March 4th, 2019

SGH Research Presentation Session

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   On March 4th, SGH Research Presentation Session 2018 was held. The session started with a piano performance played by Mei Ono, a 1st-year student, followed by a presentation by the SGH club members on the 5-year activities of our SGH program. After the presentation, we had a stage symposium, to which we invited our six Senpai alumni. They talked about what they had learned through our SGH program and how it had affected their career options. After that, we had three symposiums by 2nd-year SGH-course students and a poster session by all the 1st-year students. Each presenter explained in detail about their research, and all the students exchange comments with each other. At the end of the session, we listened to a report on the Uganda Fieldwork, in which the participants made a vigorous presentation about what they had experienced. It was a wonderful and lively day today!


March 3rd, 2019

The 6th International Day

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   On March 2nd, the SGH club had the 6th International Day. We invited two Indonesians and one Chinese studying in Ehime University as our guests. Their presentation about Indonesia, in which they explained a lot about their country, including the Indonesian food, was very interesting and at the same time very amazing to us. As a host, we introduced Japanese Girls’ Festival, which is held on March 3rd, using quizzes. We had a lot of fun!


February 16th, 2019

1st-year East CLIL Third semester

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   The topic of our first-year East CLIL for the third term was sociology, especially on democratic politics and elections. During the class, students made their own policy proposals. There were so many interesting opinions. One student stressed the importance of developing infrastructure of our society, another student talking about some countermeasures against global warming, some others focusing on the importance of granting rights to the sexual minorities (LGBT), and one student expressing the unique idea of making regulations against the overuse of smart phones! At the end of the class, Mr. Sakiyama, a sociology teacher, said in fluent English that it is important to start changing even a little bit in our daily life.

February 14th, 2019

Fair Trade at Valentines Day

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   Some of you may already know this, but our SGH club engages in expanding the idea of “Fair Trade”― an approach encouraging consumers to buy products for appropriate values to protect their producers.
   Today was Saint Valentine’s Day, so the SGH club members sold “Fair Trade” chocolates. The SGH club members are trying to get all the students to contribute 300 yen per person in a year to “Fair Trade” as one of their annual goals. They are going to keep introducing this system, which makes both the seller and buyer happy.


February 11th, 2019

The 3rd Chugoku-Shikoku SGH High School Students Meeting

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   On February 9th and 10th, the 3rd Chugoku-Shikoku SGH High School Students Meeting, organized by our SGH club, was held at Ehime Seishonen Fureai Center (Ehime Youth Interaction Center) in Matsuyama. Many high school students from different prefectures came to attend the meeting. The theme this year was “What can we do to vitalize our own local community as glocal leaders?” “Glocal” is a coined word to express the idea of “global and local”. While spending time staying and eating together, the students got closer and closer to and stimulated each other, leading them to have deep and lively discussions on the theme. At the end of the meeting they made presentations about their discussions in English. Many interesting ideas to energize local communities, such as making active use of SNS, were created by the young brains.


February 10th, 2019

Ehime Super High School Consortium

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   On February 9th, Ehime Super High School Consortium was held at Himegin Hall. About 60 of our 1st-year students joined as audience, and listened to the presentations by several high schools in Ehime. Some of our 2nd-year SGH-course students also took part as presenters, and their English presentation was wonderful! They answered questions from the audience, including junior high school students, in English. They did an excellent job.


January 17th, 2019

Start making a poster

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   Since our Research Program is now in the concluding phase, 1st-year students have started making posters. They are going to compile the results of their researches into posters and show them at the Research Presentation Session scheduled for March 4th.


January 15th, 2019

Volunteering at World Citizens Festival 2019

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   On January 14th, our SGH club members participated as volunteers in “World Citizens Festival 2019”, an annual international event held at Matsuyama Community Center. Since December last year, they had been divided into several groups, each representing the participating country, and had been preparing for the event, having discussions with people of their country and working on making their booths attractive for the day On the day of the festival, they tried their best to welcome guests with heartfelt hospitality by introducing their countries, playing games, cooking some traditional foods of their countries and so on. It was a good experience for them to meet with many kinds of people and make one big thing together.


