June 24th, 2015

“TOBITATE NEXT JAPAN” program has started

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   On June 13th, TOBITATE NEXT JAPAN project°«s send off party and before-the-trip-training was held in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at Tokyo.
TOBITATE NEXT JAPAN is a project for students in high school and university to have education abroad, supported by the system of cooperation between the government and private sectors. This program has started on 2014, and 303 members were elected after document elimination and interview exam, from 514 applications, as first members of high school students in this program. From our school, 3 girls were elected (4 students in Ehime prefecture).
In the send off party, Mr. Shimomura, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, encouraged the students to develop 3 important skills (problem solving skill, creativity skill, and humanity skill) and make their dream come true, through this foreign education.
   Our students will fly (TOBITATE) to Milton (USA), Nice (France), and Firenze (Italy) on July!
Down below is the students°« comments.

°»I will be going to France to study music for 2 weeks, as one of the first members of TOBITATE. During before-the-trip-training, I had a meaningful time by communicating with friends who has a high global aims, and share each other°«s thoughts, which was very incentive for me. There are some worries for going abroad, but I will take a good effort to make this study successful.°…

°»I was glad that I had chance and able to come to this Tokyo training. There were many same-year-old students who are already acting globally, and I was excited. Also to hear some words from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was also interesting. The 3 skills he taught, problem solving skill, creativity skill, and humanity skill, I would like to earn them during the study in overseas. In the before-the-trip-training, we separate in several groups and expressed each other°«s opinions, which made our purpose of this foreign study more clear. I was able to make network throughout Japan, so it was a meaningful day for me. Not forgetting thankfulness to everyone, I want to uplift myself toward the study.°…

°»I am going to Firenze in Italy by the support of °»TOBITATE JAPAN°… program. In Italy, I will study Italian architecture and develop my English skill. During before-the-trip-training, I was able to know and talk about the goal of the foreign study and dream with high school students of all around the Japan, which was a good chance for me to grow up. Also I felt that I am still inexperienced, by listening many kinds of aims of this study, language, sports, arts, volunteers, and others. I think now, in the age of high school student, you have to go overseas more aggressively. In near future, 10~20 years later, we are the generation to lead Japan°…

June 22nd, 2015

Local to Global and to Glocalization

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   On June 18th, our first graders gathered and reported about what they heard and researched about 6 Ehime°«s global companies on May 28th.
   We thank each of the companies, Miura Co., Sumitomo Chemical Co., Sumitomo Forestry Co., Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., and Iseki & Co..

20150622-01.jpg 20150622-04.jpg
Down below is some of our student°«s reports. During Q&A students heated out, so there was not enough time for everyone to speak and ask.

20150622-02.jpg 20150622-03.jpg 20150622-05.jpg

20150622-06.jpg 20150622-07.jpg 20150622-08.jpg

At the end of all the reports, Haruka Fukui, a girl in 2nd grade reported in English about her experience in The 160th Anniversary of Japan-US Treaty of Peace and Amity(concluded on March 31,1854) which was held in USA. To learn from elders is part of the great study in Matsuyama Higashi.

20150622-11.jpg 20150622-12.jpg

June 18th, 2015

CLIL in second grade

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   SG course students in 2nd grade have also participated on CLIL. In this first term, half of the students (students selected humanity course) learned Biology, and rest half of the students (students selected science course) learned Physics.

20150617-01.jpg 20150617-02.jpg

20150617-03.jpg 20150617-04.jpg

June 13th, 2015

CLIL in first grade

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   Our first grade had participated CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning, one of the important curriculum of SGH project.
The first term, half of the students (students selected humanity course) learned Biology, and rest half of the students (students selected science course) learned Physics.

20150613-1.jpg 20150613-2.jpg

20150613-3.jpg 20150613-4.jpg

20150613-5.jpg 20150613-6.jpg

June 12th, 2015

From Local to Global

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   On 28th May, our 1st graders visited Ehime°«s global companies.

   Down below is the pictures of the visit. 

20150612-02.jpg 20150612-08.jpg

20150612-11.jpg 20150612-17.jpg

   Let us share a comment from the student°«s report.

