado, and its Wabi-sabi sense”.


May 15th, 2016

Study abroad fair at Ehime University

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   Four 1st grade students attended at the study abroad fair at Ehime University. This fair is done by the foreign students studying in Ehime University and Japanese students who went overseas for study to show each experience by poster presentation.
Since one student is planning to study in France from this summer, she was asking many questions to French girl, and also a student who came back from France.
   Other students were looking at the interested posters like Germany and Australia, and hearing a lot from them. Looking at students talking happily with students from many countries, China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippine, Nepal, Rumania, France, etc. I realized the globalization wind.


May 14th, 2016

School trip -Los Angeles trip-

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   School trip is one of our big event done on Second grade. Students will separate in to 4 groups which destination differs (This year was Tokyo, Kurobe, Hokkaido, and Los Angeles). I will show you what Los Angeles school trip was like.

Departure May 9th
Los Angeles trip members are now in Haneda International Airport, waiting for the on board to Los Angeles. Thanks to Mr. Hyodo, Mr. Chikazawa and parents who came to Matusyama Airport to see us off!


Day 1 May 9th
We are all safe and fine in hear at Los Angeles. Our first dinner is hamburger! A real one!


Day 2 May 10th
Today, all students woke up in good condition and visited UCLA, Hollywood Chinese center, and the California Science Center where Space shuttle Endeavor is placed at.
UCLA was a place full of nature, squirrel running on the trees and birds singing. Few of the students had time with Ms. Jojo, who is the student of UCLA, walked around and played games together. The Library was a sight to see, so huge with 9 million books inside.
In the evening, are going to have dinner with Mr. Shimmura, a Deputy Consul General in Consulate-General of Japan in LA, Mr. Otani, a president of Southern California Ehime Kenjinkai, and other guests which would be a great chance to hear a lot from them.


Day2 May 10th
Some members who chose the UCLA studying course joined the class of UCLA. The first class was Japanese class, so it became a communicating class with the UCLA students. First half was done in Japanese, and our students played teacher’s role! Rest of the time was done in English, which students seemed enjoying and challenging using English. The energetic attitude of UCLA students and the enjoyable communication seemed to be a good motivation for students.
Next lecture was about “introduction to biological anthropology” done all in English, and it was very hard to listen since it was very fast and full of unknown vocabularies.
This was a great experience for students, thank you all to the UCLA teachers.


Day2 May 10th
In the dinner time, we had a chance to hear from Mr. Shimmura, a Deputy Consul General in Consulate-General of Japan in LA, Mr. Komoda, alumnus, Mr. John Busby, and Mr. Miyata, alumnus. Each person is a global worker, so their stories were very helpful for future of the students. Thank you to the speakers and who attended at the dinner party.


Day3 May 11th
Teachers are also entering into the Disneyland along with the students. Ms. Miyoshi couldn’t wait to wear the UCLA parker, which she bought it yesterday.

Day4 May 12th
Los Angeles trip members visited Tanaka farm on the fourth day of the trip. We enjoyed a fresh and yummy barbeque lunch with strawberry. Mr. Tanaka who is the third generation Japanese immigrant, he always thinks of Japan, for example he has donated to Japan for the recovery of agriculture when the earthquake attacked in 2011. All the vegetables lining in the farm looked so shiny, I guess it’s because Mr. Tanaka cropped them very neatly.
We are going to the Universal Studio Hollywood from now, and after that we get ready to go back to Japan.


Departure May 13th
We are soon flying off from the Los Angeles Airport.

Back home May 14th
Los Angeles trip members are all safely returned to Matsuyama Airport. We learned that there are many smiley faces and meaningful messages in Los Angeles. We appreciate warm welcome of the Japanese community which helped our trip. And also thank you to all who helped the trip as well as the parents.


May 9th, 2016

What it is to experience a different culture

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   On May 2nd, students of the SG course in 2nd grade had a class titled “What it is to experience a different culture ~to think of yourself as a foreigner”. This class was done by Mr. Kazuhiro Murakami, a teacher in Center for International Education, settled in Ehime University’s Institute for International Relations.
   Mr. Murakami told that to experience a different culture is a “fresh experience” and “new stimulation” in both good and bad meaning. It gives you many knowledge and feeling, as well as tiredness and stress before you realizes them. So it is important to take a rest as soon as possible. It is very important to look around carefully when you act in foreign countries reminding “it’s not worth risking one’s life”.
   Students were able to learn how to maintain own health and to have a meaningful, safe activity when in abroad.


May 3rd, 2016

City Fieldwork of First grade

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   On April 28th, all of 361 students of the First grade went for a city fieldwork as one of the curriculum of the Global Meikyo program. They visited “The birthplace of Akiyama Brothers” and “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum”.
   At “The birthplace of Akiyama Brothers”, students listened to a neat explanation by the staff, about Akiyama Brothers who studied in old Matsuyama Higashi High School. In “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum”, students looked carefully at the each display which made some students luck of time.
   This was the first fieldwork, which became a good training for the coming fieldwork, the company fieldwork and overseas fieldwork. I think students made a good step toward the global world by recognizing the identity of Matsuyama Higashi.


May 2nd, 2016

Researching program by Professor Sato

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   The first lesson of research program class “Problem and Solution for the Ehime companies to expand Global business” was held on April 25th. This is a class by Professor Yamato Sato, a professor of Faculty of commerce in Keio University.
   2nd grade students started with self introduction, and was lectured how to write a research report and how to do their research. There was advise from professor how to choose the company for their research too.
   3rd grade students made presentations of the outline of the report they are going to finish until September. Professor told students to write about 20 to 30 thousand letters until June and refine the content into 6 to 8 thousand letters by July. When students first heard the schedule, they were amazed but soon they encouraged their self saying “Let’s finish all before the summer vacation!”.

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