December 25th, 2018

Fair Trade at Christmas Time

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   The SGH club engages in expanding the idea of “Fair Trade”― an approach encouraging consumers to buy products for appropriate values to protect their producers― on such occasions as school cultural festival, Christmas time, Valentine’s Day, etc. The prices in fair trade are usually set a little higher, but we can contribute to the protection of producers around the world just by picking up their products. Fair trade is a kind of “social contribution”, which everyone can put into practice more easily than investments or monetary contributions. From a different perspective, fair trade can be said to be a wonderful practice where the activity of buying something, or feeling happy through this activity, lies on the happiness of other people.
   The SGH club members organized “Fair Trade” on Dec.19. They sold a lot of products, including handicrafts produced in Southeast Asian countries. Many people came to the trade and bought many of them. Thank you very much!


December 19th, 2018

National English Debate Contest for High School Students in Fukui

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   On December 15th and 16th, six students participated in the National English Debate Contest for High School Students held in Fukui. The theme of the debate was “euthanasia”. The participants, who got together from all around Japan, were great not only in their fluency of English but also in the contents of their speech, in their deliveries, and in their debating skills. Our students were overwhelmed by their total English abilities, but had a lot of fun debating and communicating with them. They made many new friends!


December 18th, 2018

SGH Forum in Tokyo

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   On December 15th, four 2nd-year students attended SGH Forum held at Tokyo International Forum. They took part in the poster session and made a presentation in front of their poster. It was all done in English, both the presentation and Q&A, and our students attended their visitors in a cool, calm, and collected manner. They also seemed stimulated by communicating with highly-motivated students from across Japan. This turned out to be a really precious day for them.


December 15th, 2018

Back from Uganda

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   On the night of December 14th, all the Uganda FW members safely came back to Matsuyama Airport. They showed up with weary looks on their faces, maybe because of the long travel, but soon after they met their families, they were all smiles. We hope they will make full use of what they have learned from this precious experience in their daily life.


December 14th, 2018

Letter from Uganda No5

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   On December 13th, we visited Embassy of Japan in Uganda to meet with Kazuaki Kameda, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Uganda. In the meeting, our students explained what they had done about this fieldwork before leaving Japan, what they had done so far in Uganda and what change about themselves they experienced through this FW. At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Kameda gave some advice to the students, saying, “In this information-oriented society, it is sometimes very important not only to check information on the web but to actually see it with our eyes. Also, looking at Japan from foreign countries gives us a good chance to see Japan from a different perspective.” The meeting was a great time for our students and we greatly thank Mr. Kameda for making time for us.
   We also had a chance to visit the home of our guide, Mr. Francis. He introduced his wife to us, and cooked us mangoes taken from the mango tree in his garden. It was our first experience to bite fresh mangoes! During this stay, we realized how wealthy and convenient our usual days in Japan are. We have to appreciate a lot of things around us.
   Time passes so quickly, and our stay in Uganda is now coming to the end. We are at the airport, waiting for our flight to Dubai. When we are back to Japan, we will surely begin to see Japan in a different way.


