May 25th, 2015

2nd grade’s Global Meikyo Research program

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    Our fourth class of SG course students in 2nd grade was held.

Today, in the class of Ms. Shimamura, we welcomed Ms. Kanae Ishimaru, a teacher in Academic and General Okayama University Regional Research Association, and learned about “Livelihood of landless peasants settled in the lower Amazon. Also in Mr. Iimura’s class, a medical class, used microscope to observe the bone texture. Each student seemed very interested in the class.

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May 22nd, 2015

2nd grade’s Global Meikyo research program

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As well as the first grade’s activities, students who selected SG course in 2nd grade has also started their research program.

The group studying in Ehime University School of Medicine joined experiments. Last day was a experiment to amplify DNA by using PCR(Polymerase chain reaction) method. They are challenging the experiment in a serious face.

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May 15th, 2015

School Trip to Los Angeles

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Departure (First day)

Today, 100 members of second grade are leaving for the school trip to Los Angeles, one day ahead of rest of second graders. They were excited with their new passport, embarkation procedure, and departure!

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Arrival (First day)

After 10 hours of flight, all members arrived and entered United States of America! In the airplane they easily ate all the in-flight meal. In the airport, President Obama welcomed us! Now, we are heading to Santa Monica for our dinner.

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Dinner (First day)

Although we left Japan in the mid night of Sunday, we arrived at early-evening of Sunday! As we arrived at Santa Monica, we straightly ate our first bite of American sized Hamburger.

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Walking around (First day)

After we ate huge Hamburger and Cake, we walked around near the bridge in the city of Santa Monica. Today was Mother’s day in USA too, so there were many families around. In USA, they celebrate Mother’s day in more great scale than those in Japan. Because of that, I think, the restaurant was full of people.

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Second day­”

We arrived at Los Angeles, the end of the Route 66.Now Monday begin, all members keeping well!


Second day­¢

Today, we are enjoying Disney Resort. What a blue sky, white cloud, and a bright sun of California! When teacher announced the sigh of go, all the students run into the wonderland, and soon they were out of sight.

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Third day­”

Yesterday we fully enjoyed the first Disneyland including the parade. Today we are going to observe UCLA. Also, we are planning to have dinner with Japanese people living in LA, the member of Southern California Ehime Kenjinkai, Los Angeles consular office, alumnus of Matsuyama Higashi, Local Company Manager, and LA’s Japan newspaper writer!

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Third day­¢

The observation of UCLA has started. Site of the University was so huge, both inside and outside. First we entered Library, which was very big and imposing that we were overwhelmed. The lesson we joined was next three.
1. Slavery and Human Trafficking
2. History of Modern Japan 1850-1945
3. Gender in 20th century global history of science/technology/medicine
It was very difficult for us to understand those fast English with many technical terms, but all students was earnestly listening to the lesson, because they knew that it was a very valuable experience which one cannot easily participate.

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Third day­£

In UCLA, almost all the students were using PC instead of notebook, typing every single blackboard memos. And surprisingly almost all the PC is Apple’s PC, so when you look at the class from the front, you can see many apples lighting. After taking the lesson for 3 hours, each student had different impression, ”ČI understood”É or ”ČI didn’t”É.

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Third day­¤

Now we ended the observation of UCLA, we thanked the teachers with some gift, bought some souvenirs, and took rest to eat lunch. From now on, we are heading to see real Space Shuttle.

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Third day­„

We are now at California Science Center. WE MET! The real Space Shuttle Endeavour! It was so near we can touch it, the shuttle which Mr. Mouri and Mr. Wakata once rode and went to the outer space!

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Third day­¦

The member of UCLA tour walked around the university with the student guide. They challenged communicating in English, which was very hard, but was a good experience. After it, they moved to Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and touched the famous Hollywood star’s hand prints and foot prints. Since it was sunny we were able to see the famous Hollywood architecture.

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Third day­§

Dinner was held with some special guests. Starting with a speech from Southern California Ehime Kenjinkai’s Head, we hared from Mr. Suda, Deputy Chief of Mission in Consulate-General of Japan in LA, and alumnus of our school living in LA. Each speech was very interesting, especially the advices upon the experience of living and success in LA. One of the speaker said, ”ČWhat Matsuyama Higashi High School students must do, is studying and take part in field day. You can learn a lot from the field day.”É

The dinner ended up with a success, since there were so many things to talk about.

In the end, we all joined the ”ČKiaiire”É!

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Fourth day­”

Today is 13th of May. In the morning, we visited Tanaka Farm. We ate fresh vegetables and had a barbecue. We also visited Strawberry field, and enjoyed picking and eating strawberries! It was very sweet and delicious! We appreciate Southern California Ehime Kenjinkai’s cooperation.

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Fourth day­¢

We all enjoyed Universal Studio, and lunch at Italian restaurant. Since two of our students had his/her birthday during the trip, all of the waiter came and sang Italian birthday song!

LA-315.jpg LA-319.jpg


Fourth day­£

Our last visit was Griffith Observatory. We saw California’s million dollar night view! We said good bye to the tour guide and waiting for the airplane in Los Angeles Airport. Now we are going home!


Returned to Japan!

All member of Los Angeles School Trip has now safely arrived at Haneda Airport. This was the very first trip as a school trip to go to USA in Ehime. It was meaningful trip for many people, and also was good study and great experience for the students.

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May 8th, 2015


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    Today's Global Meikyo Class was a fieldwork at “The birthplace of Akiyama Brothers”, “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo Museum”, and “Meikyokan”. This trip was also a wander to search Matsuyama Higashi High School's identity. These places are a symbol of a first step, a local place, toward the world. What is your “Saka-no-Ue-no-Kumo”?

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May 1st, 2015

How to research Global Companies

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    Today's Global Meikyo Class is a lesson from Mr. Yamato Sato, a professor of Faculty of commerce in Keio University.First theme was “What is being global mean?” and second theme was “How to research a global company ~ an important point of view to check”.

    The pictures below was taken during the Q&A. There were many questions, like “How can we found a company?”, and it ended up with lack of time. Let me show you one of it.

Q:“Since the companies we usually see is in business of “B to C” (Business to customer), we feel that number of “B to C” company is larger than those of “B to B”. But actually, 80% of the listed company in Tokyo Stock Exchange, is “B to B” (Business to Business). Could you tell us the reason?”

A:“ “B to B” companies does not need exploitation to raise customers' knowledge about them. For example, the company making mike's component, doesn't sell the mike itself. That is because the business is divided in to each specialized work. Since they are specialized, the customers can't able to get an information about “B to B” companies.”

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