December 1st, 2018

Lets learn about SDGs

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   There are many kinds of notices put on the walls and windows in our school. Shown here are the icons of the SDGs, or the 17 goals for sustainable development selected by the UN. Our SGH club is going to make a speech on SDGs at Presentation Session on Human Rights Education scheduled to be held next Tuesday.

November 19th, 2018

All Japan High School Model UN Conference

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   On November 17th and 18th, four members of the SGH club participated in the 12th All Japan High School Model UN Conference in Tokyo. The conference was held at United Nations University, where 86 teams out of a total of 215 teams were selected to take part from around the nation. The agenda of the conference was “Arms Transfer”, on which the participants, or “delegates of member states”, discussed how to increase transparency in global transfer of conventional weapons and whether to allow arms transfer to non-state actors. Sometimes overwhelmed by evidence-based, well-structured arguments presented by experienced students of other teams, our students made a contribution in their own way to the acceptance of draft resolutions they sponsored. The two-day session with fellow delegates from other parts of Japan, who share the same interest in discussing global issues and foreign affairs, has become an inspiring experience for our students.


November 12th, 2018

The 5th International Day

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   On November10th, the SGH club had the 5th International Day. This time, we had three guests, Ms. Dewi Gustari from Indonesia, Mr. Micanaldo Francisco from Mozambique, and Mr. Von Ralph from the Philippine. Their presentations on their respective countries were very interesting, and at the same time very informative in that they showed us how to make good presentations! In the event, we introduced Okonomiyaki Japanese pancakes. The students explained its history and its recipe to the guests, and cooked some together! Surprisingly, the taste was too sweet for Micanaldo, which made us consider the difference of food and culture among countries.


November 9th, 2018

English Speech Contest Ehime Round

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   An English speech contest, which served as Ehime Prefectural Preliminary Round of both the 14th National High School English Oratorical Contest (Section A) and the 12th National High School English Speech Contest (Section B), was held on November 7th. Ayane Mukai, our 2nd-year student, made a speech titled “Language - A Key to Deeper Connection” in Section A, and another 2nd-year Ryota Inaba participated in Section B and delivered a speech titled “What God’s Messenger Told Me”. The both students made wonderful speeches confidently and calmly in front of a large audience, resulting in Ms. Mukai winning second prize and Mr. Inaba winning first prize, respectively, giving him the ticket to go on to Shikoku Block Contest! Well done and congratulations!


November 8th, 2018

Fieldwork at Ehime University Museum

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   The students in Mr. Heiwa Mukou’s class, one of our 1st-year-research-program classes, are doing research on how to utilize scientific public facilities and its problems. On November 8th, the students visited Ehime University Museum and learned how to make insect specimens from Professor Kazuhiko Konishi. They also had a chance to hear a lecture about the classification method of insect specimens by Professor Hiroyuki Yoshitomi. It was the first time the students had made specimens, and they were engaged in the making process very curiously. Also they were able to understand how hard it is to make classifications. All the students had a very fulfilling time!


November 6th, 2018

Participating in English Speech Contest

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   On November 4th, four of our students took part in an English speech contest sponsored by Matsuyama Higashi Rotary Club. The participants in the contest stated their own opinions on various topics, such as healthy beauty, environmental problems and abnormal weather, the poverty in Africa, coexistence with animals, etc. Our students did a wonderful job, resulting in our 2nd-year Ms. Iwai winning third prize, and our 1st-year Mr. Miyamoto and our 2nd-years Ms. Tsujita and Ms. Watanabe winning the outstanding prize respectively. One of the judges gave praise to the participants, saying the level of the speeches this year was very high and that the participants had been able to “speak in English” rather than “speak English.”
   The speeches of all our four students were very wonderful. They must have spent a lot of time and energy preparing their speeches. Well done!


November 5th, 2018

Joining Ehime-Hawaii Senior High School Conference in Omishima

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   On October 29th, Ehime-Hawaii Senior High School Conference was held in Omishima, an island in the Seto Inland Sea. The participants, including 8 high school students from Hawaii and our 1st-year student Keita Sugimoto, joined together with one another in various activities, including discussions on the exchanges between Hawaii and Ehime and presentations on a variety of topics. We hope the beautiful scenery of Ehime and the warmth of the people there will remain forever as a good memory in the Hawaii students.