December 13th, 2018

Letter from Uganda No4

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   On December 12th, we visited Watoto Subbi Village, a village for children with no parents. We were amazed at its great environment. One staff member said, “Whether they are blood-related or not, we raise our kids in the same way with the same affection”. We were greatly impressed by his words. Then, we volunteered to play with babies at the baby home. We had a great time there, and we hope these babies will grow up to wear lots of smiles.
   After we left the baby home, we went to see “Sustainable Project.” In this project, people breed and feed goats have their milk. Then, we went back to the school and met a student, Grace, at the cloth making room. She told us how to use a sewing machine, and then let us know her dream of being a designer. In the lunch time, some teachers and students joined us, and we enjoyed the traditional Uganda meals they had prepared for us together! We had a great time eating and chatting.
   It was really great spending time in Watoto Subbi Village. At the very end of our stay there, the principal gave us very impressive remarks, which goes: “First comes the heart, and then comes the mind, and finally comes the body. This is why we are working hard on the education of the heart. The children here were discarded by the society before coming here, but we Watoto is here to first educate them with love, endow them with skills to work or train them to prepare for entering colleges, and nurture them to become people who can contribute to society.”
   Tomorrow is our last day in Uganda. Some of us look tired, but we are all healthy and doing fine. We’ll do our best to make tomorrow more meaningful!


December 12th, 2018

Letter from Uganda No3

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   On December 11th, we visited Iganga Village, where one of JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) members, Mr. Aoki, is working. This village was a place with no infrastructure – no service of water, electricity, or gas. We were warmly welcomed by the villagers, and spent time experiencing some of their everyday work, such as scooping water from the well, cooking meals, making charcoals, and a lot others. We also saw cows for agricultural use and a good furnace, both of which were given from Japan. Villagers were appreciative of Japan, and we were very proud of that.
   Even though we were unable to understand their language, we felt the warmth of the villagers, and were given a chance to think about what real wealth and happiness should be while looking back on our daily life filled with technology and convenience.


Letter from Uganda No2

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   On December 10th, we learned about JICA, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and what they are doing in Uganda, at the JICA office there. When we were given explanations from 3 staff members about their work, we were all overwhelmed by their ambitions. Our students were greatly moved by their sincere attitudes toward their work, and they asked so many questions to them that we had to extend the question-and-answer session by one hour!
   After lunch, we moved to a bridge constructed with the financial help of ODA from Japan. Seeing a large number of cars running on the bridge and many people coming to see such an enormous construction, we were able to see that the bridge had become a “bridge of hope” for the local people. JICA staff members told us that they make the best use of Japanese technology in building the bridge, paying attention to the environments, creating “Road Station” to make it a hub for local tourism, etc., and we were able to learn that JICA staff members are filled with big ambitions. This was the day when we couldn’t help but feel proud of the JICA staff members as Japanese.


December 10th, 2018

Ehime High School Research Presentation on International Education

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   On December 5th, Ehime High School Research Presentation on International Education was held at Iyo Agricultural High School. In this event, the participants make presentations on their research into international problems or crosscultural exchanges. From our school, three SGH club members made their respective presentations. 2nd-year Aoi Yanagi said in her presentation, “We are given a high-quality education, and yet we decrease its value because of lack of enthusiasm.” She said she noticed this fact through exchanges with people from developing countries in SGH club activities. Yanagi san was awarded the Best Presentation Award.
   Another 2nd-year Yu Utsunomiya made a presentation about “Woman revolution.” She suggested in her presentation that a good society for women should also be a good one for both men and those in the minorities. Also, 1st-year Kim Hee-jing from Korea made a speech in fluent Japanese about her stay in Japan. She strongly said, “Let’s do what we can do only today with all our might!”


Letter from Uganda No1

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   Changing airplanes for 3 times, we finally arrived in Uganda!

   We are looking forward to a lot of activities here.

December 8th, 2018

Heading for Uganda

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   Uganda FW has started! On Dec.8th, 10 students and 2 teachers left Matsuyama Airport for Uganda. They will have to change planes several times to get to the African continent. Uganda is a very long way from Japan!


December 7th, 2018

Ready for Uganda FW!

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   On Dec. 7th, ten 2nd-year students participating in Uganda FW had a unification ceremony during lunch time. They are going to spend about a week in Uganda doing fieldwork. We hope they will grow up a lot by experiencing a variety of precious things in Uganda, and show what they will have learned through this fieldwork as leaders in their school life!
   We are also planning to have a presentation session about Uganda FW and others on March 4th, so if you have time, please join us.

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