July 31st, 2015

A letter from Hawaii

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  “We (Ehime joint group for short study tour in Hawaii) arrived at Honolulu. All members are in good condition. It is too hot here, but we walked around inside the Hawaii University with welcoming words of “aloha” and “mahalo” (means thank you) from people around us. From tomorrow, we will be taking lessons in University! We will try hard on it.”

July 30th, 2015

This year

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   As a part of SGH program, 20 of this year’s studying abroad members gathered and was courage from our principal. 8 members of 1st grade are to Taiwan, 7 members of 1st grade are to Jakarta, from 2nd to 6th of August. And also 5 members of 2nd grade are to Korea from 17th to 21st of August. After some words from our principal, Mr. Nakagoshi expressed his goal of his study.

   1st grade will be visiting some local offices of Ehime’s companies to finish up their research about the theme “Asia and Companies in Ehime” which they have been working during the 1st semester. Also they are planning to visit local high school and university. 2nd grade are going to participate Japan-South Korea academic symposium which will be held in Seoul. Students will be making discussion with Keio University students and other Japanese students and Korean students. This will be a splendid experience for students to deepen their research which they are trying now.

   As a summary of this field work, students who visited abroad will be making debriefing session on 3rd of September, at Shiki Memorial Museum’s Hall. It is free to join, so please come and join us.


July 29th, 2015

EHIME joint group on board!

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  15 students going to Hawaii for short study tour has left Matsuyama. This year’s participants are consisting of 10 members from Matsuyama Higashi High School and 5 members from Ehime Prefectural Uwajima minami Secondary School, an Ehime joint group. They will have a splendid 15 days.

July 28th, 2015

A letter from Nice

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   The student learning in Nice under the TOBITATE NEXT JAPAN project has sent us an e-mail. She is experiencing a valuable time there. Down is some words from her mail.

&   “Time flies so quickly since I arrived in France! Can’t believe a week has past. While I was taking lesson, my teacher advised me to join the concert with the piece I was working on. So, I was on the stage of Concert from the selected students last day! I was so nervous but it was a dreamy time playing in Europe! Some lessons are free to listen so I joined and listened to Mr. Lucas Debargue’s play, who won the 4th prize at International Tchaikovsky Competition, which was very surprising! I also made a friend living in Monaco! I am so happy because concert is held every day! Nice is under dazzling sunlight and so hot, but I will enjoy and make more effort on lessons for the last 1 week!”.

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July 23rd, 2015

This terms 2nd grade Global Meikyo Research program has ended

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   2nd grade’s Global Meikyo Research program (only the students who selected SG course curriculum) is going smoothly, and ended up this terms schedule. Each group is studying more deeply with the help of teachers and students of Ehime University.
   This group is getting information about international field work from students in the University.
   This group is taught from the teacher of architectural engineering about the monument on their way to the practical training of electron microscope.
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July 21st, 2015

3 students flying to the world

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    3 students who are elected on TOBITATE NEXT JAPAN project was encouraged by our principal. Each will be attending to USA (Milton) for sports study, Italy (Firenze) for Architecture and Interior study, and France (Nice) for Piano study, for about 2~4 weeks. Principle encouraged them to have fulfilled time during the stay, and make goal for each, and come back being tough. After they returned, debrief session is going to be held.

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July 14th, 2015

Hawaii Language Study Tour is ready to go!

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    The students participating on Hawaii Language Study Tour gathered in front of principal and Mr. Nakajima expressed, “We are ardent lover of learning. From this tour we will absorb a lot, and give them back to all the other Matsuyama Higashi students.”
    This tour will be held from 29th July to 12th August, with 5 more members from Uwajima minami Secondary School at Hawaii University in Honolulu.

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July 11th, 2015

SGH club helped a store in Saturday Night Festival

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   Our SGH club helped a store in Saturday Night Festival held in Matsuyama Okaido. The store has been opened to introduce Ehime’s global network. They sell popcorn, cookies and others, along with handmaid goods from Mozambique. In the store, students displayed explanations about Mozambique and fair trade, which caught pedestrian’s interests.

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July 8th, 2015

Arrival of Mr. Guenter Burger, Director of International Affairs and Protocol Department in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

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    Today, Mr. Guenter Burger, the Director of International Affairs and Protocol Department of Freiburg, Germany, visited our school.
He visited Japan to participate on a ceremony to celebrate 150 years of friendship between Germany and Japan, held in Tokyo. Since Matsuyama have a sister city relationship with Freiburg, he has taken time to visit Matsuyama, and visited Matsuyama Higashi because we are working on SGH program.
    As soon as he arrived, our head master welcomed, gave some gifts, and then he took time to see Meikyoukan and History Room. After it, welcome party has been held with students of Sado (tea ceremony) club, Kyudo (Japanese archery) club, SGH club, and some SGH course. Sado club presented procedure for making tea, SGH club presented about our school and what has the club doing, SG course showed their research project, and Kyudo club presented the basic method of Japanese archery, all in English. During Kyudo club’s presentation, Cristel, our oversea study student from Norway as well as a member of Kyudo club took turn to explain each point.
    Mr. Burger also explained to students about an environmental policy, an energy policy, and a traffic policy done in Freiburg, which was very informative. When we took time for Q&A, it became a very global communication time, where Japanese and English and German going over, by the help of translator.
    When we told him that we are planning to visit Freiburg as a International Field Work on November, he said, “Please come to our office since we have many documents about environments and others” Field work in Germany also seems to be more fulfilled!

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