As the oldest senior high school in Ehime prefecture, Matsuyama Higashi Senior High School is a unique and historic institution.

    Matsuyama Higashi High School was originally established as Hanko (domain school) Meikyoukan in 1715. Our educational goal “Bun-Kei Bu-I (文経武緯) ” originated from education at Hanko Meikyoukan.
    In 1875, Tokiyoshi Kusama who was a genius disciple of Yukichi Fukuzawa headed the Prefectural English School, the predecessor of Matsuyama Higashi High School. The fundamental educational ideals of Matsuyama Higashi High School “autonomy” and “liberty” was started by Kusama.
    In 1878, the Prefectural English School became Matsuyama Ehime Prefectural Junior High School where acclaimed novelist Natsume Souseki taught.

    Throughout its history, gifted people have studied at Matsuyama Higashi High School such as Kenzaburō Ōe (Nobel Prize-winning author), Yoshishige Abe (Minister of Education, Provost of Tokyo University), Juzo Itami (actor and film director), as well as several Haiku poets; Shiki Masaoka, Kyoshi Takahama, and Hekigoto Kawahigashi.



    This building was built in 1828, by a lord Sadamichi Matsudaira, for the purpose of giving an education to samurai sons (such a place was called “Hanko” domain school). The lord Sadamichi Matsudaira made great efforts towards education, in making this school.
    One of the unique aspects of this building is its decorations of the crest of hollyhocks in several places, which, at that time were reserved only by for Shogun’s family. (Matsudaira family was a relative of Shogun Tokugawa family.)

    After the Meiji Restoration, this building’s name was changed, and it was used as a school. In1878 it was reborn as ‘Matsuyama Middle School’, the original school of Matsuyama Higashi. In 1936, this building was moved to its current location. During World War II, Matsuyama was attacked and one day a firebomb fell over Meikyokan. However, students saved the building from being burnt down, by using water from a pool right behind the building. Now, this building is selected as a prefectural location of important cultural heritage, because of its historical significance.

School Symbol

校章 緑.png

    This is the symbol of Matsuyama Higashi High School, made in 1949, when Matsuyama First High School and Matsuyama Commerce School were combined and named Matsuyama Higashi High School. They also combined both school’s symbols to make a new one. The symbol of Flower (sakura) in the center is from Matsuyama Commerce School, letter “高” was originally from Matsuyama First High School, and surrounded by the shape of “松(pine tree)” and “山(mountain)”, the literature of Matsuyama. The shape of mountain also shows the letter “E” which stands for “East”.




Load Sadamichi Matsudaira builds Meikyoukan as a domain school

明治 5

Build Matsuyama school in Meikyoukan

明治 6

Rename as English school

明治 8

Settle under prefecture’s office

明治 9

Rename as Ehime Hensoku middle school


Rename as Ehime Hokuyo Hensoku middle school


Rename as Ehime Matsuyama Middle School(This is the established date of Matsuyama Higashi High School)


Rename as Ehime First Middle School


Ehime First Middle School ends


Build Iyo Middle School (private school)


Iyo normal Middle School (private school) ends


Build Ehime Middle School(private school) ends


Separate school is built in Saijo and Uwajima


Separate Rename as Ehime Matsuyama Middle School
Two separate schools gain independence


Renamed as Matsuyama Middle School in Ehime prefecture

大正 5

Move from Niban-cho to Mochida (current location)

昭和 6

School song was made on May 16th and it is set as a memorial day

昭和 9

Damage causes by fire


School is rebuilt


Fire burns everything except Meikyoukan


War burns everything except Meikyoukan


Rename as Matsuyama First High School in Ehime Prefecture


60th anniversary ceremony


Rename as Matsuyama Higashi High School in Ehime prefecture combined with Matsuyama Commercial High School


Female students are accepted


Victory in All-Japan Senior High School Baseball Championship Tournament


Matsuyama Commercial High School gains independence


Matsuyama Higashi’s school song is made


Some buildings are rebuilt, and 80th anniversary ceremony was held


90th anniversary ceremony


Tea room “Nanshian” is built


100th anniversary ceremony


110th anniversary ceremony


120th anniversary ceremony


130th anniversary ceremony


Certified as Ehime’s first Super Global High School