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August 28th, 2016

Announcement of Debriefing Session of overseas studies in summer

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   We will be making a debriefing session for our students to present their overseas studies of this summer. Presentation will be mainly about overseas field work of Taiwan, and Philippine, but also from students who studied in Australia and Peru using “TOBITATE Japan” project.
   It will be held in September 1st starts at 14:00 at Hall in 4th floor of Shiki museum. (
   This session will be an open session without any applications, so not only students but parents and other people are welcome. (Just to make sure, presentations will be done in Japanese.)

August 23rd, 2016

Letter from Kunashiri Island

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    As I noted at August 19th, I visited Kunashiri Island, northern island of Japan, the place of Northern territory problem between Russia and Japan. It was a pity that we had to shorten the schedule because of Typhoon, but even with the short time, it was very meaningful to have communication with the Russian people living in Kunashiri Island. Home visit was canceled, which I was most looking forward to, but it was a good experience to play with the Russian children through sports. Since Russian language is different from English, I couldn’t read a word, but with smile and gestures, I was able to get friendly together.
   To solve the Northern territory problem, I think to understand each other and persistent dialogue is needed. Hope it gets to an acceptable result for both countries, as soon as possible.


August 22nd, 2016

Ehime Future Leaders School

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   There was Ehime Future Leaders School has been done at Ehime Prefectural Youth Fureai Center by the prefectural office of Ehime. There were students from different schools in Ehime, and from our school, 3 students joined. In the meeting, the participants of Japan Future Leaders School explained about its activities and what they learned. Then, they took time to group work shop, to think about one of four themes, 1.what high school students can do to expand the appeal points of local area, to change introverted nature of Japanese, 3.what can be done to remain traditional things, and 4.what are the image of our goal as a leader.


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