September 23rd, 2015

Poster Session held in the Study Meeting of The Association of Japanese Geographers

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15 posters which our students made were presented at the Study Meeting of the AJG Autumn 2015 held in Ehime University, on Sep 18 and 19. Since students made about 100 posters for presentation of research program in last March, we picked up posters that are explaining about Geographic and send them to Association of Japanese Geographers.


In the core time, some of the students came up to the meeting place, even they had club activity to work on, to explain and answer to the geographers, which was a great experience for each student. At first, students seemed to be nervous to speak against geographer, but soon they were speaking fluently. Many of the alumnus (university students, teachers and others) visited the area and listened carefully to the student’s explanations.


We received a certificate from professor Oguchi, a professor of Tokyo University as well as a director of AJG, during the communication time held in Sep 19.


It was an academic days.


September 18th, 2015

First grade is starting Global Meikyo research program

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   From yesterday, Sep 17, First grade’s Global Meikyo research program has started. All of the first graders, 360 students, will be going to have a research on the theme they choose, with the help of professors and teachers from universities, toward the presentation going to be held at March 3rd, 2016. This year, 19 professors and teachers, mainly from Ehime University, are going to help us. At the beginning of the class, each student and also our school teacher were listening carefully to the professor’s interesting lectures.


September 4th, 2015

Debriefing Session of overseas studies

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   The debriefing session of overseas studies, mainly done in this summer, was held yesterday in Shiki Museum at Matsuyama city. It started with the Hula Dance performance by members who participated in Hawaii University study tour.

   At first, presenters explained what they have experienced and thought through each field work in Taiwan, Jakarta, and Korea. Let me share some key phrases. “It is important to speak and explain in your own words to people who have different sense of values and thoughts. With patience to work tenaciously until the parson is convinced.” “Japanese has too much prejudice against foreigners. When you communicate with a foreigner, you will understand good points of his/her country.” One of the presentations was done all in English.

   Then, there was a presentation from Ms. Yamauchi, who went to Boston with the help of “TOBITATE Japan” program. She told about how she spent in Boston, where Basketball was a good help for her communication. She concluded that “What I felt through this overseas study was the cultural difference in sensing things, a new idea against Japanese, and the importance of challenge which made me grow up.” We also sensed her growth.

   Last was a presentation from Mr. Takano, who participated in Miura’s Canada Study tour. “What I learned through this tour was an aggressiveness of Canadians, high quality of Japanese skills in machinery, and the need of Language skill.” He has made one big step to a global leader.

   Q&A time was very heated up, which made the session longer than what we planned.

   During this session, we felt that this SGH program is going well because of the help of so many people in and out of Ehime prefecture, and overseas. Thank you very much to all and we still need your cooperation. Hope for your constant cooperation.


September 1st, 2015

Our field work was introduced in Sumica Chemical HP

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   In the homepage of Sumica Chemical (, Matsuyama Higashi’s field work is introduced. Please check News articles of 2015/8/4. They also attaches word file which shows the specific explanation of student’s visit. Please have a check. (Be careful, it is written in Korean!)

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