February 25th, 2016

RE:Announcement of Research Presentation of the Year

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   We are having this year’s Research Presentation as wrote down below. This presentation is for the students to express what they have researched and learned in the year. Also, we are going to have presentations about field work. All will be presented in English, but the posters will be in Japanese.


Date: March 3rd 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 13:40~16:30
Place: Matsuyamahigashi High School (mainly in Gymnasium and will use Arena and First Building 2nd floor)
For the specific address, check our website on “Access”


13:00~13:40 site open
13:40~13:50 Starting ceremony
13:50~14:05 Presentation of Germany Field work
14:05~14:20 Presentation of research (representatives)
14:20~14:30 rest
14:30~15:50 Poster session (Gym, Arena, First Building 2nd Floor)
15:50~16:00 rest
16:00~16:20 Presentation of Uganda Field work
16:20~16:30 Ending ceremony


Reminder: Please use public transports (we don’t have enough parking area)
For further information please contact at “watanabe.kouan@gmail.com”.

February 23rd, 2016

Win an award on Nikkei Stock League

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   Our school’s teams had won an award on 16th Nikkei Stock League.
   Nikkei Stock League is a contest of stock investment for students provided by Nikkei Inc. (a company providing newspaper which focuses on economics). This contest includes learning program about stock investment. Participants will study about stock investment by making an original investment fund.
   On this year’s Nikkei Stock League, 2 teams have participated from our school, and both teams have won an award throughout whole 1429 teams, from all over the country. It took many time and steps to make up the report, which include questioning to companies and Universities and reading many data like financial reports. Both teams were able to finish the report because of their unity and soul of Matsuyamahigashi. The last word of the report “our movement will make a better future” has a deep meaning and reality since it’s the last sentence of a report made of 20,000 words.


February 14th, 2016

English class in Ehime University

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   The last class of Expanded English Class was done on Feb. 10th. (About the class check blog on Nov. 10th, 2015 “Studying English in Ehime University”) The 6 months class with the native teacher seemed very fun and interesting for students. They get friendly with the students of Matsuyama Minami High School and Ehime University Senior High School also. In the last class, students were given certification since they all passed through the class.


February 12th, 2016

Fair trade chocolates for Valentine

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   Today, few days till Valentine day to come, students in SGH club sold fair trade chocolates. They were selling chocolates saying “Let’s make a sweet international cooperation for not only your friend, family, special, and yourself as well as raw material producer in developing countries”. To spread the idea of fair trade, club members also made little notes to explain how these chocolates were made.
   In the Lunch time, there were a line of people and sold out so quickly!
   Hope each one’s kind heart will spread to others.


February 11th, 2016

After-the-trip-training of Uganda Field Work

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   Students of Uganda Field Work had gathered again to have an after-the-trip-training of the Uganda Field Work. Ms. Fujita, who works in JICA Ehime desk, and Mr. Gunji, who works in JICA Shiga desk, has visited and helped our students to prepare for the presentation held in March 3rd. They told students about some of the effective ways to express your own thought to the assemblies.
   Getting the advice, students brainstormed what they want to tell at the presentation and picked up into few. Next, they argued the best way to tell the main point. Now they had settled the image of presentation. Please wait and see what they want to tell in de presentation!


February 10th, 2016

Students are heading into the homestretch of the research

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   1st graders are heading into the homestretch of the research program. It is because they all need to make a poster to show the result of their research until March 3rd, the Research Presentation of the Year. So in the class time of research program, 40 PCs in the Information room and 30 note PCs are all in active and moreover, the Information room is full of students. There is only one more class left for 1st graders until March 3rd, and because of that, students seems to be feeling rushed. All teachers are feeling excited to see their posters on March 3rd.


A new member in Kedo Club!

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Ms. Michaela, an ALT of our school, has visited to our Kendo Club! She seemed very successful to experience Japan’s traditional sport. English conversation filled the air inside the Budokan, another global time in Matsuyamahigashi.
Still, Kendo Club is waiting for new members!


