March 26th, 2016

A letter from New York Final

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   Our students safely came back from New York this morning. Here is comment of each student.

   “In this NY study tour, I had a chance to visit NY office of Nikkei America Inc., and Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. During the visit, I heard about the US election, U.S. economy, and the problems within. Every topic was very interesting since it was stories from the people working in the middle of global economy, and believe it or not, I am in the place!
   Through the tour, I realized that each news topic is linked and involved with other topics and that relation occurs to the current situation. I thought it important to have interest in the world news and think how it is affecting to other news, rather than listening to Japan’s news only.”

   “The most memorable experience during this tour was the meeting with students of the Passaic Valley High School. I couldn’t answer simple questions, I felt a huge language barrier. But using internet as a translator, I was able to communicate with them and it was very meaningful for me.
   Also, the visit to the New York Stock Exchange was memorable, since it was a place I can only see in the TV show. I will never forget the moment standing in the NYSE hearing the closing bell.”

   “For me, the most impressive visit was a tour in the United Nations. Since I am interested in working as an international servant, visiting United Nations was a lot more emotional than just learning at school. I was impressed with the depth of relationship between each country, which reminded me of the world so big.
   While visiting NY office of Mitsubishi Corporation, we had a chance to hear from our alumna, which was very lucky. Talking about local story in such a global place was weird, but I realized the greatness of Matsuyama Higashi High School by looking at our alumna working globally.
At last, I would like to thank all who accompanied, it was with your help we could spend a wonderful time. Thank you very much. ”


March 25th, 2016

A letter from New York No3

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   “On the 3rd day of our study trip, we visited NY office of Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd. We were able to understand that Nomura Securities has been deeply involved with Japan and World economics, from what we saw in the trading center and the explanation of America’s economics. We also visited the New York Stock Exchange, and see the international economics itself.
   4th day of our study trip started with United Nations. There was the chamber where Miss Malala Yousafzai had made the speech and some chamber was having a meeting, which made us to think more carefully about education and conflicts. We also visited Passaic Valley High School, and had fun having conversation with students, since they speak about economics and finances so lively.
   I think this study tour became very meaningful, because we all grab the message of “try on Japanese youth!” (which was written in the stock league report) and grow up one step further. We thank Nikkei Inc., Nomura Holdings Inc., the companies we visited, and all who was involved in this tour.”


March 24th, 2016

A letter from New York No2

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   “Today, in the midmorning, we visited the NY office of Mitsubishi Corporation to hear about “B2B” and international strategy. Surprisingly, we also had a chance to speak with our alumna. We next visited NY office of Nikkei America Inc., the North America’s editorial headquarter of Nikkei Inc., in the afternoon. We listened to an interesting story about the latest news. Thankfully, they had answered our questions even longer than planned.
   In this study tour, members of Nikkei Inc. and Nomura Holdings Inc. were along with us. Each person’s words was very important and interesting, which leads us to a new world. With appreciation in our heart, we will learn a lot tomorrow too!”


March 23rd, 2016

A letter from New York No1

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   “After 13 hours flight, from Tokyo to New York, we safely arrived and went sight seeing at first. We are all fine and ready for tomorrow, visiting a company.
   We appreciate for the given chance, and will do our best!”


March 22nd, 2016

Poster Presentation at the Study Meeting of The Association of Japanese Geographers

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   11 posters, made by our students, were presented at the Study Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers Spring 2016 held in Waseda University, on March 21 and 22. It was too far from Ehime, students weren’t able to visit and present about their research in front, but there were many people stand in front of our student’s poster. 11 posters was the most number given from one school.


March 20th, 2016

Heading to New York

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   The honored team members of Nikkei STOCK League are now heading to New York for their study tour. They will stay 1 night at hotel near the Haneda Air Port, and ride on the air plane on 20th .
   2 members, in all 3 members, are the first time going out of Japan, but seems very relaxed, and looked excited.
   Hope they have a great experience!

