April 23rd, 2015

Think of what you can do now …

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    The second “Global Meikyo” class was to hear from Mr. Shoji Ajimura, who is a Managing director of Hikari Tech (Thailand).

    Since Mr. Ajimura is alumnus of Matsuyama Higashi, and also one of the global leaders of local business, he spoke the students about what is important to succeed globally.

    Let us show one of the student's worksheet (which every student write after the class).
“What is important to succeed globally? It is not language skill, but self expression and communication to do it. I think positive action is the Matsuyama Higashi–ness, so I would like to develop the identity of Matsuyama Higashi. ”

    Great attitude to start with! What do you think “a Global leader” is?
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April 19th, 2015

CLIL in badminton club

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    Today, Mr. Mohamad Izuan Bin Ibrahim, coach of pro badminton team “Nusa Mahsuri”, had arrived and taught to the badminton club students.
    Since he made advises in English, it was a great experience for the students to learn not only the skill of badminton but also English communication skills.
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April 16th, 2015

Start of “Global Meikyo”

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    This year's “Global Meikyo” class has started.
    The first lesson for first grader was called “Learn about our school song - learn from people who have relationship with Matsuyama Higashi High School”, taught by our music teacher Naoto Matsuda. It was a grateful time to learn about school song, which we sang last month in Spring National Invitational High School Baseball Tournament at Koshien Stadium.

    First grades listened carefully to Matsuda Teacher's lecture, noted on to their hand outs, and at last, students sang the song aloud. Their voice reverberate through the gym. The attitude of students was splendid, appropriate behavior as a member of Matsuyama Higashi.

    187 years since Meikyokan has established, and new students has now developing the soul of Matsuyama Higashi.
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