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January 22nd, 2017

Joining at Chikyu-jin Matsuri 2017

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   On January 15th, there was an international event called “Chikyu-jin Matsuri 2017 in Matsuyama Ehime” at Matsuyama Community Center, and students of our SGH club joined as volunteer. In this event, many sections are made to introduce other countries. Our students separated in each country, had few meetings since December to plan and prepare how to introduce the country and main event of the section.
   On the day, even with snow falling, many people including foreigners visited, which was a good chance for our students to know more about many countries and cultures. We are also glad that this event ended successful and exciting!


January 18th, 2017

Attending at Shikoku High School Global Education Presentation

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   Second time for Miss Watabe, she made a presentation at Shikoku High School Global Education Presentation, as a representative of Ehime prefecture. Like the first one, she told about her opinion on helping developing countries and international communication through her experience in Uganda. Gladly, she won a prize!
   We hope her to grow up as a global person, adding this experience with Uganda Field Work.


January 16th, 2017

Welcoming foreign students from Ehime University

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   On January 9th, we welcomed Mr. David Matthews and Ms. Vanessa Fischer- Walker, both studying in Ehime University from UCLA Sacramento. We took time to introduce our school’s club activities, such as Rugby, Japanese Archery, Tennis, Handball, and Brass band. At the Japanese Archery club, club members welcomed them kindly, and took a chance for them to try the kata, structured steps of shooting arrow, which seemed to be very amazing for them. Also in Brass band club, since both were able to play saxophone, they joined the saxophone quartet in jazz, which was very heartwarming time for both club members and visitors.
   At last, we would like to thank Japanese Archery club members for their preparation, and Brass band members for sudden cooperation, and other club members who were involved. It was nice time also to see our students’ potential.
   Here are messages from the visitors.
“Thank you for showing us such a wonderful time! It was very fun getting to meet all of you. Thank you”
―― David Matthews
“Thank you for letting us observe as you practiced. Seeing you all work so hard made me miss high school, and I hope you all keep your determination as you get older.”
―― Vanessa Fischer- Walker


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