Matsuyama Higashi High School’s Vision

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1.School Policy (We teach students to…)

   1. contribute to culture by using critical thinking and creativity
   2. contribute to public welfare by developing their sense of morals and values
   3. put forth efforts to make a peaceful society using their physical and mental strength to the best of their ability

2.School Precept

   ①自律  Autonomy          (Self-discipline for an ideal goal)
   ②協同 Cooperation      (Individuality and harmony)
   ③創造 Creation            (Cultivate wisdom to unfold the future)                                              (Develop new things/ ideas)

3.Educational Goal

Motto: Higher, wider, deeper, and richer (more tolerant)

   ❋We will provide impressive educational programs with individual teachers for each student.
   ❋We will develop students’ creativity with appropriate counseling for each student’s future course.
   ❋We will aim to cultivate students that are compassionate, energetic and vibrant.