March 17th, 2016

Ehime Super High School Consortium

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   On March 17th, Ehime Super High School Consortium was held at Matsuyama North High School. This consortium is for students from schools selected as a Super Global High School or Super Science High School, to express what they have researched, listen to other researches, and make comments to each other, to expand and deepen the research to other schools.
   There were 650 people in the gym of Matsuyama North High School, listening to the presentations by Matsuyama Minami High School, Uwajima Higashi High School, (both selected as a Super Science High School) Ehime University Senior High School, Uwajima Secondary School, and we Matsuyama Higashi High School (all three selected as a Super Global High School). Our presentation was about the report from Nikkei STOCK League, the team which won the highest award. Also, 80 students joined as an audience.
   Students seemed interested in the researches of SSH, since there was not a chance for them to hear such researches, other than SGH researches. The presenters of our school did a great presentation with panache and were answering to the questions clearly.
   Great academic afternoon, under the breeze of spring.


March 16th, 2016

Nikkei Stock League Awarding Ceremony

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   As introduced before, (check article on 2016-3-3) our students has won the top prize in Nikkei Stock League, and its awarding ceremony was held at Tokyo.
   In the ceremony, students did presentation about their work, and given a certificate from Ms. Karen Makishima, Ministerial Aid of Cabinet Office.
   We again thank all of the people who has helped them.


March 15th, 2016

Win a top prize in Poster Session of Academic Conference of JAILA

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   Miss Erina Kan, our 2nd grade student, was won a top award in the Poster Session of 5th Academic Conference of JAILA (Japan Association of International Liberal Arts). She has made the poster by the help of Ms. Hiroko Takeshita, professor of Ehime University, who is member of the JAILA. The title of the poster was “Learning Environmental Policy from the city of Freiburg ~from the study in Freiburg Field Work~”. She had won in a high score far between 2nd student, not only the poster itself but presentation and answering was great.
   We, including her, appreciate Ms. Takeshita, staff of Matsuyama city office who helped us with the Field work, and coordinators who guided our students in Freiburg. Without your help, she could not get this award.
   This is one shape of the result through our field work, not just experiencing but transforming the experience to a usable knowledge. We are looking forward to her last researching result (which will be shown on September), and also other students going after her, to make their experiences into their own skill.

March 14th, 2016

Ehime-Matsuyama International Camp for Science & Culture

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   March 13th, there was a First Ehime-Matsuyama International Camp for Science & Culture in Ehime University. From our school, 3 students joined in the camp.
   This camp has started for students to develop, understand different culture, making friend and educational network by doing activities together with different cultural background. This year, the first camp, was done with 8 members of UPIS (school in Philippine) with other Japanese students from Matsuyama Higashi High School, Matsuyama Minami High School, Ehime University Senior High School, and Junior high students from Science Innovation Academy.
   In the Camp, first was presentation from each school about the study of Science or Culture, with question and answer after each. Of course the language was done in English, and our school students was asked with many questions but answered effectively.
   In the afternoon, all experienced AIZOME, a Japanese coloring technique, and making DNA model. All seemed cooperating well over cultural differences.

   Students from UPIS are going to visit Uwajima Minami Secondary School, Uwajima Higashi High School, Uchiko city, Ishiteji Temple, and Matsuyama Castle during their stay in Ehime.


March 11th, 2016

Univer ESD

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 &nnbsp; On March 5th and 6th, some students from SGH club went to participate in “Univer ESD” at Kagawa. The word “Univer” came from the word “University”, made by high school and college students who gathered in the sub meeting of UNESCO World Meeting. The “Univer ESD” was hosted by the Takamatsu Branch of Ministry of Environment Chugoku-Shikoku Regional Environment Office. Members were from 4 prefectures of Shikoku Island, high school and college students. After self introduction, they argued about making a good educational brochure for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) or thinking of new event, and how to resolve the food loss problem.
 &nnbsp; By listening to many opinions and their activities, students seemed encouraged for their SGH club activity.


