April 27th, 2016

Researching program in plant factory

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   On April 25th, 8 2nd grade students of research program class “Measuring and analyzing the biological information” started their research at the plant factory in Ehime University, placed at the Research Center for High-technology Greenhouse Plant Production. They visited the factory and saw how they are researching the best way to raise crop productivity. In the factory, the cultivation environment is measured and controlled precisely. Students were able to see the inside of the factory after disinfecting.
   Other classes also started their research smoothly.


April 23rd, 2016

The world which Akiyama Brothers has entered

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   On April 21st, 1st grade students listened to a lecture titled “The world which Akiyama Brothers has entered” done by Mr. Ryoji Utsunomiya, alumnus and the director of Tokiwa Landman Organization. Tokiwa Landman Organization is known as a managing organization of Akiyama Brothers Birth Place.
   He has taught students who Akiyama Brothers are, how they learned from abroad and expressed them in Japan, and what we can learn from the brothers’ especially the leader’s humanity. In the last, he encouraged the students “you all will be a leading person within 10 years”, “what you need is to cover many information by yourself and analyze them”, “please cultivate your humanity and strengthen your capacity of endurance”.
   Students seemed interested at Mr. Utsunomiya’s lecture they asked many questions to him.


April 21st, 2016

Researching program started for 2nd and 3rd grade

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   Against the SG (“Super Global”) course students of 2nd and 3rd grade (80 students each), the research program has started on April 18th. For the 2nd grade students, most of the class started with self introduction, since it was their first meeting with their class mates. On the other hand, 3rd grade students, same class mates since 2nd grade, started with the introduction of how to make a research report.
   We are anticipating for their results coming up on September (3rd grade) and next March (2nd grade).


April 20th, 2016

Lets talk about what our society would be

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   On previous day, a lecture called “Let’s talk about what our society would be” was held against our 1st grade students. This lecture was held since Japan’s voting age has lowered from 20 to 18 years old, which means the 3rd grade of high school students can vote. This lecture was done by Mr. Daiki Ochi, the president of Nonprofit Organization NEXT CONEXION. He had taught students kindly what politics is, how it involves your life, and the meaning of voting. It was an important time since we hear each word a lot, but don’t know well, especially for students.
   After the lecture, Mr. Ochi also took time for a third grade student who is studying about citizenship as her research program. She seems to be happy with the helpful answers given.


April 19th, 2016

Reward from the Matsuyama City Mayor

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   On April 19th Matsuyama city mayor Katsuhito Noshi has visited our school, and rewarded the winner team of the 16th Nikkei Stock League in front of the whole students. The team has given the “Brightly Matsuyama Prize”, and after the ceremony, they had some conversation with the mayor explaining what they have done.


New start of the Global Meikyo

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   On April 14th, the Global Meikyo class for 1st grade has started. Like always, the first class is about school song, titled “Learning school song ~with the related people of our school”. Most of students already know the 1st verse, but was a new challenge to sing 2nd and 3rd verses. In the lesson, the meaning of lyrics and famous alumnus was introduced, and every student was listening carefully.


April 15th, 2016

Reward from the governor of Ehime Prefecture

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   Yesterday, our students whom won the top prize of the 16th Nikkei Stock League was given a reward (called “Egao no Ehime prize”, which means Smiley Beloved Ehime prize) from the governor of Ehime prefecture, Tokihiro Nakamura.


April 8th, 2016

Welcome to Matsuyama Higashi ! New School Year started!

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   April is the start of the new school year in Japan. And today, we welcomed 361 new 1st grade students! Hope they will have a wonderful school life.

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