Ehime Prefectural High School English Debate Contest!

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   On November 1st, Ehime Prefectural High School English Debate Contest was held, and some students from our school took part. This year’s theme was “euthanasia”, and our students had spent a very long time preparing for this day. The result was super wonderful! Matsuyama Higashi Team A won first prize and Team B won second prize!! The both teams won the tickets to the national contest! Also, Ayana Iwai, our 2nd-year student, was selected as a best debater! Good job, Matsuyama Higashi teams!


October 31st, 2018

Fieldwork at Tobe Zoo

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   In Mr. Heiwa Mukou’s class, one of our 1st-year-research-program classes, the students are doing research on “how to utilize scientific public facilities and its problems”. This week, the class members visited Tobe Zoological Park, and received a lecture from its staff about the roles it plays and some of the problems facing the zoo. The students are going to continue their research on the roles such facilities as museums and zoos play in the society, and on how to effectively utilize them and its problems through fieldwork and other hands-on experiences.


October 21st, 2018

For Better Understanding of Down syndrome

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   On October 15th, the 2nd-year students of Mr. Taro Nagatomo’s research class had a wonderful time with a boy with Down syndrome and his mother. He showed interests in various things and gave them a try. His positive attitudes toward anything made us smile, and we were greatly encouraged by his active nature. His mother said, “Our children cannot live in peace unless there is no war or conflicts in the world.” We were strongly moved by her words, and felt that we need to create a society where everyone can live their life in peace. We would like to play a part in realizing such a wonderful society.


October 20th, 2018

Field Work for the Research

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   In Mr. Hiroki Ooue’s class, one of our 1st-year-research-program classes, the students are doing research on “technology of using water and sociality”. This week, they went out on a field work and did a little research on familiar technology, cultures, histories, arts, and other things related to water. From the next class, they are planned to deepen their knowledge about how human beings have developed such technology, how water has affected human beings, and in what way the rules about water have been created.


October 15th, 2018

Winning First Prize at English Speech Contest

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   On October 13th, an English Speech Contest was held at Takamatsu University. High school students in Kagawa and from nearby prefectures took part, including four 1st-year students, Maho Ichiyanagi and Tamane Maruoka in the speech category and Sana Ikecuhi and Fumika Inaba in the recitation category, from our school. They all practiced their speeches again and again, which enabled them to feel confident on the contest day. All their speeches were far better than when they practiced, and, as a result, Miss Maruoka won first prize in the speech category and Miss Inaba won second prize in the recitation category. Congratulations!


October 6th, 2018

The 4th International Day

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   On October 6th, our SGH club held the 4th International Day event. We invited three guests, Andrea from Romania, May from Myanmar, and Von from the Philippines. They are exchange students at Ehime University. The event started with our school introduction by SGH club students, and then the guests introduced each of their countries. After the introductions, the classroom was divided into 6 areas, each of which represented one piece of typical Japanese culture, such as Japanese literature, old toys, quiz, and others.
   International Day is an event where you can learn about other countries and can enjoy speaking English. Please come and join us!


October 3rd, 2018

Letter from Hawaii

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   We received an e-mail from our 1st-year student, Mr. Sugimoto, who is staying in Honolulu.
   “Hello, everyone. I am now in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am a member of this year’s Ehime-Hawaii High School Exchange Program. We first visited the Ehime-maru Memorial at Kakaako Waterfront Park. In front of the cenotaph, we heard from Mr. Earl Okawa what happened in 2001 to Ehime-maru training fishing vessel of Uwajima Fisheries High School. Mr. Okawa is president of America-Japan Society of Hawaii. Then, we went to “Honolulu Hale” (Honolulu City Hall) to meet with the city mayor.
   One of the big events of this program is a home stay. A boy next to me in the photo of Honolulu Tower is Zackly, my host brother. My host family kindly welcomed me, having a home party to serve me a big BBQ steak!
   We participated in “Century Ride”, a bicycle race, as part of our international communication activities. I saw a beautiful double rainbow over a beach on the morning of “Century Ride” day. I also had a chance to climb Diamond Head.
   I still have a lot to do here in Honolulu, so I want to experience as much as I can and grow more as a global-minded person before I get back to Ehime!”