February 9th, 2016

Visiting companies for the research

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   In the 2nd year research class of Mr. Sato, 8 students are learning in the theme of “Finding problem and answer of Ehime’s companies to develop as a Global company”.
   Each student have analyzed some of the top Ehime companies by using the economical methods which they learned since April. For further research, they visited companies to get some advice to the results of analyze and questions they have.
   They visited to 4 companies from January to February. Each company, which must be very busy, had welcomed our students, made kind and effective advices and answered student’s questions with enthusiasm. Students were able to deepen their research more than they thought. The result of students research can be seen on March 3rd, at Research Presentation of the Year.


February 7th, 2016

Saying good bye to Christer

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   Christer, who came to Japan from Norway and joined to our school from April, is now leaving to go back home. His Japanese, which he couldn’t understand when he first came to Japan, has developed enough to use in daily life. He made many friends. He said it was very fun to attend in many events, boat race, field day, culture day, and others. He also awarded the 1st kyu (the rank has two parts “kyu“ and “dan”, “kyu” is below “dan”, you can get award by taking a test) in Kyudo, a Japanese archery. On his last day, which was Feb 5th, he had small good bye party and played dodge ball.

It won’t be the same without you.
We will miss you!


February 6th, 2016

Making a meal for refugee camp

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   On Feb 4th, at the research class of Mr. Narabayashi, students made a meal; a special menu for people in the refugee camp. The reason why they cooked is because it is part of their research program. In this class all students worked on the research since September under the theme of “Rrational problems in the community of nations ~Mainly about refugee probrem~”. As a part of research, students pointed to the food of refugee and decided to make a menu and cook them.
>   Students parted in to several groups and made a wide variety of meals. Soup with curry taste, meal like a rice gruel, a soup using a mix of stew, and others. They are all cheap, easy to cook, rich in nutrients, and easy to eat.
   Learning about refugee camp and thinking about them while cooking, seemed to be a different experience for each student, not like cooking in Home Science class or at home.


February 5th, 2016

Third trimester CLIL is Sociology and Health Science

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   First grade is having a CLIL class of Sociology and Health Science in this third trimester.
   In the Sociology class, we studied about the role of the United Nations. Through the class, we learned about the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and we were able to think and present how we should live through this international world. What we can do now is to know and learn about what is going on in the world such as poverty.
   In the Health Science class, we learned about infectious diseases. It was very difficult for students to understand, since there were many technical words, but they seemed to know the horribleness of emerging infectious disease and sexually transmitted disease. Students also learned what each can do, like the correct way to use mask or to wash your hands. Hearing these in English was very interesting and fun.
   Through learning by CLIL, students are now seeing the fun of finding and solving problems. They also got the skill of presentation especially telling in easy English.


February 3rd, 2016

What it is to experience a different culture

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   We had a class titled “What it is to experience a different culture ~to think of yourself as a foreigner” toward the members of SG course in 2nd grade. The teacher was Mr. Kazuhiro Murakami, a teacher in Center for International Education, settled in Ehime University’s Institute for International Relations. Since he is also specializing in cultural anthropology and folklore, his stories were very interesting, for example the idea that cross cultural understanding is equal to relativize your own culture and understand that “you are not the most definitely”. At the last part of his class, he taught us about the major rules of cross cultural understanding as follows.
   1. Be not worth risking one’s life.
      Japanese common sense doesn’t make sense, so keep your eyes wide open.
      Too much careful is good enough.
   2. Get as much information as you can, and imagine possible dangers.
      Learn from forgoer, keep away from the risk.
   3. Get rest when you are tired.
      It may cause harm when your observation power and judgment is weak.
      It may also be a nuisance to people around you, like your parents and teachers!

   It seems that every student understood well since his stories was very organized by theory and explained with many of his experiences, supporting many overseas exchanges.


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