°»I visited Miura Company, and it surprised me that they give customer in foreign country the same service as they give in Japan, not just making factories in the country. I understand that for a manufacturing company to expand in a different country, not only the demand but consolidation of legal system, environment, infrastructure, and others are important points to check. I think one of the important evaluation points for the global company is °∆how much did the country grow up caused by the company°«. I was able to think like that because of the lesson from Mr. Sato, a professor of Keio University. I am looking forward to visit Taiwan or Jakarta°«s Japanese companies.°…

June 4th, 2015

Risk control for oversea study tour and education class

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    Today we invited Ms. Shiho Takahashi, an alumnus of Matsuyama Higashi as well as a teacher in Center for International Education, settled in Ehime University°«s Institute for International Relations, and held a lesson about °»Risk control for oversea study tour and education°….

    In the lesson, Ms. Takahashi explained many points for us to spend a safe and secure oversea education. Those points are ≠°how to decide the risks from the information, country risks and risk levels, ≠Ęwords of caution from the aspect of good health and good hygiene, ≠£to make relationship in dormitory or with the host family, ≠§what is culture shock and how to adjust it, ≠•an information about a network in oversea for Japanese students, and others. She taught us with her personal experiences, so the whole story was easily understood.

20150604-08.jpg 20150604-01.jpg


    These are the comments of students after listening to the lesson.

▪°»I was taking oversea education too easily. I understand that oversea education is for learning the difference of culture, but different culture sometimes is a dangerous risk.°…

▪°»I have been to Jakarta and Los Angeles as a school trip. Since I unconsciously believed the safeness because they are school activity, I didn°«t think of collecting information of those country°«s risks. As a result, there was no trouble, but now I found that I was vulnerable.׆

▪°»Today°«s lesson made me more interested in going abroad but also reminded me of the dangerousness of oversea, and cooled down my volatile mood. I want to earn skills to understand the cultural difference and adjust foods, communication, and religion, and to fight against those stresses by having a counseling, to solve by my own.°…

▪°»Usually we can only understand when we are outside Japan, that there are troubles which will not happen in Japan, or stresses coming from cultural differences, but luckily we had the chance to learn today, and because of that, I can imagine more specifically of a living in oversea.°…

▪°»I want to make an effort on collecting more about world°«s information as well as making my school life more successful. Information that not only English but the overall academic result is needed to take an oversea education, over more, to receive a scholarship, was very helpful for my future plan.°…

▪°»The more I learn about foreign countries, the more safeness of Japan I realize, and now I understand that I should not go abroad like I°«m going somewhere in Japan.°…

▪°»Today°«s lesson was very valuable for us, people challenging to the world. Now I found that when I went to Los Angeles this May, it was because of many adults who helped us that we spend a safe trip.°…

▪°»Since I am thinking of long time overseas education in the future, so when I actually go abroad, I will remind of the lessons I learned today.°…

▪°»I have been to abroad for several times, but I never felt the dangerousness of prosperity loss or health or terrorism. Today was a good chance for me to think about the oversea risks and able to learn more. I realized a bit of terror that there were situations that had a dangerous possibility, when I had words with someone I never know in foreign country, and at that time, I believed it was with all kindness.°…

▪°»The story about how to spend when in home stay, was very valuable.°…

▪°»Before today°«s lesson, I couldn°«t make a specific image of oversea education, although I had a vague sense of hope. Now I can image it with more reality, because I learned about the points which Japanese need to be careful, and the way to solve those troubles. °…

▪°» I understand that taking good communication is necessary to live long term in oversea. I think it is not only oversea but in Japan, it is also important. I think it is difficult to do both adjusting different culture and taking good communication, but when I actually made it, it will be a massive experience°…

▪°»I realized that doing what I have to do right now in my best effort is what I have to do. I also realized that I have responsibility to my future.°…

▪°»I understand that my school grade takes big part when I go to oversea education, so I try more hard on studying. After I listened today°«s lesson, I thought that taking SG course was a correct decision for me.°…

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