September 27th, 2018

Start of 1st-year Research Program

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   On September 13th, our 1st-year students started their research program. All the 360 1st-year students are divided into 21 groups, in which they do research on language, medical science, agriculture, environment, politics, and so on. On this day, the students were given the explanations and the introductions to their respective classes by their respective instructors.
   On September 27th, they started their full-scale research in their respective fields. They will soon set their own research theme with the help of their instructors, and go on with their research to deepen their understandings on their themes toward the final presentation session held in March next year.


September 13th, 2018

Before going to Hawaii

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   On September 10th, Keita Sugimoto, our 1st-year student, and the other high school students across Ehime, who are scheduled to participate in English Study Tour in Hawaii this fall, paid a courtesy visit to Ehime Prefectural Office. The members met with prefectural governor Mr. Nakamura, who gave them a message that goes; “I hope you will all feel some cultural differences between the two countries, interact with people of your age, and understand the importance of accepting differences.” We are looking forward to listening to what you will have experienced in Hawaii, Sugimoto-kun!


September 12th, 2018

A special visit from Freiburg

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   On September 8th, 11 guests visited our school from Freiburg, Germany. The guests, including Mr. Martin Horn, Mayor of Freiburg, are visiting Matsuyama to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sister-city relationship between Freiburg and Matsuyama. We first welcomed the guests at the meeting room with the presentations by the SGH club members, those who visited Freiburg last year, and our 3rd-year SGH course students who have been making research on environmental problems. After that, we entertained them by showing and letting them experience two pieces of the traditional Japanese culture, Sado (Tea Ceremony) and Kyudo (Japanese Archery). The guests seemed to have enjoyed all the activities here. The students looked a little tense, but it must have been a very valuable day for them today!


August 30th, 2018

Debriefing Session of Overseas Studies

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   On August 30, the Debriefing Session of Overseas Studies was held at Shiki Memorial Museum. In the Session, five groups -Adelaide Language Study group, Taiwan Fieldwork group, the Philippines Fieldwork group, TOBITATE JAPAN Study Abroad group, and the Japan Future Leaders School group- made very interesting presentations on their respective programs. After all the presentations were over, Mr. Narabayashi, a commentator and professor of Ehime University, told the students that it is important to have various experiences in foreign countries, but it is also important to try to make use of what they have learned through their programs in their daily life and to prepare well before an overseas study tour.
   All the students shared the overseas experiences of those who studied abroad. We hope they will put into practice what they learned today in their school life and become more global-minded in their everyday life.


August 26th, 2018

Taking Part in Chugoku and Shikoku Region SGH Presentation Session

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   On July 21, four students from our SGH club took part in the Chugoku and Shikoku Region SGH Presentation Session, sponcered by Tokushima Joto Senior High School and held at Tokugin Tomony Plaza in Tokushima. The session started with a keynote lecture by Mr. Masanobu Kiyoka, a member of JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency). After that, three participating schools - Tokushima Joto Senior High School, Okayama Joto Senior High School, and our school - made presentations. Our students’ presentation was made titiled “Why do the Japanese apologize so much?”
   After presentations, they had a symposium under the theme: “What should a global-minded person be like?” in which two of our students stated their opinions confidently. The day turned out to be a stimulating one filled with presentation in English and interactions with students from other high schools. We greatly thank Tokushima Joto Senior High School for their well-planned organizations and preparations.


August 25th, 2018

Taking Part In Kansai Model United Nations Conference

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   Four members of the SGH club participated on Aug.21 and 22 in the Kansai Model United Nations Conference, an annual event where students are assigned to certain UN member countries, discuss and debate various global issues as representatives of their assigned countries, and create solutions by making resolutions most of the countries can agree on. The students can develop a variety of useful skills in solving problems, thinking logically and critically, having communications effectively so that those involved can head toward consensus, and taking leadership through the activities at the conference, such as doing primary research of the assigned as well as their neighboring countries, creating draft resolutions, and the like. University students are very active in promoting the model UN conference activities, organizing model UN branches across the country, and more and more high school groups are following suit.
   The theme of this year’s conference was “Quality of Education To Be Achieved By 2030.” Our students earnestly discussed with other students from different parts of Japan what we should do to raise awareness of the importance of education and provide high-quality education to all children in the world.


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