CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

    CLIL is a way of learning a foreign language, by using content-based teaching. Subjects such as science, history and geography are taught to students through a foreign language (in our case English). Students can learn about the subject as well as English. By teaching subjects other than English, using English, students can learn how English is used through practical application and language immersion.
    Matsuyama Higashi will be offering this program to 1st grade and SG course members in the 2nd grade.

Our methods of using CLIL

❋3 teachers are involved: the concerned subject’s teacher, the ALT (Assistant Language Teacher), and an English teacher
❋2 lessons are in 1 set
❋1st class is done with the ALT and an English teacher. Students will be reading class materials written in English, have a group discussion, and prepare for their presentation.
❋2nd class is done with the ALT and the subject’s teacher. Students will make presentations of the result of group discussion and their own independent research, and comment to each other. After that, selected students will present to the class. Finally, the ALT and the subject’s teacher will give some comments and their supporting opinions.