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March 4th, 2019

SGH Research Presentation Session

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   On March 4th, SGH Research Presentation Session 2018 was held. The session started with a piano performance played by Mei Ono, a 1st-year student, followed by a presentation by the SGH club members on the 5-year activities of our SGH program. After the presentation, we had a stage symposium, to which we invited our six Senpai alumni. They talked about what they had learned through our SGH program and how it had affected their career options. After that, we had three symposiums by 2nd-year SGH-course students and a poster session by all the 1st-year students. Each presenter explained in detail about their research, and all the students exchange comments with each other. At the end of the session, we listened to a report on the Uganda Fieldwork, in which the participants made a vigorous presentation about what they had experienced. It was a wonderful and lively day today!


March 3rd, 2019

The 6th International Day

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   On March 2nd, the SGH club had the 6th International Day. We invited two Indonesians and one Chinese studying in Ehime University as our guests. Their presentation about Indonesia, in which they explained a lot about their country, including the Indonesian food, was very interesting and at the same time very amazing to us. As a host, we introduced Japanese Girls’ Festival, which is held on March 3rd, using quizzes. We had a lot of fun!


February 16th, 2019

1st-year East CLIL Third semester

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   The topic of our first-year East CLIL for the third term was sociology, especially on democratic politics and elections. During the class, students made their own policy proposals. There were so many interesting opinions. One student stressed the importance of developing infrastructure of our society, another student talking about some countermeasures against global warming, some others focusing on the importance of granting rights to the sexual minorities (LGBT), and one student expressing the unique idea of making regulations against the overuse of smart phones! At the end of the class, Mr. Sakiyama, a sociology teacher, said in fluent English that it is important to start changing even a little bit in our daily life.