March 10th, 2016

Tamagawa Model United Nations One Day Meeting

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   Last month, on Feb. 7th, 2 members of our SGH club joined to the Tamagawa Model United Nations one day meeting at the Tamagawa Academy in Tokyo.
   As many of you know, Model United Nations is a simulation of United Nations to develop negotiation skill and knowledge about International Problems by participating as a representative of country to argue, negotiate, and adopt a resolution.
   The theme of this meeting was “refugee issue” and our students stand as a representative of East Timor. Both studied well about history and policy of East Timor before going to Tokyo, and done well on the meeting to reach to a good resolution in a coordinated manner.


March 4th, 2016

Research presentation has ended

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   Yesterday, we had Research Presentation at our school’s Gymnasium.
   The presentations done at the stage of Gymnasium was all in English, which must be very challenging for the presenters. I think the presenters did well, and also other students listened well, because there were many good questions asked.
   In the poster session, since both 1st grade and 2nd grade was looking around, the presentation space was filled with people. I heard many good debates and conversations going on in many places, not only from the students but other participants.

   We appreciate every participant, especially those who came from far places in Japan.


March 3rd, 2016

Win a Highest Award in Nikkei Stock League!

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   The final result of the Nikkei Stock League was presented in its web site. (CLICK to go to the web site) (What is Nikkei Stock League? Check the blog page on 2016-2-23).

   Gradually, one of our school team has won the Highest Award!
   Among the awarded 89 teams from the applied 1429 teams, there were 9 teams which were specially awarded. The 9 teams were award as

   Highest Award (1 team)
   Highest Award for Middle School (1 team)
   Highest Award for High School (1 team)
   Highest Award for College (1 team)
   Fighting Spirit Award (3 teams)
   Special Award from Judging Committee (2 teams)

   As you can see, the Highest Award is the highest among all Middle School, High School and College teams who applied, so no doubt it is an honorable award!
   The team has gathered on May 2015, selected the theme during summer vacation, and put effort on making the stock report after school. They have asked to 32 companies, to make the report. They will attend the ceremony on March 12, and will be going to New York as a winner prize from March 20th till 25th!

Information of the applied numbers of Nikkei Stock League

             Middle      High      College      Total
School      17         105         122           244
Team        66         691         672         1429
Students   258      2668        2661        5587

March 2nd, 2016

Tomorrow is Research Presentation of the Year!

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   As we have announced before, we will have Research Presentation of the year TOMORROW!

Specific program is down below.

Date: March 3rd 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 13:40~16:30
Place: Matsuyamahigashi High School
    (mainly in Gymnasium and will use Arena and First Building 2nd floor)

For the specific address, check our website on “Access”

Reminder: Please use PUBLIC TRANSPORTS (we don’t have enough parking area)

(Main Facilitator:Himeka Saeki, Riho Watanabe, Katsumi Nakagoshi, Yusuke Myouga)

13:00~13:40 site open
13:40~13:50 Opening ceremony
      1. Piano play by Tomonori Murakami
       “Piano Sonata No.2, Op.36” (by Rachmaninoff) First Movement
      2. Opening address by our principal Shigeharu Fujita

13:50~14:05 Presentation of Germany Field work
      Presenter: Kenta Takemasa, Kanan Hashimoto, Erina Kan, Saki Amano, Natsuki Mizunuma

14:05~14:20 Presentation of research (representatives)
      1. Our Life, Our Medicine
       Presenter: Yutaka Nagatomo, Miyabi Utsunomiya, Syuta Utsunomiya, Kento Muneta
      2. Hispanics in America ~Focus on Education, Employment and Poverty~
       Presenter: Haruka Fukui
14:20~14:30 rest

14:30~15:50 Poster session (Gym, Arena, First Building 2nd Floor)
      Group A will present on 14:30~15:10
      Group B will present on 15:10~15:50
15:50~16:00 rest

16:00~16:20 Presentation of Uganda Field work
      Presenter: Taisei Kariyama, Amato Washino, Kana Nakamura, Ryosuke Aono, Syu Maki, Keigo Fujimoto, Kota Skiya, Kyoko Watanabe

16:20~16:30 Ending ceremony
      1. Feedback and advices from Mr. Yamato Sato (Professor of Keio University)
      2. Ending address by our assistant principal Hisayuki Ninomiya

For further information please contact at

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